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  1. There are many on here who think you have to hate everyone and everything to be a real Rangers supporter. So I guess I'm not a real Rangers supporter. If that's a banable offense then do your job.
  2. Because the values and principles that are dear to our support are based on fucking ignorant uneducated bigoted jobby droppers.
  3. Ffs look about you, you're in the middle of bigotville. This place is disgusting sometimes. No wonder the media has a go at us with the extreme bigotry in our support. No better than the other half of town with their very own band of ignorant fucks.
  4. Bollocks beyond belief, I know many independence voters who want to keep the queen, actually don't know any who want rid of her, maybe just the most vile fans of other teams.
  5. What's wrong? Fucking ignorant bigots, that's what.
  6. The Tavernator

    "The Fans Will Be Happy. The Fans Will Be Very Happy."

    And your point is? They've got 30 million more than us, what do you expect?
  7. The Tavernator


  8. The Tavernator


  9. The Tavernator


    You have the reading comprehension of a frog
  10. The Tavernator


    You think Portugal are as shite as Scotland or are you just being a dick, as usual?
  11. The Tavernator


    He plays for Scotland, that's enough to make me skeptical.
  12. PSG will be in with a 100,000,000 bid next summer. Pocket change for them these days.
  13. The Tavernator

    Pedro's Press Conference

    Isn't it like 5:45 on Saturday morning in Scotland? You're either an eejit, bad work hours, or in another country. Or just bananas. Anyway, it's near midnight in Nebraska, I'm aff.
  14. The Tavernator

    Pedro's Press Conference

    Exactly, no matter how much certain 'fans' yell, the club keeps moving forward. What's your point?