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  1. Jason Cummings

    Cummings a better player than Morelos Absolute zoomers some people man
  2. Morelos

    So he’s shite then ? He absolutely bullied their centre backs today, he just didn’t score
  3. A worry

    That’s the worst thing about the whole day for me. My wee cousin, 11 years auld been to parkheed twice n seen us draw, been to Hampden twice we’ve lost twice and now been to ibrox 3 times seen us lose 3 times. On the bus back he said to my Uncle, “is it good when Rangers beat them” Soon as he said that I just thought when a wis age a wis used to watching Rangers pump they fenian bastards every time at ibrox, even seen us pump them at parkheed, Mendes 4-2 game a wis fucking 12, my first game at parkheed. Hes the younger generation, but we will be back and we’ll always be the biggest club in Scotland, they’ll forever be living chasing Rangers, tarrier fucking bastards
  4. Morelos

    After today I might be the only person who thinks it, but anyone who doesn’t rate morelos, regardless of his misses today is deluded. The boys a player
  5. Morelos

    Fed up the boys still 21 years old, we won’t remember those misses today (as bad they were) when he goes for the record transfer in Scottish history, which will happen
  6. Morelos

    Weird as fuck I thought Morelos had a good game apart from his finishing, end of the day but that’s what he’s judged on. If that was Kenny Miller 1 on 1 he would’ve buried it
  7. GB Scum at Ibrox tonight

    Hopefully a few of them got sore faces last night
  8. GB Scum at Ibrox tonight

    Fair doos, I know they’ve been let in before to set things up, never knew it was stopped. Good on the board, wee things like that that annoy me.
  9. GB Scum at Ibrox tonight

    Before the game, they opened the broomloan early and they were in from about 10 were they not ?
  10. GB Scum at Ibrox tonight

    They were 100% allowed in at the start of the season to set up
  11. GB Scum at Ibrox tonight

    Am CF3 let’s fucking do it
  12. GB Scum at Ibrox tonight

    fenian fucking bastards
  13. GB Scum at Ibrox tonight

    Aye a got told they tried to wreck the UB display and ended up getting chased aw err Govan.
  14. GB Scum at Ibrox tonight

    Always been that way, and it’ll always happen, embarrassing on our end tbh
  15. GB Scum at Ibrox tonight

    What actual happened, did they not run in the in WRC and get chased out ?