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  1. Hills had Rangers to qualify for Europa League group stages, to win the league and win either domestic cup at 40/1 before we started against St. Joseph's.
  2. Hopefully we start to see him tomorrow. I can understand the gaffer not using him considering Goldson & Katic have a solid partnership and Helander was weeks behind everyone else.
  3. Don't agree with him on much but sheridan is spot on here...lennon needs time!!!
  4. I'd love both! However, if Ojo and Jones continue to contribute to the same level they have been over the last couple of weeks then I'm not going to be as upset if Kent doesn't join us compared to three or four weeks ago.
  5. SIRB_72

    Left back

    Let's just face it, we're never going to replace Sasa Papac... ever!
  6. Definitely Greg Stewart imo, he looks ragin' all the time!
  7. Really good again from Rangers against a side who I was impressed with but like others before them just could not deal with our pressing at times. Delighted all in but a bit gutted as I said 3-1 and had fuck all on it again😂 Call me doom and gloom or whatever but I am concerned about how our central midfielders defend in our defensive third and the left back position. Midtjylland, like Kilmarnock, got joy from moving the ball from left to right and were able to hurt us. Against Midtjylland I'll put it to taking the foot off the gas and combine it with the fact that we're scoring barrowloads at the moment. It just feels like it's somewhere we could really get caught out in the long term. Though I trust Gerrard & Co to sort it! Fantastic from the team and a tie we did not expect to win so comfortably. On to the next one!
  8. Some would rather the short term burst of getting it right up them rather than the huge celebration in May unfortunately. If celtic don't get into the Europa League group stages they'll score 95+ points. One focus for them is dangerous for us as I can't see us managing that points total, especially with Europe.
  9. Don't forget our penalty shoot-out victory over East Fife!
  10. How could I forget about their 12th, 13th and 14th man😂 Personally I'd like them to qualify for EL groups because it benefits us but imagine the timplosion they'd have going out the CL, out the EL and then losing at Ibrox?
  11. Someone needs to tell Andy you're not cash rich if you have upcoming debts to pay🤔
  12. My prediction is a "sectarian singing" story after tomorrow night.
  13. Never been so happy to have missed a betting opportunity. Bye Tierney, bye CL money😂
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