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  1. Murty times up mate

    Played like a beaten team today. Last week was massive. No turning it around from here, first priority has to be a manager.
  2. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    Morelos should be dropped. Hope to god anyone is available to replace Cardoso. A truly comical footballer.
  3. Beasts abusing Russell Martin

    I've literally had to google the sinclair story there, first i've heard of it. And the first result was a story on Martin.
  4. UB March

    I think that's so immensely homosexual. But each to their own. Good bears i'm sure.
  5. Beasts abusing Russell Martin

    Don't necessarily disagree with any of the points you've made, but as you've admitted yourself they're wider points. In this specific instance, it's genuinely not obvious to me that two Rangers supporting neds calling a white English celtic player a fenian bastard and a prick would be a national scandal, or lead to a groundhog day against our entire support.
  6. Beasts abusing Russell Martin

    meh you cant call them out for mock offence and get your knickers in a twist over this its two neds with fuck all going for them in a shop calling an athlete
  7. Scottish Cup.

    Don't have it in us to beat them. Major mental blockages which are seeing us abandon anything resembling game management against them.
  8. Goss

    I've never seen a team miss someone as much we did McCrorie today. We were so so vulnerable for the whole game, and the fact that one pass was essentially all that was needed to take us out the game for all three goals shows that. We were lubing ourselves up for a tanking before the sending off.
  9. THE TRUTH - Where's Fucking Gap????? Bring on the Cup!!!

    Utter pish mate, fuck off
  10. Too much too soon

    I feel still feel like we're a million miles away from them after that. I'm hoping that's because the last mile is the hardest, but i'm not confident of that.
  11. Absolutely bottled it

    Simply unacceptable that we've let them come away with all the points today. Blow two leads, and at a time where we were struggling like fuck we get a break with the red and we still find a way to let them tear us open with one pass. 2nd and 3rd goals are totally unforgivable. Morelos just isn't a crunch moment player. Worked his arse off and generally played well for me, but there's 3 big moments where he cost us. Right before their second he's failed to watch the line and cost himself a 1vs1, right before their 3rd he's missed a 1vs1 and his miss at the end doesn't even need mentioned. Windass is a fucking shithouse as well. Barely seen him after the goal and combined with Goss' performances it was men against boys in the midfield again for good spells in the game. This genuinely hurts more than the 5-1's. We'll rarely get a better chance and it feels like we've gone out of our way to give them the points. We don't have the mentality to beat them, and we certainly won't in the semi final.
  12. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Massive, massive opportunity for us. Go fucking get them Rangers.
  13. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Wish to fuck this was today. Been swamped with work this week and today's the first day i've had time to sit and be able to think about it. Nervous wreck man. This one is all or nothing, and whatever they've been saying they bastards know it too.
  14. Rumour by ID10 from ff

    ID10? As in legendary winger Ian Durrant?
  15. They say it's not obsession....

    Get it all the way up him, the wee walloper.