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  1. I thought they were singing I wanna know when your coming back haha
  2. Ryan Jack is a very important player for us full stop
  3. Absolute shocker of a result. Unfortunately knew last night after about 5 min that we weren't going through. Fucking disgraceful. Embarrassing as well Defoe gets sent out to face the media, wheres the captain???? Defoe came on at 2-0 down ffs!
  4. straight home to bed for me. Don't pass go or collect yer 200 bro 🤢
  5. Too hungover to even think about this today. Cheers @ben51 🤢
  6. Haha very good, 0 chance of that happenning, the mwi part defo but 😎
  7. we're all good arrived last night, fuck knows why they were posted Monday 2nd class!
  8. Nightmare gona have to go to Hibs Ticket Office to collect re print fs out ma nut 🤣
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