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  1. Good to see you survived storm Ciara, Hope the caravan survived as well πŸ˜‚
  2. Canny mind the guys name but the guy who has supposedly got a follow up documentary on the Scotlands Shame, Imagine if Sky decided to give him a platform to air it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  3. Hollicom might be able to control the narrative with the shitty wee Scottish media with the possible help from the shitty wee coffee shop in holyrood, Not so sure that will be the case with Sky should they decide to pick a fight with them, Mon Team Sky, Fucking Intae Them.
  4. Hope to fuck Sky go after them big time and finally let the genie out the bottle so to speak.
  5. Maybe they’re about to welcome a new signing, CumDog Cummings πŸ˜‚
  6. Good points mate and I agree but if it was announced they were moving it during Fat Boabs trial they just might be a tad too busy to stir up their usual shite.
  7. Off topic I know but I would fucking love if Number 6 on your screenshot actually happened, Meltdown would be glorious to watch.
  8. Liking your Vitriol of Davie Provan, Hope he can handle it, If not he's in the wrong city.
  9. Don't think it ever will stop such is the hatred for our club in this cesspit of a country, Alfie will move on probably sooner rather than later and their attention will just turn to whoever is our next best player or top goal scorer, Hopefully Hagi becomes a top player for us and becomes a cult figure amongst The Roma community and the scum turn their attention to him, That might be interesting.
  10. Only went with what I heard on Sky news this morning mate, Looking at that though it may well have been partly down to the weather.
  11. Just seen on sky news that one of the English coaches were hit with a plastic beer bottle, Genuinelly thought rugby fans were better than that but then again given the current mood of our supposedly best wee progressive country in the world it not entirely surprising, Sad and Pathetic imo.
  12. I think you are spot on, Every time our club is attacked or dragged through the mud and we don't defend ourselves my fucking heart sinks and I can't help but think we are severely handicapped by the restraints of whatever the 5 way agreement is, Definetley something sinister going on in the background imo.
  13. Steven Naismith and Kenny Miller, Bring them home
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