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  1. Dundee Roll Call

    who’s all going up tomorrow? Row b, Bob shankley stand. Off work as well, so hopefully a good day/night.
  2. Pena

    Hope he goes to the championship, n his name starts appearing on Soccer Saturday and cunts on here go aff their nut that he’s been sold.
  3. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Don’t care how shite we are, canny beat Friday nights following the famous. Friday night song book will be out in force again
  4. Hibs emails out

    Bastard, didn’t get one. Didn’t get a ticket for Aberdeen through the bus either . Hopefully I’ll be near the top of the pile for this. I’d 100% swap parkhead for ER.
  5. Scottish cup draw

    Send it on.
  6. Hibs emails out

    The suspense til a get hame n check my da’s emails.
  7. Tony Pulis

    Rodgers never won a major trophy in England, Mcleish won more than him. It isn’t about what they’ve done elsewhere it’s about what they can do for Rangers right now. Any manager who has been managing in the top league for as long as Pulis has to be worth a shout.
  8. I honestly hate Windass and Hodson, like genuine hate
  9. This is not a Rangers squad. Not even close.
  10. Jammy bead rattling bastards
  11. when was your first trip to Ibrox?

    Viktoria Zhiskov (sp) in the uefa cup 2002, I was 6. First season I had an ST. Think we drew and got put out, McCann missed a header from like 3 yards out?
  12. Harry Cochrane

    I know Greg personally mate he’s a Rangers fan.
  13. If You Wondered Where Daniel Cousin Is Now

    Unreal away to Lyon and absolutely honking at home to Lyon. Wit a player on his day but.
  14. Mind we nearly signed Julien Faubert
  15. Ryan Jack

    Played well today did Ryan, you can tell he’s absolutely choking to score