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  1. Team and possibly Manager has chucked it for this season Onwards to next year
  2. Suppose my point is what difference would the armband make to Jack or anyone elses game, should they not, as senior players, be doing that anyway? Whoever is captain makes zero difference in my opinion.
  3. Why? Who would you give it to and what difference would it make overall?
  4. Absolute shite, thats the wost post ive ever read on here Did you even watch the game
  5. Jacks man at the corner? Him for Mccrorie or he will cost us the game
  6. Jack has to come off for Mcrorie And Arfield doesnt look fit...might as well get Lafferty on for him and go long
  7. Its men against boys in every aspect We are being bullied and hassled off every ball
  8. Making Shinnie look like a mid 90s Roy Keane here aswell...no composure
  9. We look scared here They are up for up and we arnt...yet
  10. Except against St Johnstone when we drew 0-0 and took the title technically out of our own hands. I agree the last 3 games though
  11. After the third it turned into a training match, good win. All these posts about them are alot of pish, concentrate on what we do, if we had done the business we wouldnt need to worry about them
  12. Rangers match thread Get this pish elsewhere
  13. bluchoo


    Only positive to take is that its a loan and we have no obligation to sign him. This years Russell Martin
  14. If Defoe and Lafferty miss out id play Kent up top and start Kamara, he seems the best athlete of the midfielders, with instruction to get beyond Kent every chance. Fod Tav Goldson Worral Barasic Mccrorie Jack Kamara Candieas Arfield Kent
  15. With Kilmarnocks main attacking focus being down both wings and with how high Jones and Burke push up id go with the 4 3 3 with Candieas and Kent helping out and allowing Barasic and Tav to overlap with confidence Wes Tav Worral Goldson Barasic Mccrorrie Jack Arfield Candieas Kent Defoe
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