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  1. WGOH


    that’s it, even though I said Tav was quality and irreplaceable in this Rangers team. That’s it, Tavernier is useless cause he canny gets call up for England. Please listen yourself
  2. WGOH


    Trippier plays every game for Atletico Madrid ffs
  3. WGOH


    Tavernier a cap for England I think Tav is quality and irreplaceable for Rangers, but a call up got England is la la land stupid
  4. Apart from yer maw n da (even that’s up for debate ) there isn’t one single thing in the world that means more than watching the bears. The Rangers. The biggest club in the fucking world. 😎
  5. WGOH


    Alfredo Morelos is the best game player in Scotland by some distance. See yees in a a couple months
  6. KICK A FENIAN IN THE HEAD AND WE’LL PETROL BOMB HIS HOME. Let’s do it Rangers. Up the Famous.
  7. Am 118 row RR if anyone wants to come say hello, a promise a will start some really sick songs and hand out a lyric sheet x But seriously, they resent themselves more than they hate us because they know, no matter how much success they have the now, or in the coming years that we are the biggest club in Glasgow, Scotland, Britain and the fucking World. I’m only 21 and I promise that statement will never change. Play up the Glasgow Rangers. ps am only back for a short stint, just cause a hate tarriers so much
  8. In case no one knew, I fucking hate taigs.
  9. One day down in brigton a celtic bus went past....
  10. Guus, get the tunes flowing, this is my comeback x
  11. KICK A FENIAN IN THE HEAD THEN WE’LL PETROL BOMB HIS HOME Inty this shower of scummy sub-cultured mutant fenian taigy tarrier bastards Rangers. We will always be the premier club in Scotland, Britain and the entire world. Fucking remind them of that. Up the Famous
  12. The tunes are still on troops, but these fenian mutant bible bashing bastards need put back in their place. The Rangers will prevail tomorrow and normal service will resume. The most successful team in the world.
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