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  1. bluchoo

    Scott Arfield

    Links up middle to front and always there on the penalty spot for lose balls and cut backs Every other midfielder sits outside the box
  2. bluchoo

    Gerarrds Fault

    Is Gerrards fault Goldson doesnt clear with his ither foot?
  3. The heads are down now and theirs are up. Only 1 team winnin this now
  4. Flannigan again. Why is he not hittin that long
  5. Nice elbow drop from Katic on there best player there
  6. 😂😂 Hopfully gives him the confidence to play better as hes been poor
  7. Get in Middleton. Hopfully that gives the boy confidence because hes had a nightmare
  8. Got to be hooked. Game seems to be to big for him. He doesnt know what he should be doing
  9. Flannigan caught on the inside but Middleton standing ball watching instead of tracking the runner
  10. Fucking outsanding control and finish Redemption
  11. Middleton is a man short at the moment. Really missing Kent on the left.
  12. bluchoo


    Wouldnt take Pena back and due to his work rate and attitude, unless a massive turnaround, dont think Gerrard would ever play him. We do need an attacking midfielder when is going to be on the penalty spot for cut backs or 2nd balls, Arfield does it just now, as the midfield 3 are usually outside the box or sitting too deep and costs us a few opportunities
  13. They were one of the worst teams that have been at ibrox this year...that being said they will be a different team at home. Would take a draw here.
  14. 20 mins gone and we are being beaten in posssesion. Shots. Corners. Shagger with 2 saves and there keeper with nothing to do Hard hard watch
  15. bluchoo

    Barry Ferguson

    Who threw the coin? Can there not be a catholic Hearts supporter who just doesnt like lennon just because he is a rival team manager and a bell end? Why has it always got to be on a sectatrian level? Because it paints lennon as the victim and suits the mhedia agenda?