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  1. The Cheap/Exotic Experiments

    I agree with every word here prso and I stand by what I say, if we had got a decent manager in before Murty then we might have actually pushed for the league this year but we’ve blown it with the cheap experiments
  2. No please non don’t let him get it full time. Maybe he is trolling us with some of the stupid things he does, I mean everyone I heard talking after the game said Cummings and Miller should’ve been brought in when elbows was sent off so if our manager can t see it then he should be out on his arse, I haven’t even listened to any interviews and was wondering if he mentioned how good the atmosphere was at Ibrox, it can’t be second to none coz that’s the piggery our manager said??? Pffft
  3. Watch as Tory MP linesman gets simunovic sent off

    Also the pet name they have for themselves.
  4. Morelos

    If u care to read the last 2 lines of my post u will observe that he should be tappin they goals in but he does need competition to keep him hungry.
  5. Morelos

    I say to people who say he’s shite to go to Columbia at 21 and try and make a career. The lad has the heart of a lion who has missed sone crucial chances in a few games but I actually blame Murty for this because that boy has player more than a full season of football without much of a break due to his spell in Finland. Morelos should’ve been dropped a few weeks ago and got Cummings beddded in but as Murty refuses to change then Morelos wouldn’t get that break he needs it’s almost like he can miss what he wants and play as poorly as he wants (Falkirk) but he will always play no matter what, he should be dropped and then be champin at the bit to get on. I know he should be tappin the open goals in and there’s no excuse for him missing but he needs that competition to keep him on fire.
  6. Watch as Tory MP linesman gets simunovic sent off

    The tic??? Tramps taigs fenians soap dodgers paedos but no the tic mate
  7. Post match reaction

    Murty says we stopped playing short sharp passes when that dick got sent off? He should’ve instantly brought Cummings on and holt for a bit of energy then just went for it. Imo Murty doesn’t use his squad enough, he sticks with nearly the same team all the time if he can and uses only 2 subs and silly things like that and when he brings players on they never ever look ready or match sharp it’s so infuriating. He cannot take us in to next season we need a manger who has done stuff or is doing it just now. We can’t be w place for managers to cut their teeth and had we not taken the cheap option then we might have had a chance of this league. This defeat hurts particularly bad as they were down to 10 men.
  8. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    I’m not sure tbh but we need someone with more baws than him that we have in the dugout
  9. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Murty cannot get the job full time. If we had a proper manager with a decent pedigree we would have been right in the hunt for the league. Disgusted with that
  10. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    Do u mind If i ask how u know for certain that he had several reasons to turn us down? Do u know him personally or are u a relation? I often wonder when people say things like this as if it’s came straight from the person or if they are passing media reports off as gospel.
  11. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    You better believe it your 100% correct there. I want him to burst the net against they stinking bastards and let them have it and if he does then I hope he goads their players and the gangrene brigade as well.
  12. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    I’d start Cummings as well but with Morelos in the team. I like moult but he’s not as good as Morelos and never will be either. What makes you think Morelos has gon off the boil? Surely 1 off day doesn’t mean the player has went off the boil. Morelos is 21 and has came to us via Finland looking to get to 1 of the very top leagues in the world and doesn’t speak English and is in a different culture, country etc. Imo that says a hell of a lot for the boy and that’s what I would say to anyone who says anything negative about him, you leave everyone behind and go to Columbia and learn a new language a new culture and try and keep your career on track. Morelos has the heart of a lion and will come through any trials that life can throw at him he has shown loads of bottle to upsticks and chase his dream. I hope he batters them on Sunday
  13. Is it time...?

    I was saying this to my nephew the day and i said that sellic have never had any pressure and we don’t know how they will deal with it if we got to 6 points of them. Totally agree with u here.
  14. Murty

    I’m happy that the team are doing a bit better but I just can’t take to him the way i did when he stepped in last season, I think if he didn’t say silly things and made a change in a game earlier than 70 minutes then it might be different but there’s something that annoys me about him. It’s not nice being negative after a good game if football but it’s my opinion of him. On the plus side we played some good football today.
  15. *** The Official Ayr United v Rangers Thread ***

    This would make me so happy if they could. 1 up front is only acceptable at the piggery Imo. I’d persevere with Cummings and Morelos and with Candeias and Murphy with Dorrans when back could be powerful when we are attacking