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  1. Rossiter hasnt played because till saturday Jack and Dorrans are the favoured pair Holt hasnt played for same reason and hes behind Rossiter to Morelos is smaller than Dodoo so your logic is flawed
  2. Clearly based on what?
  3. Leagues europe...nothing to look forward to Get rid now
  4. Get rid of him now and a new man can regroup during the international break
  5. Away an support 1 of they did y teams mate instead of posting that pish here
  6. Oh and Mckay assisted in Notts Forrest goal.... Who gives a fuck move to general sport
  7. I didnt hear that? Infact i never even heard Morelos name being announced after his goal crowd was that loud
  8. It worked for them...after that incident Dorrans was poor and did nothing the reat if the gane
  9. Rossiter was on the bench id say thats a direct replacement for Jack. Should have taken Miller off for Rossiter and kept the 4 in midfield instead of the 3 at the back pish
  10. Disagree with Jack being a certainty...if Rossiter stays fit that could be a battle for a shirt Great problem to have
  11. How many chances did we create for Herrera yesterday?
  12. Defoe is in 130 grand a week mate no chance of ever getting close to him
  13. £1 million for a player with only a year left? Yet we let Mckay go for not buying the story yet
  14. Either your on the drink or you never watched the game
  15. Like the original ones from those who made up the song in LUX