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  1. How does that mean it's fake? u do know that puma use the same templates when making kits for clubs sponsored by puma? Look at Italys training gear they had for the world cup it's the same as our new training gear the same as Arsenal as they are now sponsored by puma they have the same training gear as us.
  2. The away kit looked good last night on the players. They look a bit tight though so any player that is overweight at Rangers it will show. The kit actually looked orange on the telly.
  3. Cheers mate i never knew that. Wished i was as sharp as some of yous on here.
  4. It's the same as the Italy kit they were wearing in the world cup. Obviously the kit is going to look alot better up close. The pics are just to give yo an idea of what it will look like.
  5. Obviously Rangers thought the 3rd kit would be the best seller and have put that out 1st?
  6. Chilie to win BTTS. Columbia to win BTTS. £5 returns £275
  7. The home top will be out for our 1st game of the season surely? Can't wear a red kit playing at Ibrox on the first day of the season.
  8. At this rate with the ault team back we'll pump the manky mob next year. Ronny Dial a bus will be seen off by Ally and so will that cunt john collins who is still trying to kid cunts on he's got black hair.
  9. Happy with this. Glad he's not going to end up at the sheep i'm sure he's just as glad about that one aswell.
  10. All 6 teams to score today. £10 returns £70
  11. Dzeko to score next and bosnia to win 2-1 £5 returns £85
  12. Both teams to score Nigeria to win. £5 reruns £40
  13. Ally McCoist has wasted plenty of money on people we don't need. Why is he going to stop now? Boyd is the only player that you can be confident about you know he will score at least 20 goals a season. Will Daly or Miller do that? Kris boyd and nicky clark up front would be a good partnership.
  14. Even though boyd has said he would sign on low wages aye. Dry your fucking eyes Ally doesn't like him it's that simple.
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