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  1. WGOH

    Cultural Thread

  2. Am 118 row RR if anyone wants to come say hello, a promise a will start some really sick songs and hand out a lyric sheet x But seriously, they resent themselves more than they hate us because they know, no matter how much success they have the now, or in the coming years that we are the biggest club in Glasgow, Scotland, Britain and the fucking World. I’m only 21 and I promise that statement will never change. Play up the Glasgow Rangers. ps am only back for a short stint, just cause a hate tarriers so much
  3. WGOH

    ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    Give it to these cunts
  4. WGOH

    ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    Fuck Catholics also
  5. WGOH

    ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    In case no one knew, I fucking hate taigs.
  6. WGOH

    ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    One day down in brigton a celtic bus went past....
  7. WGOH

    ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    Guus, get the tunes flowing, this is my comeback x
  8. WGOH

    ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    KICK A FENIAN IN THE HEAD THEN WE’LL PETROL BOMB HIS HOME Inty this shower of scummy sub-cultured mutant fenian taigy tarrier bastards Rangers. We will always be the premier club in Scotland, Britain and the entire world. Fucking remind them of that. Up the Famous
  9. Bring back Halliday n get the tunes pumping.
  10. WGOH


    Anyone is better than him. He doesn’t have a clue. You may not think it’s the right decision, but it is really is. We can still win the Scottish Cup and still finish 2nd but under Murty we’ll get pumped in the semi and probably finish 4th. He has no idea to turn it around, the whole team is deflated after the tarriers result and he can’t change it, which is a shame, but no room for sentiment at fucking Rangers, the biggest club on the planet.
  11. WGOH


    I might delete my account after that tbh
  12. WGOH


    Hahahahaha ok mate, we’ll aw live in your world and kid on he’s fit enough to be the manager of Rangers.
  13. WGOH

    What was said at half time?

    Doesny fucking matter we didn’t win
  14. WGOH


    The timing isn’t knee jerk. Bring another man in, who has experience, let him assess the squad for the last 7/8 games of the season and decide what he needs in the summer. I’d manage the squad better than Murty, he’s a fucking donkey as a manager, but a nice guy.
  15. WGOH


    A wish, genuinely.