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  1. There’s enough depth, still not convinced the quality is there even with Kent, Aribo and Ojo.
  2. even then it would be purely to save face at this point i think
  3. Club is an absolute disgrace not even acknowledging his departure. Genuinely disgusting. Fair play to Tav taking it upon himself.
  4. Their a fucking mess. We are the biggest joke is football if we can’t bury them this season.
  5. Got to hope there’s a lot happening behind the scenes. Aribo, Ojo and Kent won’t be enough to win the league.
  6. getting a bad feeling about this summer
  7. Fuck Marseille Cunts
  8. Dont think there’s a player in the world we could attract that would match Tav’s contribution from his position. We cant afford not to cash in on Alfredo unfortunately. Crazy to say after his improvement and return this season, but i actually think we’ve wasted him a bit this season. We left him isolated practically all season and over relied on him. He’d have over 40 if we had Kent and Arfield as close too him as they were to Defoe down the stretch this season. He was irreplaceable before the tactical changes, but now i’m more confident that we can replace him.
  9. Liverpool being on the up won’t get us where we need to go. For all the clamour to get Kent back, all we’d be doing is maintaining a squad that bottled our season the very first game after our title challenge became real.
  10. I want to annihilate them in the cup before they die.
  11. I can’t believe they’ve actually done it. In our hands now. Stockpiling squad players in the areas we need to add quality has me a bit anxious, but here’s hoping Allen and Gerrard deliver.
  12. Tarriers there for the taking, Hearts not good enough to punish them.
  13. Jesus. ‘As a footballer’ some quite important context he’s missed out, thought he was fucking dying
  14. So the alky bastard considers cutting our allocation as a trophy 😂😂
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