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  1. wouldn't think twice about it ha ha, you planning on going away this year?
  2. Buzzing to book the 1st round qualifier. Spend about £2000 in 3 days fuck it 😂
  3. Shouldn't be allowed in to Ibrox with that shite on 🤢
  4. The fans were fucking outstanding yesterday! (and the pies)
  5. Big fan of RJ. One of the first picks every week for me.
  6. was thinking that as well hahaha
  7. Just got a ticket for this fucking baaazin.
  8. Got a picture with him in Malaga in July. He was sound as fuck as said of course!
  9. giffnockger


    Love big Katic. 100% him and Goldson to start next season with a couple of decent back ups on the bench.
  10. Choking to end the season with another win. Same team for me. Gona be a long few weeks 😬
  11. Absolutely buzzing for Europe already. Managed Maribor and Moscow last year. Bring it on
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