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  1. Canny wait for this, sitting with my old man Govan Front Row H.
  2. I think the less said about yesterday the better. Decent 3 points and shocking refereeing as usual.
  3. First time on here since Wed. Still fucking shocked and sickened by the other nights 'performance'. Could see that coming a mile away, 1-0 up after 60 minutes, the tide is changing why the fuck didn't the gaffer change it? Still 100% behind him but fuck me how many times does that need to happen before he learns and tries to change a game?
  4. Buff has 11 in the last 7 against them. Going for a 3-1 tonight, can't see us keeping a clean sheet without Borna and Jack.
  5. So hungover from Saturday still, can't even face thinking about tomorrow night and how cold it will be fs ­čĄó
  6. Wes Tav Goldson Edmunson Borna Polster Kamara Arfield Stewart Morelos Hagi
  7. I didn't say that. Do you not agree we should have won about 6-1 regardless of referees incompetence? If that was the case would you still be complaining?
  8. If we had taken our chances in cup final there not only would we have won, we woulda embarrassed them. We got beat not because of the refs but because we missed 7-8 chances.
  9. Thought Madden was a fucking disgrace . Linesman as usual scared to wave their flags. Every one of them in Scotland is a wee skinny freak who looks like they got bullied in school.
  10. Very important win last night. Hagi looked fucking quality I thought. Davis, Aribo + Kent still passengers, need a lot more from them defo.
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