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  1. Fod is diferrent class. Played a second season now with practically no defence/mid In front of him. Some cunts on here are actual fucking deluded. No one saying he is Buffon but come on to fuck !
  2. I can't wait for these games next season! Some atmosphere
  3. Quality
  4. haha
  5. lol
  6. Actual cant even remember the game
  7. Sparked Ma wine already
  8. I like Garner in this respect (how ever his finishing is terrible!) you just knew after Dodoo got put through in the first minute with the keeoer and turned his back he wasnt interested in the slightest!
  9. Couldn't have put it better myself.
  10. Wonder how many players he will bring in
  11. Horrible taig, wouldn't take too much interest in his shitey opinions
  12. Useless cunts, hope Pedro sees things like we do and tells them straight!
  13. Do do do do Bruno Alves
  14. Hair on my arm standing up thinking of the bigotry
  15. Thought his performance the other night was embarrassing. Absolute shite bag of the highest order. Looked scared to go in for any header/tackle!