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  1. Cheers for the ticket bud.


    My mate can finally get to his first old firm.

  2. Away weekend so would have to be picked up in Ayr
  3. We have bigger problems and more important matters to discuss than your piss poor attempt at gaining a few likes. If you think man marking with the squad and players we have would have made any difference on sunday, then il throw another "catchphrase" from here at you....deluded!!
  4. Our problems run much deeper than zonal marking
  5. And get beat anyway ....great logic Instead of jumping into stupid tackles he should maybe have tracked the runner for the goal
  6. Hence him being the poor mans Sebo 🤔
  7. Waghorns just a poor mans Sebo
  8. Fod should be out quicker to that
  9. On the plus side we cant get any worse Get garner off and 5 in the middle
  10. Browns running the show again its fuckin sickening
  11. Like Halliday did in the first 3 minutes
  12. This is going to be 4 or 5 again
  13. Men against boys we are pish
  14. Buy 1 off ebay for 4 quid