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  1. Not often your right...but your wrong again
  2. Reading he is going to Kilmarnock
  3. Thats was my thoughts but its been pretty consistant that whoever does the pc starts the game
  4. Is Kamara a starter as hes doing the press conference?
  5. Anti atmosphere? They are the ONLY atmosphere at the vast majority of games.
  6. 6 or 7 crosses from the right to the back post and theres never anyone there 🙈
  7. bluchoo


    Goldson had a poor game tonight, Katic bailed him out with 1 in the 1st half, he was out jumped for headers and Flanagans tackle stopped a goal from his mistake
  8. Was the finish from Alfredo away for the perfect away performance in Europe. Will be nervy next week but we should have enough to beat them at home.
  9. Ojo for Jones now please before we get overloaded diwn the left
  10. After he stole it off the wee boy who had ot first 🙈
  11. Pish pitch with a terrible wind...job done get outa there
  12. Still seperate entity with reguards to the boys club though 😡😡 utter scum
  13. I actually thought they were a good physical side with a few decent players, however Since Gerrrard came only 1 team has scored 3 goals against us (Moscow got 4 in a freak game we got 3) and we have only been beaten by more than 1 goal once (Aberdeen 0-2) so the signs are all looking positive
  14. Its kinda depressing how threads like this pop up with posters stuck in the past. If we win 55 will it mean less to you because the quality isnt the same as 25 years ago when Laudrup signed? We are where we are, we cant change it. So why live in the past instead of embracing the present.
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