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  1. Going to try and get my nephew a ticket tomorrow, if I don't manage to get 1 could anyone give me a shout if they have a kids spare?
  2. Hope he does well
  3. I used to deliver to a guy in castlemilk and this is exactly what he said and this guy hated him. I don't think the guy had anything to do with Rangers but just confirms to me that he was correct with what he was saying.
  4. Please take the 2 of theses eejits PNE I can't stand keirnan as he's a shite player and I don't know what it is about tav I just can't take to the guy I'm of the opinion that he really thinks he's a superstar, maybe I'm wrong but I'd still get rid of the 2 of them
  5. Welcome to Rangers kid now go and put those smelly cunts in their place
  6. That's banging surely to fuck we can get through this and get a good team in the 3rd round
  7. Haha I'm working and trying to follow the draw on here but think I've made a cunt of it. What's happened then?
  8. We have Limassol at home first and then when we get through we have the Gibraltar mob at home in the second round
  9. I liked Cummings and would've liked him at Rangers but now he's went there I hope warburton takes Forrest down
  10. Sensible and great post and 1 that some of our supporters should take on board the last line rams it home for me. Our kids shouldn't be punished
  11. I blame sons of struth our board and all the other boycotters. Cunts that haven't a clue and being dictated to by having people make decisions for them. I fail to see why ppl are surprised, the supporters don't buy strips but are shocked when we don't see anyone with them on????? Fuck off and get a life they cunts hounding ppl buying the tops then complain when they don't see any?? Aye very good complete arsewipes and that's aw that about it
  12. The prick in the story should've got 3 printed but dropped the letter A in his 1
  13. Mate if he's even thinking about supporting them then he's a lost cause and he will listen to his cousin more than u so I would just bin him.
  14. I honestly can't think of anyone I hate more than Scott brown so it would be him but I could easily put the thumb in as a close second he's such a wee rat faced bastard
  15. All u see is they stinking sellic taps everywhere and ppl saying its to do with the fact we weren't buying strips but the Rangers support should still have been buying the kids strips obv if they have kids. I can just about accept ppl saying they won't buy the strips because of the situation but the Ones that then go and buy lionbrand is just a fuckin nonsense and is a case of look at me I hate mike Ashley but if u buy the Rangers strips from the superstore u must want mike Ashley as the main man at Rangers, Fannies the lot of they cunts that buy that cheap shite. PS u shouldn't be going to meet any Rangers players in another teams strip absolute joke and I wonder what message it sends to the new signings?? They will think we are a joke club this strip pish needs sorted, pronto.