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  1. Doesnt look fully fit, and looks to be carrying a bit extra weight. The Alfredo before xmas scores tonight
  2. Halliday to the rescue to roll about and waste a bit more time 👍👍
  3. Would love to hear what Goldson did wrong at the goal?
  4. Pitch is a joke Conditions are a joke We miss Ryan Jack. Just a win and move on please
  5. Missing Jack badly in the middle Pitch is like a tattie field Win 3 points and move on
  6. 🤣🤣🤣 would hate to see him if we lost the game
  7. Squad depth...we dont have anything to change it up with
  8. Kent looks ill. Defoe needs replaced but no option on the bench. Polster only positive
  9. Not a fan but your stretching with that one im afraid. Nothing he could do
  10. Had no option with Jacks poor header. What did you want him to do?
  11. Ball over the top everytime as the space is there to hit
  12. Hearts pressing high, wr need to break quicker as the space is there
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