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  1. SIRB_72

    Step Away From The Keyboard...

    We could probably just pin this😂
  2. SIRB_72

    it still sickens me!

    Whether we like the European run or not we have to factor in that this season we have it and in 2011/12 we didn't and it was an important factor as to why we went 15 games unbeaten at the start of that season. This season we've played 32 games and in 11/12 we'd have played 21 games by the time we hit 16 games in the league. We also at the time still had a team full of league winners up until the point we are at just now (16 games). I know you've acknowledged it but we had Jelavic, Naismith (at his peak), Davis, McGregor, Whittaker, Lafferty, McCulloch, Edu & Papac. The core of a team who were not just talented but were winners who had numerous medals between them. Now none of this excuses last minute equalisers at pittodrie or fir park nor does it excuse that shambles on Sunday. However, the comparison to 11/12 season isn't the best. That team were coming off the crest of a wave from the season before which continued on in the league but not anywhere else. That was an established title winning side which this side is not. In the 1st 16 games of that season they picked 39 points in the 22 following it they picked up 43. The latter is roughly the average amount of points we have just now so you're probably right. Though there is nothing to show us yet that this team without a european distraction (like in the first half of 11/12) won't be able to pick up the same points as that team did in the first half of the season out with the experience of that 2011 side.
  3. SIRB_72

    it still sickens me!

    So mention every point we've dropped apart from Kilmarnock. We're going to lose and draw games. Every Rangers team, even great ones, drop plenty of points to shite and won the league. In the last 14 seasons (since 04/05) only 4 champions have won the league with 30+ wins. One of those we were in admin, another we were in League One and one was a complete anomaly when they went unbeaten. I understand the OPs frustrations but this league for years has been won by the team who is the least shite. This week it's celtic and in a fortnite it could be us. I keep saying it they aren't that good. Last season they dropped points in 14 matches (over a third of their games).
  4. SIRB_72

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Beat by Hamilton +1 today for an 11/1 4-fold. Had them with Luton, West Ham & Wycombe +1 (who actually won at 3/1).
  5. SIRB_72

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They still aren't that good. I can see posters points about them in terms of quality but the table says something else. Only 3 days ago they drew with Motherwell and only two games before that they drew with Livingston. Like us they, on their day, have the ability to batter teams but just like us can be absolutely stinking. In the last 10 games they've only scored 1 point more than us and people on here think we're on a bad run. Last season they won the league by scoring only 82 points which is the second lowest amount since the league moved to this format in 2000.
  6. SIRB_72

    Christmas tree

    That's as bad as the performance last night!
  7. SIRB_72

    As it stands...

    If you take it after 14 games (because celtic haven't played their extra game). We were on 24 points after suffering a loss to Hamilton then Dundee. They were unbeaten and had 34 points. 10 point gap. At that stage we're 6 points better off now (it's only really 3 because of last night, we won our 15th game vs Aberdeen last season). They are 4 points worse off than last season. Be quite interesting to see how this works out once the winter break comes around.
  8. SIRB_72

    Signings in January

    Though I think the idea to move on from Pedro was correct, if he said that then he is right! I personally believe we are going in the right direction under Gerrard, but whoever the manager is they needed 2 or 3 windows.
  9. SIRB_72

    Signings in January

    It was always going to be the case. We weren't just going to have a superb (at spfl level) team in one transfer window. We've laid the foundations and now Gerrard & Allen need to (and will) build on it.
  10. SIRB_72

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    I certainly don't see us winning all those games either. Not based on tonight either.
  11. SIRB_72

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    We were fucking shit tonight and our two biggest failings showed up again: Our ability to defend set pieces and our ability to create through the centre of midfield. Hopefully the former is sorted in the winter break and the latter is sorted in the window. I really don't understand why in games like this we dont try and double up down the wings and get to the byline and pass across the box. It always seems against these teams we never seem to try and stretch them and get behind them I know Gerrard answered this in his press conference, but if Morelos and Tavernier do not play well the whole team suffers. On the positive side, the overall picture still looks good we got a bit of luck that they drew tonight. We were always going to drop points in this December run. Hopefully this is our only loss and I'm confident we'll get back to winning ways again on Sunday.
  12. SIRB_72

    Our manager shooting down the press

    They'd be fucked without Ousmane Dembele
  13. SIRB_72

    Did the 'journey' finally end yesterday?

    The journey from the bottom ends when we win the league and restore ourselves as the best team in this country over 38 games. Performances a like that away from home needs to happen 7 or 8 times over a season not just once or twice. However, going top is another checkpoint on our road back to the top just like getting back to the group stages of a euro competition was.
  14. I'd rather be second choice at Rangers than first choice at Hearts as well to be fair😂
  15. SIRB_72

    Our Form

    The league if you took the last 10 matches. celtic's includes the win over us it should be noted. As previously pointed out the away form is bang on the same as well. Don't let anybody kid us on we are very much in this.