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  1. Yeah he kissed the badge after his pen on saturday a bit cliche but i think it shows that he does want to be here
  2. 500k if hes out of contract in a year would be great business
  3. Would have taken him as manager as a stop gap till the end of the season but his time has been and gone
  4. More chance of him going to Ceptic...boyhood fan and former season ticket holder there
  5. The 2nd guy thought he was Beckham swingin the arm hitting never got it off the ground
  6. Was this just before half time? What was it all about?
  7. Step backwards
  8. Between 500 grand an a million and let him go. Not the worst ive ever seen at us but certainly replaceable
  9. Its a new style and system for the players, one which they will only have had 4 days to train with. I expect a win but think it could be a bit of a slog
  10. Like i said pishy unoriginal patter..... See you later
  11. Same with your pish threads and patter please
  12. A historic week for the club where only the 16th full time manager takes over and what do we get on here.... Some absolute banger posting a 42 minute about a Football Manager sim and now a thread about a singer slating a squad player
  13. "The top lads" Oh dear
  14. Look at me i write in capitals so i look important, while commenting on shit posts just to get likes from my cyber friends because in reality i am a fucking mutant and my patter is shite. Wooooo