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  1. Manager said in press conf Helander wont play in competative games as is 3 weeks behind but will feature in friendlies
  2. Not tempting fate 不 but will we play the next round first leg home or away?
  3. Think with the salary he is on we would be very lucky him to leave and give that up (Dodoo is prob the same) best we could hope for is someone taking his wage or a % of off the wage bill for the remainder of his contract. Thanks Mr Warburton
  4. https://Rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/gers-beat-tns-in-friendly/ Match report...give the site the hits
  5. Pish was 1-0 with Defoe scoring
  6. Ok i know its not 1st choice line ups, the 3rd pic is fantasy stuff and Kent is maybe a no, but just to show the amount of players we currently have on the books. This doesnt include Herrera, Firth, Hardie, Rudden, Dodoo or anyone else ive forgot. Hopfully get a few out the door soon
  7. Remember a few years ago folk were wanting Tav dropped and Hodson taking his place 不不
  8. Trying to stay relevant and appeal to the Rangers haters in search of a job
  9. Just read that online there also and came here to check
  10. How did this work out for you? 不不不不
  11. bluchoo


    Dirty player who was injured and not selected more than he played for us, been a prick when playing against us from kicking Jack and going down like he was shot from the "headbutt", rakeing his studs down Morelos, his over celebrating everytime he plays against us. Be hard pushed to find any supporter who still likes him young conqueror or not
  12. bluchoo

    Glen Kamara

    Went off the boil at the start of 2nd half but turned it round superbly..great feet
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