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  1. It does mate and thinking about it quite possibly the reason The SFA have issued charges against Hearts and Thistle on the eve of arbitration beginning is so it is fresh in their minds that their could well be serious consequences should they not play to Pete the Pipers tune.
  2. Can Lord Clark call this charade back to court at his displeasure or does he now have to allow due process to run it course now that he has ruled for it to be resolved by arbitration?
  3. Iirc Lord Clark did say this had to be resolved before August 1st
  4. Hearts bringing that Philanthropist guy to SPFL/SFA attention to help Scottish football by gifting every club a wedge of cash no going so well then 😂
  5. Surely to fuck if Lord Clark is looking on and seeing what looks like a fucking Kangaroo Court unfolding before our very eyes then if he can he must cancel this fucking charade and call it back to court asap.
  6. Noticed there's a horse in the last race at Newmarket today with the same name as one of our very own posters Keyser Soze if anyone's interested, Know fuck all about horses myself but just enjoy an occasional flutter so it's no a tip 😂 but fwiw I've had a couple of quid on it at 25/1
  7. Probably an invite to join The Inner Scrotum would be my guess mate.
  8. So Dundee get the casting vote on whether to call the season as is and indeed do so, Now they’re holding the proverbial gun to their own players heads as in accept a wage cut or have your contracts torn up, Classy, Wonder where they learned this tactic eh, Hope they’re the first to go bump the scummy cunts.
  9. Ffs that's far too sensible, Where's the drama in that 😂
  10. No gonna lie, I seen one of your earlier posts mate and it did come across as if your patience was wearing a little thin with this never ending circus and it sort of inspired my last post, Sorry couldn’t resist mate 😂
  11. Aye you would think a vote of No Confidence would be the bare minimum at the end of this shambles but I would imagine even that would prove to be beyond the wit and too problematical for the chairman of most member clubs in our pub leagues to push through.
  12. Absolutely mate, Not exactly hard to join the dots in this reptilian Shitehole sadly.
  13. Totally agree mate, Can’t believe chairman of fucking Alloa is one of the main men in Scottish football ffs
  14. Imagine it’s decided that Hearts/Thistle are to be financially compensated and just as The SPFL are thinking thank fuck that’s over with a number of clubs get together and say Hold The Fucking Bus They’re no getting a share of our money, Wasn’t our fuck up etc and go after an Interim Interdict to stop the season starting 😂
  15. Aye, Could be joined by former PM and Raith Rovers fan Gordon Brown to keep him company, Fuck knows who Cove have got to represent them 😂
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