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  1. Calling him a mongo?? Sorry I don’t agree with our players getting called things like that. Yes he’s let us down yes I’d sell him now but no I’m not going to agree with things like that gettin said. That’s the last I’ll say about it. I’m just wanting us to go in and get the winner im sure u will agree with me
  2. I’m 1 of Alfies biggest fans but I’m disgusted with him and would sell him at the end of the season now as he lets us and himself down to often however the people on here calling him a mongo etc need to get a grip it’s a fuckin horrific way to speak about 1 of our players Some people need to grow up
  3. A junkie kicks our player caught on tv but the compliance officer will be trying to make out if she could hear any naughty songs. Wee fenian bastard
  4. I’m working and listening on radio and whoever the commentator is keeps saying goldston fuckin embarrassing and someone saying morales then changing to Morelos, they haven’t a clue n are desperate for Morelos to be booked. Cmon Rangers
  5. Got a good 1 up on sat £20 treble score win West Ham derby and Lincoln returned 1125 ??
  6. Ur very welcome mate you and ur mate were top guys
  7. I’m glad Aberdeen beat them as Hibs don’t deserve to be contesting semi finals or finals
  8. I’ve fired this Hibs game on and the crowd is shocking but let them get to the final and play us and about 10,000 of us would miss out to accommodate all their part time supporters.
  9. I had killie on a score and win 11/1 but 2 German teams let me down but I’ll take the bookies loss of it means they get beat. Just delivered to 1 of them and he says it’s hard to take them going down as we are going back up.
  10. He’s also never a captain I was hoping he got sold as I just don’t like him but he’s here so I’ll support him but not impressed so far again this season
  11. Does anyone think that SG has told him to get his head down and work hard and that he will help get him his move to the English premiership? I imagine that’s where the boy will want to play.
  12. Think if jack had stayed on we would’ve got the win there no sure about ejaria just yet. Windass won’t do I thought halftime he could’ve brought Sadiq and candeias on and Murphy Windass off
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