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  1. We just need to turn draws into wins and we will be all over them
  2. Mistakes cost us but we are getting closer to them of that there’s no doubt
  3. Calling him a mongo?? Sorry I don’t agree with our players getting called things like that. Yes he’s let us down yes I’d sell him now but no I’m not going to agree with things like that gettin said. That’s the last I’ll say about it. I’m just wanting us to go in and get the winner im sure u will agree with me
  4. I’m 1 of Alfies biggest fans but I’m disgusted with him and would sell him at the end of the season now as he lets us and himself down to often however the people on here calling him a mongo etc need to get a grip it’s a fuckin horrific way to speak about 1 of our players Some people need to grow up
  5. A junkie kicks our player caught on tv but the compliance officer will be trying to make out if she could hear any naughty songs. Wee fenian bastard
  6. The compliance officer should be pulling that st Johnstone tramp tony wart up for blatant cheating, he had 2 chances to put his team up and missed but then the second half the guy put a great cross in and all watt had to do was nod home and never even attempted to put the head on it from 2 yards out. Cheating bastard that he is. He definitely didn’t even think about trying to score against them!!
  7. I’m working and listening to talksport and Perry groves I think it is has been telling sellic fans that phone in that they are scared and told 1 that they couldn’t afford Defoe and they are spewing. If u have a chance put it on it’s good today
  8. Yip mate ur right. I’m not technical enough to get the clip and put it up but it would be good to hear it again. He said that he told Mccoist and Brazil on Friday that he liked Rangers so respect to him for that.
  9. I know what you mean mate, it was just so refreshing to hear him actually say I like Rangers and watched them with a keen interest at the weekend.
  10. Listening to talksport and he just said he likes Rangers and told ally mccoist and Brazil that he likes Rangers on Friday there. Said SG was brave to take the job considering he could’ve stayed in a cushy number with Klopp etc. He has a keen interest in Scottish football and his friend owns St Mirren. Quite like listening to him
  11. Post of the day. GOODNIGHT 🇬🇧
  12. Just listening to talksport there and Adrian Durham is waxing lyrical about Sunderland away support for taking 2800 away to Portsmouth and having sold out for new year day away to Blackpool, 8000 fans. How do they compare to us in that respect? The first thing I thought was our 10.000 plus to Sheffield and the way we always sell our our away allocation here. Does anyone think that if we ever got into league 2 in England to work our way up the leagues that we would take similar or more to away games down there? I think we would still always sell out down there.
  13. How do u come to that conclusion?
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