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  1. bluchoo

    Chris Cadden (Motherwell)

    Huge signing 😂😂😂
  2. bluchoo


    Great personality but thats where it ended for me. Never looked fit, didnt have the touch, speed or the strength to be a regular performer for us, Best of luck
  3. bluchoo

    Joe Hart

    Would cost more in wages than our 5 keepers combined and isnt even on oar with the worst of them Close thread and move on
  4. Just curious what you base that on? We were the highest scoring team in the league last year. Our defence was the worst in the top 6 and has been improved on
  5. bluchoo

    VAR in the SPL?

    Its not a new tech though, its been used all season in some of the top leagues and countries in the world.
  6. bluchoo

    Jamie Maclaren

    Kamberi was the stand out for Hivs, if thats the level we are going for it should be him we were after
  7. bluchoo

    Umar Sadiq

    Start of last season he was on loan to Torino in Serie A where he played 3 full games with no goals or assists...12 games from January for NAC where he started 6 and came off the bench in 6, average of 51 minutes a game and provided 5 goals and 3 assists Contracted to Roma till July 2020 Worth a punt if no good, nothing lost
  8. bluchoo

    Out?: Alfredo Morelos

    For the money they are paying for him, thats a no brainer for me
  9. bluchoo

    Season Tickets

    Aha i jumped in there Yes you are correct lol My whole point about people moaning about the ticket office after not getting a ticket stands though
  10. bluchoo

    Season Tickets

    Explain? Your coming across as an idiot 😂
  11. bluchoo

    Season Tickets

    Those tickets were always available for season tickets? That is to sell more matchday ticketa for scum game...has no bearing on season ticket sales
  12. bluchoo

    Season Tickets

    Thats why i said in the first post, i know its not the case for everyone.
  13. bluchoo

    Season Tickets

    How are there more available?
  14. bluchoo

    Season Tickets

    Im not fortunate at all, its a struggle for my books and attending for family but we do it. If you have to justify it by what state we are in on and off the oark thats wrong imo. Also im not getting at anyine who purchases a season its the people who moan about not getting one and everything else when they have had the chance for years to get ine
  15. bluchoo

    Season Tickets

    So why are people scrambling for season tickets now? Dont think our season tickets were sold out for Queens park we were at around 35k then