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  1. This Forum Right Now

    We just aren’t good enough and I would take a defeat if I knew that every player had put in the best shift they could but we have to many players who have off games far to regular. We really need a good manager in place who can assess this squad get rid of most of the shite and buy players with the money that King said will be made available for a new manager going forward for a real challenge next year. We just don’t have enough if any players who actually care about the club now they just see it as a job and results won’t bother them, I’m maybe being unfair on young Ross mccrorie there but outside of him I don’t think there will be many and the sad thing is they obv don’t realise that the next Rangers team to win the league will be absolute heroes they don’t know or care what it means to us the fans who have watched and followed them through thick and thin, the dark times and still 50,000 there. I can’t believe that there isn’t a good manager with a good cv out there that will take the Rangers job and be made a heroe, the manager in charge of us when we win the league will be in books,posters, screensavers the lot we just need to talk a good manager into seeing this.
  2. UB Display

    The UB get a bit of stick at times but that’s truly some display there and as someone above says our players don’t really deserve the support they are afforded home and away.
  3. midfield

    U did indeed and I’m sure it was u I said to that if we could keep him fit he could be a cracking player for us? How wrong was i? This is probably a bit strong and maybe my anger at today is making me feel like this but I seriously am starting to dislike the likes of niko rossiter Alves Hodson and the rest of the wasters at the club that don’t ever try and right their wrongs or even push themselves to get fit. We really had the chance to put some pressure on they cunts with a decent home game and again our players blew it, simply not good enough. Anyway a wee rant but I totally agree with ur post.
  4. midfield

    I agree 100% mate that game said he was finished to me and we need to get rid
  5. midfield

    Why did he bring on Niko after we lost a goal? The guy offers nothing He’s brutal now he was some player years ago but without being over dramatic he rossiter and Alves are stealing a wage from us that could be used to bring in a couple of decent players. I thought I was going to have a heart attack when him and Alves were just making a cunt of everything they tried. I don’t know if anyone else notice that when 3-1 down he tried to do a World Cup chip over to holt who just touched it with the top of his and it went out for a by kick then niko starts clapping as if it was good that holt TRIED to get his head on it. We are a shambles and murty is getting hung out to dry by our board.
  6. David Edgar nails it again

    I’m afraid I’m not an ITK guy but my gut feeling is that we will be underwhelmed. Yes let’s watch our team lose or draw as that is all we get these days. We really are struggling I had tickets for that last night but couldn’t go and I feel sorry for the fans that went especially the ones from south Scotland and England to go all the way up there to watch that pitiful performance. I’m going up to Aberdeen next week and I’m dreading it already.
  7. David Edgar nails it again

    I didn’t want king in and i want him out now as I can’t stand much more of him. I just want him and his board to publicly come out and say Rangers F.C. are up for sale and then see who comes in, I’m sick of ppl saying get behind him because there’s no one else to put money in, yes there’s no one else to put money in while king is there take that snake out the equation and we might get some financial backing but I don’t see investors willing to put dough in while he’s here. This board are overseeing everything that Is bad about us just now the surrender of the home form over Aberdeen the record pumping dishes out by the tramps back to back defeats against the 2 worst teams in the league and I could go on but my phone might just get launched off the wall if I think to much more about it.
  8. David Edgar nails it again

    I’m genuinely not being a dick here and trying to disagree with anything ur saying but I didn’t/don’t have a clue about RST stuff and the goings on I was probably to busy celebrating titles and the like. IMO we don’t need supporters groups whatever happened to paying ur dough to watch ur team win/lose/draw?
  9. David Edgar nails it again

    I’m only interested in the podcast that he does as per previous post I don’t know him nor have I met him. Talking about backing the wrong horse I don’t think we can hold that over him as most ppl backed that dick of a board to get in. Ppl do get it wrong from time to time.
  10. David Edgar nails it again

    I think he still loves himself and will admit that going by his podcast and I don’t know him or have even met him. After I had heard a couple of his podcasts I thought that he’s the type of guy who I’d like to sit and get a wee blether about Rangers. He knows a bit about Rangers past and present. The episodes that he answers the questions are good.
  11. David Edgar nails it again

    U said he was a banger in his RST days and tbf when listening to his podcast as I do every time something new is on it I think he actually admits to being a banger back then so I would say ur a good judge of character. I like listening to DE and the few guys who are on the podcast with him.
  12. Neil MCann

    Get him in as manager fuck it. He has the class to be Rangers manager and i have nothing to base this on at all just a gut feeling that he would have the players he wanted play for him and he could add a few players in January to add to the squad. I would rather someone like him instead of some old dinosaur like McLeish I know we can’t afford gambles but everyone to a man would get behind him and it would give us a wee lift to see his passion at ibrox and he might just do a job, he’s the type of guy who would have Rangers players run through a brick wall for him. I know people will say he’s no experienced or good enough to be Rangers manager but while the season is a write off maybe he could come in and show us what he could do till the end of the session and we could be pleasantly surprised.
  13. Burst the Bank Dave

    Aww come on u he’s put in more than that, Pena and Herrera were nearly 4 million between them alone plus the rest. My fuckin arse this board are definitely at the wind up if they think this is anywhere good enough. Regarding the manager situation if I was making the decision I would’ve sounded out the manager/s i wanted then had whoever ready just to walk into pedros place and change this. We have people saying that no one would buy us and who would be interested in us but if the board came out publicly and said Rangers FC are for sale, we never know who might be interested in buying us it doesn’t always have to be Rangers men it just has to be the right men with enough money to get us stable and in to the champions league (right now that seems years away) I don’t believe for a minute that there’s no one interested in us and it could be someone who could take us in the right direction this board have consistently made bad move after bad move wether that be getting managers in or getting rid of them without it costing us dough the shite players that they actually release funds for even their advert for Ibrox and the surrounding area on the big screens vs they smelly cunts was fuckin abysmal. We have nothing outside the fans going for us at the moment and this board have overseen the destruction at ibrox the past few years. Very sad times for a young man like me who grew up watching teams with Goram Gough Gazza Laudrup McCoist Hateley Durrant Ferguson to now watching imposters like that dud hodson miller Herrera tavernier and fuckin windass that boy would never have been a “player” had it not been for his dad. Anyway fuck this I’m off to my bed after writing this am totally gutted like thousands of others.
  14. ST Sale

    Queens highway bought a season ticket from someone last year so miller time might buy it from u.
  15. Jason Holt

    Some ppl just won’t admit they’re wrong re Rangers players and this pish that we need better than him to go for the league is IMO nonsense the wee guy would thrive and is thriving with better players roundabout him and he’s been the most improved player since he got back in the team. Holt will never be world class or anything like it but he can do a job for us at this level. He’s better than Scottish championship level that’s for sure.