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  1. Windass stat

    Dont think we are building the team around a number 10...and definetly not Windass..thats not his game
  2. Two Centre Backs + Goalkeeper

    And if he stayed on his line and Dembele scored you would be saying he should have come out...Dembeke should never had the run an thats down to Cardoso...not Fods biggest fan but struggle to see how he can be blamed yesterday
  3. Just offf top of head Gatusso Duncan Ferguson Arteta
  4. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    Not enough mate, sections shut off today. Be lucky to top 20000
  5. Falkirk game on Sunday

    Sky dont even come into it...if the police, council and other emergency services are needed elsewhere then the last thing to go ahead is the game. Could be a blessing as hardly any tickets sold..maybe a different date and time we will get more through the door
  6. Falkirk game on Sunday

    Amber warning for snow fri and yellow on saturday with low temperatures throughout at ibrox...Falkirk has yellow warninhs all weekend Cant see any way this will be on to be honest
  7. Non story picked up by a shitty newspaper on a slow news week due to games being off. Theyve already said he wasnt for sale
  8. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    This This seems alot worse that usual looking at the availability thats left, especially when we are playing so well
  9. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    Ticket sales for this are really poor which is ashame cinsidering how well we are playing
  10. Summer Transfer Dealings

    Ollie Mcburnie is a no brainer for me...out of contract and can also play on the left wing 4 goals in 5 games since signing for Barnsley on loan
  11. Jason Cummings

    If hes here next season
  12. Jason Cummings

    Same Looks out of place
  13. Was clubs instagram which showed Johns jersey hanging up No idea why tbh...thats reason people were questioning injury
  14. Left back for tonight

    Going by the strips John is in the squad Have the club officially said he was out?