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  1. NavyBear

    20M and a good manager - who do you buy?

    Moult is average, I agree... but in an average league would he bully defences, yes, score... been proven so, is he the answer probably not, but would he do a job.... yes if we play to his strengths
  2. NavyBear

    The ultimate false dawn?

    I certainly didn’t see the first two players in that post ‘shite it’ today
  3. What stream are you using mate?
  4. Count me in, bank transfer details please govanblue
  5. NavyBear

    Linfield Friendly, September 3rd

    Don't suppose anyone knows of a bus that's leaving Glasgow in the morning and returning that evening that has 3 spare seats going, we have tickets but the bus we were going on has cancelled as they couldn't fill it.