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  1. bluewhitevanman

    Kris Boyd

    How do u come to that conclusion?
  2. bluewhitevanman


    I’m sure if we are hanging onto sellics coattails then King will give SG millions to make sure he can get us over the line
  3. bluewhitevanman

    Dundee v Rangers

    Looking for 1 for my nephew if any adult or child tickets for sale. Could collect or meet at Dundee tomorrow. I know I’m in a queue but if anyone can help then give me a pm. Thanks
  4. bluewhitevanman

    ***The Official Hearts v Rangers Match Thread***

    Thank fuck well done Rangers
  5. bluewhitevanman

    ***The Official Hearts v Rangers Match Thread***

    Fucksake arfield
  6. bluewhitevanman

    ***The Official Hearts v Rangers Match Thread***

    I’m working and listening on radio and whoever the commentator is keeps saying goldston fuckin embarrassing and someone saying morales then changing to Morelos, they haven’t a clue n are desperate for Morelos to be booked. Cmon Rangers
  7. bluewhitevanman

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Got a good 1 up on sat £20 treble score win West Ham derby and Lincoln returned 1125 ??
  8. bluewhitevanman

    Us at hampden

    Surely Gerrard has to answer some questions about that today. I'm totally gutted and getting fed up with the kicks in the balls that Rangers manage to dish out to us.
  9. bluewhitevanman

    Us at hampden

    The last time we scored was Halliday v hibs mate so aye pathetic. That was disgusting today playing sadiq when he's never kicked a ball for us
  10. bluewhitevanman

    Us at hampden

    Was talking to my nephew and bro in law there and I said to to them that since the final v hibs we've played 5 games there and not scored a single goal. We need a serious boot up the arse and stop bottling these semi finals
  11. bluewhitevanman

    St mirren

    Has anyone else received st mirren tickets in the post yesterday? I got 3
  12. bluewhitevanman

    ***Feedback Thread***

    Ur very welcome mate you and ur mate were top guys
  13. bluewhitevanman

    Acting like tarriers

    The guy that chucked the coin will have been drunk or something and I can’t excuse what he did and do think that he should expect a chap by police and made to apologise but some on FF want him to lose his job which I’s a bit much
  14. bluewhitevanman

    Nowhere Near Good Enough

    I k know you’re not using this as an excuse mate and neither am I as we just weren’t at the races at all today but we won’t be the only ones who struggle on that surface Lafferty and Morelos just can’t get an understanding going together at all either
  15. bluewhitevanman

    ***Official Scottish Football Thread***

    I’m glad Aberdeen beat them as Hibs don’t deserve to be contesting semi finals or finals