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  1. Would rather take Kamberi for 150k than Dykes
  2. Exactly. And the current model isnt fit for purpose. A mainline ibrox station would be a great addition but thats years and alot of £ away
  3. And if GCC get their parking restrictions for the surrounding area approved there will be bo where for everyone who has to drive to park
  4. This exactly! Until we can turn it round on the park, even with the 1 hand tied behind our back, and win the league then this is the norm for us. We can shout as loud as we want but there isnt a thing we can do about it.
  5. Yeah but the volume of people contracting and the speed of it, with no vaccine and the strain it puts on services and economy is unprecidented Comparison with the common flu and focusing of mortality rates only isnt the only relevance
  6. Glorified friendly now, competition will be binned next week Hopfully the remaining cash is divided out to the remaining clubs
  7. 🙈🙈 Which 3 would you take off...Davis and Kent 🤣
  8. Going through the motions Meaningless game and players are coasting it just getting through the 90
  9. Zero pressure and a meaningless game Prob win 3-0
  10. He swiped it away with his arm. Its a penalty in any country at every level 🙈 We got away with one
  11. Sees the handball, gives the free kick but doesnt nmbook the player because it woykd uave been a 2nd yellow and sending off 🙈🙈
  12. Davis hasnt got the fitness to play in 2 games that require high workrate in 4 days
  13. We dont have to close down teams in the league, the let us have the ball, sit deep and pack the middle, hit it long and allow us to make our own mistakes
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