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  1. giffnockger

    Dundee away emails

  2. giffnockger

    Dundee away emails

    Fuck all for this, should get through bus!
  3. giffnockger

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    anyone else had a read receipt when sending in itinerary but no reply yet?
  4. giffnockger

    3 points for Vienna ticket

    There is a decent bar near bus station, was absolutely wrecked though
  5. Alfredo for me, consistently excellent! Love the wee man
  6. giffnockger


    Would happily give Pena another go... give him a few weeks to prove himself?
  7. giffnockger

    Jamie MacLaren

    chocolate coins
  8. giffnockger

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Got a ticket through Rangers but still don't know if am going or not - anyone got a cheap route that's still available?
  9. giffnockger

    Windass Meets Si Ferry

    Not even gona watch this, absolutely despise Windass, never good enough to be a Rangers player, shitebag!
  10. Outstanding result, gutted I missed it and couldn't even watch it! Only saw result when Moscow plane landed in Brussels on route home, stauner
  11. giffnockger

    Moscow Away

    Got back at 10 last night, what a fuckin trip, WATP
  12. giffnockger

    Moscow Away

    Any cunt know where a can get gear in the Moscow ???????!?!!!!0
  13. Score draw or a win!
  14. giffnockger

    Moscow Away

    Mine saved in my wallet on i-Phone no bother