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  1. bluewhitevanman

    Kenny Miller

    Probably in telling the Livi board that he should’ve been managing Rangers
  2. bluewhitevanman

    Kilmarnock v Rangers

    No probs mate
  3. bluewhitevanman

    Kilmarnock v Rangers

    Is this still Available mate
  4. bluewhitevanman

    Kilmarnock v Rangers

    Looking for 1 for my mate, I’m not going but he’s looking for 1. Any help appreciated as usual
  5. bluewhitevanman


    Does anyone think that SG has told him to get his head down and work hard and that he will help get him his move to the English premiership? I imagine that’s where the boy will want to play.
  6. bluewhitevanman


    I never made the game due to work but all the bears on the group chat at work who were there or watching on tv said he was excellent today and looks to have a dangerous left foot and is strong as an ox
  7. bluewhitevanman

    Ibrox display tomorrow, Our City, Our Club!

    Someone sent me the govan 1 mate but tbh I couldn’t make it out big Rangers badge in the middle but couldn’t make out the sides of it. Put it this way it’s not as clear as the 2 stands behind the goals but think it will be class if it’s done all at the same time and everyone times it properly to lift them up
  8. bluewhitevanman

    Fan Engagement Survey

    Maybe get a big space to sell stuff in house of Frasers? I’ve not done the survey though as all the email stuff goes to my wife. Will have a look
  9. bluewhitevanman

    Minutes Applause at tomorrow's game

    Tough listen that. Been affected with suicide after my dad did it and I’m quite sure that’s the way he was feeling as well. RIP Jamie 🇬🇧🇬🇧
  10. bluewhitevanman

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Match Thread***

    Think if jack had stayed on we would’ve got the win there no sure about ejaria just yet. Windass won’t do I thought halftime he could’ve brought Sadiq and candeias on and Murphy Windass off
  11. bluewhitevanman

    Possible end to the strip saga?

    Was just listening to heart and hand and Davie Edgar sats we. Now get 7p in the pound per top and said it was 4p a few weeks ago.
  12. bluewhitevanman

    Gerrard Post Match Reaction

    I was severely disappointed when he made tav the captain as imo he isn’t 1 and to think Gerrard was an admirable captain then he comes in and gives him it. The only reason tav is here is because he won’t play for a bigger club than ours and he isn’t even that good a player, scarred by all the pumpings we’ve taken from them plus the other humiliations and then he’s captain? Never one
  13. bluewhitevanman

    Single adults attending with children

    Well don’t sit on the first 2 rows of gf2 then as that constant up n down does my tits In (jokin btw)I’ve got 2 that go just now 12 and 8 and I wouldn’t have them up n down all the time as it ruins it for everyone around yous. Tbf if there is 3 all about the same age u will find they will just sit and talk amongst themselves but if 1 wants the toilet or munch then most likely the other 2 will want to go. When I go in I tell them toilet and don’t ask again till halftime unless they are bursting and if they go n fuck about they are told they are missing the next game because believe it or not it’s shite for everyone beside end behind when they are up n down constantly n kicking the backs of seats is another thing I put my leg in front of of my younger boys legs so he can’t kick the seats. Other than that ad go for it mate
  14. bluewhitevanman

    The worst thing about Stevie G being our Manager...

    Definitely the Devine ponytail the Buddhist cracking player imo I’m sure he was nominated for the balon dor after USA 94 when he went to Bologna (i think).
  15. bluewhitevanman

    Time lapse of our new pitch

    I know sounded like the start of a murder documentary