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  1. Millers Agent

    I noticed it had changed but didn't want to say anything incase it wasn't meant to be changed 😂
  2. Millers Agent

  3. Rangers vs Motherwell - League Cup

    Looking for 1 juvenile ticket for ma nephew.
  4. Milan Derby.

    Does anyone remember the days of gazetta on Chanel 4 and the Milan manager montella playing for sampdoria? He was some player with sampdoria and Roma as well.
  5. McInnes- is it now or never?

    I think we are starting to look like a team and if we can sort the left side then we should be heading in the right direction. I want pedro to work out so much that I don't think I've ever wanted anyone to succeed as much as him. If given time then I'm sure he will turn out to be better than mcinnes, as much as DMc has done well with Aberdeen he does have some pish results and the fact that he couldn't lay a glove on a pish sellic team, managed by a total donkey happens to tell its own story imo. We are a huge club and DMc Would be extremely lucky to get the chance to manage us in fact the very fact that ppl are mentioning him with our job tells us where we are exactly. If we were at the top then he wouldn't be mentioned as managing us
  6. Third Kit..

    Typical from us, look there's a market for minkits for kids to make us loads of money and the reply is aw well fuck it. Shambles
  7. Linfield fans not happy

    Load of shite
  8. Third Kit..

    Absolutely. I had 3 ppl phone me about the kits and all 3 had tried the megastore and 1 was so desperate he tried sports direct for his boys strip and it turned out they didn't have socks either. A guy at work says the lassie in megastore said they got 300 of each size in but no mini kits and no socks whatsoever. There should've been thousands of each.
  9. Third Kit..

    What a shambles the megastore is. I called on Thursday and asked about the kit I said I needed an adult an 11/12 a 9/10 and the mini kit for ma wee boy at 10 months they said it will be in tomorrow etc. I asked about full kits and she said yes everything will be in tomorrow so I went in today and it turns out they don't have any socks for any kits but they MIGHT get delivered tomorrow and they don't have any mini kits whatsoever, I know I sound like a right moaning cunt as well but it just seems we can't get anything right. Oh the kit is a belter when you see it not in pictures.
  10. Bluenose 2

    I thought that was marco Negri in the bottom picture. I hope the boy does well out it but I've a feeling it's like putting a Rangers pub in the middle of Carfin
  11. Third Kit..

    Don't like it and agree with kaiser it's cheap looking but I'll get it anyway
  12. ***Feedback Thread***

    Cheers mate
  13. McCoist will he return.

    Mate. Gee it a by will you. Why would u come on here and spout shite like this then try and back it up by posting another lie?
  14. Rangers hugging beggars

    Some were having a wee laugh with their scummy players. Shake hands by all means but no slapping them on the back as a well done mate type gesture.
  15. ***Feedback Thread***

    Haha just take the e off the end of blue if that helps but if it doesn't it's fine mate. I wouldn't normally mind but it looks better to any buyers if I'm trusted.