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  1. That's coz he's a yes voting wind up merchant that dj won't be bothering about a defeat to them
  2. Weed them out??? We don't have a problem with this in our support. I'm willing to bet that he has a good drink in him and will know he's went over the score. I've just had a convo with another poster who doesn't hide the fact that he won't stand for racism and has just said we don't really have racists in our support so the weed them out as if we are going to get racists every other week at our games is a bit over the score. I hate our supporters getting fucked over for everything and it's worse when we are doing it to our own
  3. So it's ok for u to call someone a knob? Probably someone who has paid near 500 for a ST. If u had said u would ask them to stop I wouldn't have quoted u but u said u would be straight to a steward. U seem confused about it as I said if someone is constantly shouting racist comments and doesn't take ur word about it then fair enough stick him in if that's how strongly u feel but what I'm saying is If some shouts it u will probably find they are angry and most probably bevvied up (no excuse really) but imo it's no need to have someone jailed losing jobs etc. If u feel u have to dob someone in then that's up to u. I honestly don't think racism is a problem at ibrox anyway certainly not at the bit I sit.
  4. U fail to realise u reporting it to whoever will result in the club being tainted. I've heard some brutal stuff but it's none of my business who says what and I would never ever stick a fellow supporter in for anything as I know that our fans are all decent people who are constantly under attack by media other fans and anyone else who can attack us and I realise that we don't need our own adding to that. He would u like ur son losing everything for being stupid at the football? A quiet word in someone's shell-like would suffice not running straight to a steward or polis and have them losing season books, jobs their liberty and everything else they could lose. It's up to u how u act when u hear something u don't like but at least consider ur fellow fan before u act like usain bolt and stick someone in.
  5. So u would go and stick someone in who most probably said something out of turn with rage? Who needs enemies when we have folk like u at ibrox? Some poor bear could get ejected and convicted and most probably lose their job because of a moral crusader like u for saying something wrong and most probably got a bevy in them. Good on u mind do not ever step out of line when ur at ibrox or any away games.
  6. Exactly we needy to come together for the good of the club and get rid of this board who cant:won't take us any further
  7. That's excellent for u. I support Rangers and hate ra sellic so there u have it
  8. Ur at it ur team had hammered their biggest rivals and ur on ur rivals forum? U should be out celebrating a 1-5 victory
  9. Not because I think he's good but purely based on the roasting beerman got last week I would've put Halliday in there and put beerman further forward.
  10. I disagree with what ur saying, Barton is banned from all sort of football for 18 months and ferguson well he should be as he won't cut it for what we need. If u think Barton and ferguson or anyone like them will fix this then u are well wide of the mark. Start with the board then players&manager and all forms of anyone who have had anything to do with Rangers before including supporters clubs and the like and I think u might be getting somewhere we need cleared out from top to bottom left to right. The only thing that's good about our club are the supporters.
  11. Pedro watched Roberts roast beerman less than a week ago then went with it again and low and behold it happened again the wee man was tortured today and he was bricking it when the ball was down his end. All our players need to be booted out freed put up for sale for 100 quid anything to get rid of the imposters. I hate them all now
  12. My wee boy (6) was crying at 2 nil and asking me to go home and said we would get hammered and I said we might have a chance to come back what a tit I am even thinking we had a chance. I stayed till 68 minutes as the 2 boys couldn't take anymore but it's got me thinking, I wonder if king Murray park Robertson and aw them felt the same way that me and the 2 boys and the rest of ibrox felt? that was painful.
  13. We will all get them again as usual but we should get shot of this team. I can take a defeat but I can't take no effort and that's what's happened we've went from bad to worse to hopeless and we let these cunts walk all over us at ibrox. Utterly shameless
  14. Ive just asked Southdown so will let u know if I get tickets matey
  15. Mate u take this 1 and I'll buy 2 from the other guy as wanted 2 together