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  1. Defending corners.

    Im still not convinced with Dorrans and Jack together tbey both sit to deep...Holt played a bit further forward than Jack normally does. You saw the difference with Dorrans when he was the spare man and coukd get forward
  2. Harry Forrester

    Not debating what the future holds...however you said he should play there now to solve the problem. All respect but im sure Pedro and his team are much more knowlegeable than you and if he was the answer he would be playing that position now
  3. Harry Forrester

    Aye lets play a young guy with 2 apperances in a position hes never played.....GARBAGE.
  4. When the January window opens...

    You better go watch him cause he doesnt exist 😂 if you ment Daley Sinkgraven who ive seen...quality player but no chance he would sign for us. 6 million is nothing in England but up here its been 15 years since we spent that in January
  5. When the January window opens...

    We dont have 6 million, Moult isnt quality or he wouldnt still be at Motherwell after he asked to leave and i hqve never heard if Thomas Sinkgraven
  6. Harry Forrester

    Could have been a decent squad player but lacked attitude required
  7. Pedro - recruitment.

    So you can tell all that from Dalcios 1 and a half games in europe, where the full team were duds or was it his 1 minute he has played for us in the league
  8. The position of goalkeeper

    He wasnt even there 4 full years and his kickouts have improved significantly since last year. For where we are at he is fine, we have more important positions to fill than GK
  9. Butcher

    Hes more interested in making himself stand out than actually give a commentry either that or hes drunk.....all the Woooahs and oooos away from the mic that you hear in the background. His patter and jokes are beyond dreadful an wtf was the whole if theres an incident it says in the rule book the ref must book a player from both teams. A dinosaur who isnt relevant anymore needs replaced
  10. Graham Dorrans

    Dorrans had more space tonight and options as Jack wasnt sitting as deep beside him in a 442
  11. I cant see any improvement to be honest
  12. The whole middle to front seems built to accomadate Pena...who is clearly well off the pace
  13. Just the usual...no purpose, no end product and no improvement
  14. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    40/1 with bet365 Lennon and Stubbs are shirter odds Lambert i think will get it
  15. 3-3 v Morton

    If he was then he wouldnt be with us! This years Haliday...very over rated by some..