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  1. Hopefully A Big G.I.R.F.U.Y coming The S.F.A/ Scums way.
  2. With little or no sport for sports journalists to report on at the minute you would think this would be an ideal time for one of them with some integrity (perhaps from down south) to have a closer look at what the fuck is going on with The Beautiful Game in our corrupt little cesspit of a wee country and really shine the light on the cunts with No Shame.
  3. Only silver lining in this instance is this just doesn’t affect Rangers as it has a detrimental affect on various other clubs with regard to promotions, relegations and European places therefore offering just a glimmer of hope that this sham will be rejected.
  4. The Scum have set the narrative mate as in are prepared to accept the title for the greater good of Scottish football so that hard pressed clubs can get their money, If ex Rangers players/managers started calling this out for what it is “A Sham” then you can bet your last pound the narrative would all be about people dying everywhere and all Big Bad Rangers care about is a title they were not favourites to win, Wouldn’t be a great look from a P.R point of view imo hence why when Rangers do say something they have to be very careful how they word it so it doesn’t just blow up in their face.
  5. Think Sporting Merit will get that as well, Will be forever known as The Sporting Merit Treble, All in the name of Sporting Integrity F.C
  6. I actually believe trying to kill us off when they had the chance to do so was to try and facilitate a move away from Scottish football, Can never prove it of course but that is my genuine belief.
  7. Hypothetical I know but if The Scum had managed to kill us off in 2012 I believe they would have been making very loud noises about having outgrown Scottish football and needing a stronger challenge elsewhere and seeing the way they now run Scottish football I believe they would have got their wish and would have fucked off by now, Just my opinion of course but hey ho each to their own.
  8. I would think it does mate, 9 voting in favour would give The Scum the required 75% in our division at least.
  9. Probably because that's far too sensible and wouldn't shaft Rangers would be my best guess.
  10. If Barcelona and Real Madrid are joining The EPL then even better We'll just take 1 of the vacant spots in La Liga
  11. I would also add that No Rangers Player will Ever be loaned out to any Scottish club who helped to vote this farce through.
  12. I Fucking Hate This Shitehole Of A Country.
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