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  1. Hi mate I was want to take my nephew but he is in Blackpool when the game is on so I was going to take my boy. If u have adult and child tickets that would be great Southdown.
  2. No bud
  3. Cheers bud that's excellent
  4. Cheers mate that would be great
  5. Looking for an adult and child ticket for Kilmarnock away so if anyone has any give me a pm and I'll buy them
  6. Excellent mate sounds like ur wee man had an excellent day. Did u get the picture of u and the wee boy at the blue gates? I think that's something that has to be done with ur kids
  7. I remember taking my older 2 boys to their first games and when u see them singing jumping about trying to get broxis attention and all the rest of it is phenomenal, proper hairs on ur neck standing up moments that won't be topped. I had another wee boy in November there and called him cooper and I genuinely can't wait till his first game as it is a buzz starting with the rangers/loyalist songs playing in the car on the way to the famous old ibrox.
  8. "We can't compete with the clubs in England". We continued to shop there though for the dross that no one else wanted
  9. Great wee tune
  10. A fine wee pub in Saltcoats mermaid bar.
  11. It's called the mermaid bar
  12. What team mates don't like him and if so why so they not like him? Serious question as I heard him and tav weren't great pals and when I seen them play together I could believe it as I was convinced that tav just wouldn't pass the ba to him but I'm genuinely interested to hear who and why any of her other players don't like him. I seem a thiimg with Halliday and he was talking about him like a good friend
  13. Excellent challenge from clint and had that been Keirnan he probably would've been lazy and just brought the thumb down for a CLEAR penalty, I thought it was an excellent challenge
  14. I'm quite confident the new manager will get rid of them tbh and warb obv rated McKay so if we can get any money then id let him go without a doubt