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  1. Aberdeen at home after going top at Tynecastle; Killie away after going level and finally winning an old firm; and then barely turning up today. All of that without even mentioning our recent history in the cups. Can say Hearts away is a tough fixture and take the game in isolation all you want, but there’s a worrying pattern there for anyone with the eyes to see. There isn’t much between us and them anymore, but I just don’t have any confidence in us taking that last step. Doesn’t feel like we’re ready to take it yet and win anything, let alone the title.
  2. Vanoli


    Lol. Arfield had yet another absolute Chernobyl, but he’s one of the favourites on here.
  3. Still a major mentality problem ingrained in the club at the moment. Today, Killie in January and the sheep at home after going top last season all make you feel like we’re still a million miles away.
  4. It wasn’t a risk against Livi. Its not as if he rolled off the couch after 4 months and straight into the side that day. He’s an elite level athlete that had a full pre-season with the best team in the world. Hamstrings happen, if he’s comfortable with it there’s no risk in playing him. If Gerrard decides to ease him in because he’s a bit rusty having not played many competitive games lately then that’s a different story.
  5. Never loved a player more.
  6. Our performance in the old firm gets more infuriating by the week
  7. Will wait for Brian Reid’s endorsement before commenting.
  8. Fucking embarrassing from Tav. That’s this seasons Spartak away.
  9. Really, really terrible. Job done though. Turning up at Hampden for once the real test.
  10. Vanoli


    Katic fan club going to be even more unbearable after this
  11. Massive player for us. Getting better and better under Gerrard.
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