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  1. Mo Johnston
  2. Stuart McCall
  3. Talk about an own goal 😂😂😂
  4. Drummer wearing green trainers, Naw just Naw
  5. Fuck sake, When I seen the Big John Hughes title thread in Bears Den I thought he must have died
  6. Absolutely fucking numb, Thumb & Broonaldo swaggering about Ibrox like they fucking owned the place, Fucking disgusting
  7. Oops, Should just of been Adam, Honest😀
  8. No mate, No done it for a couple of year, Done it when I lived in the West Midlands, Worked out of the Birmingham office, Only done it part time for a bit of extra cash but met a few football players including Charlie Adams
  9. I met Graham a few years back when he was at W.B.A, Absolute gentleman, I was working for a chauffeur company who had the contract for emirates airline business class passengers and picked him and his wife and kids up, Proper family man what I could see, Only took them down the road to Sutton Coldfield and he tipped me 20 quid 👍
  10. R.I.P Big Man, Forever In Our Hearts, Condolences To Family
  11. Surprised it's no fell off ffs😀
  12. If he canny work his phone I would assume he is quite an auld fucker like myself and you want pics of his mum, Mind boggles 😀
  13. You could well be right mate, It's amazing a wee thread like this and suddenly we are re-visiting all our yesteryears
  14. Since nobody else has mentioned it, A certain Mr Larsson who played for The Bheastie Bhoys has a son called Jordan who plays in holland
  15. You got me thinking who the Arsenal manager was that sold him, Possibly George Graham if he swapped him for a defender