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  1. Get her booked for a performance at George square😂
  2. Your right mate, I give up, Got Brain Ache😀
  3. Changed it to Claude Makelel, He was there when Jose arrived at Chelsea and think he might have played with kaka and Robinho at madrid
  4. Think I might have it, Marcel Desailly, Took a bit of working out but won World Cup with France and champions league with Milan and Marseille and think he might have been at Chelsea when Mourinho first arrived, Scrub that, Desailly left Chelsea as Mourinho arrived but now think it might have been Claude Makelele as he was still there and later went to Real Madrid, If it's no him I'm giving up, Done my head in all day😀
  5. R.I.P. Gone too soon, Codolensces to family.
  6. No worries bud, do it all the time myself, I was just about to organise a minutes applause at the next home game anaw😀
  7. Is that Breaking News you have there, Murty died very well😀
  8. Does he need a lift
  9. They probably know already harldly any Rangers supporters buy it thus making the scum their biggest market so obviously have to print shite like this to keep them onboard otherwise they go out of business, Diddy fucking paper anyway for diddy minded folk imo.
  10. Tv rights perhaps and a product that might or might not be as good as they make out but still a million fucking miles better than our product The Sp fucking hell
  11. I hope to fuck he does snub the msm in this country, And by that I mean Scotland, I for one would be happy if he gave any interviews or info to sky sports news, RM and RTV and fuck every other Rangers hating media outlet in Scotland right off
  12. Are you sure that's not him giving it a G.I.R.F.U.Y to Martin in oirlund before continuing his journey to take charge of The Famous😆
  13. Bonus, At last some good news, Fucking Bombscare at the best of times never mind in front of 50 odd thousand fucking Rhabids
  14. But at least he's not had a threesome with Tommy Sheridan allegedly 😁
  15. Each to their own Jamie D, That is why I put it in general sport and not Bears Den as I agree it has fuck all to do with Rangers, l also could'nt give a fuck about them either in the general scheme of things hence my obvious delight and glee that 2 of our main antagonists are now struggling like fuck, one for survival in the sphell and the other struggling like fuck to reach that particular holy grail, To those that wished our demise I unashamedly take great fucking delight in watching their struggles and would fucking love it if one or even both of them went to the fucking wall.