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  1. Och I always like to give folk the benefit of the doubt mate, Always been big hearted like that 😅😅
  2. If that's the case and I have no reason to doubt you bud then that is even more gut wrenching and stomach churning
  3. Honestly don't think they have a free thinking brain cell between them, Indoctrinated from Cradle to Grave.
  4. Don't even know where to begin with that, I'm actually fucking gobsmacked
  5. The phrase Pig in Lipstick springs to mind but don't think she has even got that 😂😂
  6. SNP would probably make sure Hearts got shut down for bringing the game and the country into disrepute
  7. Agreed though once the kids see how shite and brutal Motherwell and Scottish football is and hopefully see The Famous hand out a few serious pumpings then hopefully the kids will be putting their parents straight by telling them that they want to be Rangers supporters and can they get a Rangers strip for birthday/Christmas etc 😂😂
  8. This, All day long mate, Even people with no real interest in motorsport I think would marvel at his courage.
  9. I actually hope the national side is full of their players while our players are sitting with their feet up resting and re-charging their batteries in readiness for The Challenge that lies ahead in our quest for 55, Watch fat boy soon change his tune should we manage to get our noses in front, Cunt will be greeting that their players are jaded due to playing too much football.
  10. Niki Lauda has sadly passed away, Formula 1 Legend, Man was given last rites in 1976 after a horrific crash in which he suffered 3rd degree burns yet just 40 days later he was back in the cockpit racing for Ferrari whilst still covered in bandages Ffs, Heart of a Lion IMO, R.I.P Niki, GBNF
  11. Can't get my head round that, Who the fuck would knowingly invite a fucking beast to their wedding Ffs, Makes my skin fucking crawl, Absolute rodents
  12. No doubt once he has moved to England after being appointed Scotland manager he will wake up every morning and thank The Scottish FA for taking him away from the sectarian cesspit that is the West of Scotland 😂😂
  13. Aye, Well it sounds like Jorday just might be an SNP supporter as well as a scum supporter and he is definetley not a happy bhoy as far as Mr Dornan goes, If Jorday is indicative of the rest of the scum support then goes without saying The Scottish Government would be in serious trouble at the polls should they allow the scum to be severely punished.
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