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  1. Aye ok 🙈 thats only reason Porto are playin well
  2. Still in the game is the only positive we can take from first half
  3. Chasinh shadows...porto are a good side..need halftime
  4. At least once every game Ojo dribbles the ball oit of play 🤣 Only 1 team trying to win this...if we get 1 we will get 3
  5. Safe bet to be fair.... ...we dont play on Saturday 🙈
  6. Hopfully the rumour about Kent arnt true and he gets to start this one
  7. Playing far to deep for me and he shits out of every 50/50
  8. 1st allocated away of the season
  9. Same old excuse being trotted out after every poor performance
  10. Hearts are tireing hopfully see a different game in 2nd half
  11. He played with Rafael van der Vaart at Tottenham
  12. Naive from the manager to push everyone up from the free kick, should have used the subs to run the clock down and went for the corner with the ball. Cant excuse tavs error though but we could have killed the game before it happened
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