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  1. Just gets fucking ridiculous in here after a week like this.
  2. He’s doing a good job. But they still went on to win a treble treble after being even further weakened. We need to kick on now and win the league, let alone silverware in general. I think we have the measure of them one on one, it’s about finding consistency against everyone else when it matters. Last year we absolutely collapsed the in the very first game our title challenge actually became real. I won’t be lauding any ‘Gerrard effect’ until we pull out in front of them and hold our nerve when we do. Before im slated for being negative, i think we win it this year. Feels like the team have turned a corner mentally, but we’ve been burned too many times recently to say that with 100% confidence. Let’s wait and see.
  3. Nah, need them in the group stages if we make it there. The schedule hurt us last year. Got a bigger squad to handle it this year but it still undoubtedly has an impact. Cant afford to give them any advantage in the league and Europa money isn't enough to offset that.
  4. that is very very pleasing get it right fucking up the stinking bastards
  5. Vanoli

    Joe Aribo

    we would ride Charlton absolutely rotten
  6. It’s nice until folk start ruining it saying Jones is better than Kent.
  7. Can’t remember the last time we’ve had two strikers of their calibre at the same time.
  8. Fucking delighted with that. Gave those stinking bastards the riding they’ve been long overdue. Away fans absolutely seething throughout, great stuff.
  9. Think that showed why teams generally just won’t come out and play us. That’s what happens if we take our chances.
  10. Vanoli


    One of they special players that can run over a team on his own when he’s on it. Perfect example tonight. Hero.
  11. Is there really that little to talk about this week? Can’t remember such a collective, national heads gone reaction to fans celebrating a last minute winner. Embarrassing, and sums this country up.
  12. Still too much side to side, safe passes and relying on crosses. Generally not too bad, was never going to be a pretty one. Just need to get a second because i’ve got the fear we’ll drop deep and fuck it again.
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