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  1. Sorry to hear that bud that's a choker and not here to see us get back to our rightful place at the top of Scottish football, I'm sure he will be supporting us up there somewhere. RIP that bear 💙
  2. I love Rangers 💙🇬🇧💙 But they don't half fuck up your evenings at times.
  3. Ally by a country mile he was a total disaster and this pish about the board when he was there working under they conditions, nonsense-absolute baloney he will never be a manager for as long as his arse points down the way. Total shambles
  4. See u later harry, had u put the work in you could've been a decent player for us
  5. I said this a while ago, her dad got free tickets to Motherwell v Dundee and he was a stand out the right back I'm sure his name is cammy Kerr he was outstanding that day. Way better than tav and he whipped 3/4 great balls in the box
  6. He failed his position yesterday then by letting that horrible ugly fenian cunt in the stadium yesterday.
  7. What's his role? Trough guzzler or what
  8. After the whistle yesterday me and the weans just waited till all the stadium was emptying before we got up to leave and my oldest boy asked me who the specky guy with the Rangers tie was, I couldn't make out who it was but was quite tall and was looking over at the hibs players and fans and obv their ginger fenian bastard manager and then went away again. I thought it was Stewart Robertson but he looked to tall to be him. Anyone any ideas who he was?
  9. This guy is starting to get on ma tits I would sell him now. 1 thing that annoys me is when we are looking to get a goal late on he takes forever to get the ball up the park. i would like Alnwick to get a chance and punt fod for whatever dough then try and get a couple of quality players in.
  10. I've not seen any clips I just seen the daft cunt motion his head as if to drop the nut during the game. I'll try and see if I can find the bit I'm talking about mate
  11. I million percent I turned to the guy next to me and said jack is off n he asked why as he thought it was just a foul and I said jack made the motion to nut the cunt in green and some official must've seen it and sure as fuck he was off, Ryan unfortunately imo blew the game for us with a moment of madness, we would've had a good chance way 11 men
  12. Pena is shite and anyone who believes we payed 3 million for this dud needs their head looked at. He's dreadful and doesn't even look like a footballer fucksake Danny Wilson shouted something to him trying to give him instructions or something and he just growled and stared at Wilson and let the game pass him by. I also don't understand if ur trying to get someone fit that u would leave him out the Dunfermline game that we are coasting but bring him on when we are 10 men down at home chasing a game, amateur stuff. I would take jimmy calderwood just now to try and get us sorted
  13. I actually think he's disgraceful and should never be in a Rangers top I also think that he doesn't know the offside rule Either. Sell garner and replace him way this dud.
  14. There's probably no chance but a wee bump anyway
  15. As above looking for 1 for my nephew sitting anywhere. Any help would be appreciated