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  1. I don’t mind him as a squad player and Hastie as a prospect. Plenty will be moving on as well. Too much being made of this. whatever you think of Gerrard i think he has a very clear grasp on exactly what is wrong with us at the moment. Acid test will be he and Allen’s ability throughout June and July to go out and find the match winners we need. The board need to stump up the cash to do so whether we sell Morelos or not as well. What we need now can’t be done on the cheap.
  2. I genuinely dont think there’s ever been a more embarrassing reaction to an Old Firm defeat. Absolutely fucking pathetic the way the majority have lost the the head over a that cunt.
  3. Vanoli


    Excellent booking.
  4. Naw naw naw Leave it alone Please
  5. Absolute pish to say Gerrard hasn’t had his back.
  6. Kent literally threw a punch on a football park 😂
  7. Defoe can and will still be a big player for us. He’s almost certainly our most productive player this season per minutes played. He’s been unlucky in that Alfredo has been the best player in the league this season and our team is built around him. It’s obvious Gerrard wants to completely revamp our attacking midfield next season. Do that right and Defoe will score 15 at least next season with his eyes shut even as second choice. We’ll probably consider compatability with Defoe in a front two as well when picking Alfredo’s replacement.
  8. I’m raging folk are even flirting with defending him today. Sold us and his teammates out.
  9. Vanoli


    I’m gutted for him tbh. Once in a season mistake. For all the pish posted after the press conference he pulled that team up by its bootstraps second half.
  10. Excellent effort, two fucking cancerous goals.
  11. I can’t believe this. Unreal effort from the rest of the boys. Alfredo should be out in the cold.
  12. For all the pish posted after the press conference, Tav has drove this comeback.
  13. If your raging at Brown you need your head checked
  14. Vanoli


    Love the boy, but he’s absolutely fucked it this time. Genuinely inexcusable.
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