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  1. If he means throwing all the tarriers with their manky green and white everyday attire into the Clyde I'm all for it.
  2. Only because he was a relatively new poster bud and Coatbridge has a reputation for being a republican stronghold, No offence 😂😂
  3. Tbf though he's got over 3 times amount of likes to posts, 1 of them from me though I thing I would have hung fire if I spotted he was from Coatbridge just to be on the safe side 😂😂
  4. Did you bump into Mary Lou by any chance, She was there celebrating with a few of her cronies and a lovely big banner that wasn't meant to be divisive at all, Honest
  5. You're right bud, Don't know how I forgot that, Was at my mates wedding that day down in England, Think it might have been Paul Rideout that scored the only goal as well
  6. Round about 1984/85 if my memory serves me right 😂😂
  7. Aye, No doubt The Jolly Craicsters who were originally charged will be out celebrating St Pats day with a bit of extra vigour, Wee rascals that they are
  8. Wonder if the justice minister will be getting wined and dined in hospitality at a certain club as a wee thank you for keeping their good name clean
  9. My guess would be the latter, Lets not upset the dregs of society now or it could scupper Wee Nickys quest for her wet dream of an independent Scotland, Absolute shitehole of a wee country imo
  10. If I was English I would probably have to examine my conscience about whether to go and support my country over there, Being Scottish I doubt if I would have to bother even if I was interested in going in the first place.
  11. Not sure how everybody done at Cheltenham, Me personally not very good but thought I would share this wee story just to give everybody a bit of hope, Bloke I work beside put a £1 Place pot on Tuesdays cheltenham meeting and was watching it in the pub just along from the bookies where he had placed his bet, One by one all his horses were at least getting placed, Just waiting on the last horse getting placed, Think it was a stupid price of around 80/1, Horse is nowhere really and he's thinking close but no cigar, Favourite then falls at the last and his horse gets the last place winning him a cool £91,000, Needless to say he never made it to work on Wednesday 😂😂
  12. What's Fat Boy Slim got to do with it 😂😂😂, Think you mean Roger Cook mate
  13. Aye but can they afford their own sanitary products though 😂😂
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