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  1. Who'd you play then?
  2. Foderingham Tavernier. Alves. Cardoso Wallace Jack. Dorrans Candeias. Pena. Kranjcar Herrera I think the back 5 picks itself really. Jack can hold and let dorrans get involved a bit further forward. I have Niko on the left but he would be more central which would let Wallace get forward and give us the width on that side. Niko floating inside would help us creatively despite his lack of pace and general fitness. Also he has Pena, Dorrans and Jack to do the dirty work for him. Pena needs to play and can be the guy that breaks past the striker. Motherwell will play the same as every other team does and I think you need a target man in games like that. That's why I picked Herrera.
  3. This! Add in a cup final and 1/2 victories against celtic it would be a huge improvement.
  4. The guy needs to get a grip, no wonder Pedro put him in the under 20s. He acts like a teenager. Getting all huffy because someone told him he wasn't wanted. He wasn't good enough, lived off potential (he's 22 now) and wasn't signing a new contract. Lets say he did want to stay, which he obviously didn't, this last few months was his chance to show the gaffer what he had and what he could contribute and instead he just sulked and acted like a taig rather than showing a bit of grit to get through a rough period in his career. A lot of guys get criticised for their attitude, and rightly so, like Windass, Forrester etc. McKay's attitude was just as bad as the others.
  5. Has he not been backed? I think we back whoever the manager is! The issue is he has given us 2 of the worst results in our history and led a team that lost a 25 year record. He is being backed but people aren't impressed with what he's given us so far. If he turns it around I don't think any of the people who have lost faith would be devastated because if Pedro does well Rangers do well. Some of us just don't see it. I hope I'm wrong about Pedro as I'm sure many others hope as well!
  6. They've improved a lot since then. Won the 2015 Norweigan title by 12 points, 2016 they won it by 14 and are currently 8 ahead of the rest! Mind you who would have a chance against the greatest football side ever assembled?
  7. I would like to copy Chelsea's model of having a Russian oligarch buy us and give us millions of money to spend.
  8. I actually really liked him, he always worked hard and tried his best despite being limited. He will always be a cult hero because that goal! I always remember his performance in the match below against them. He ran himself into the ground that day. He chased every ball and never gave up. He didn't give them a second that day. Don't know if anyone remembers his performance that because it was very much all about the 3 points and grinding it out.
  9. Would have loved to go to this but I'm unfortunately working. Despite the history with that club it's good to have a big foreign club come to Ibrox for a friendly. It beats Burnley or Newcastle!
  10. Leigh Griffiths really is the type of cunt that would kick a dog and then call the RSPCA to get it taken away for biting him.
  11. I've had two payments taken off so far!
  12. Yes! It will take winning at least 10 of our first 11 league games and not losing to celtic for the majority of fans to be back on his side imo
  13. Title stripping isn't going to happen no matter how much the tims push for it. As far as I'm concerned having us voted out the top league and have us go to the bottom basically gave celtic back the titles they were "cheated" out of seeing as they've had no real competition since 2012 with us out of the league! It's just the typical stuff with them. You give them a yard, they want a mile and they feel they're due it for some unknown reason.
  14. I only actively support Rangers, only club that gives me that rush. I follow Hamburg and try to watch them if they're on telly but it just isn't the same. As a kid I loved Chelsea and had a soft spot for Everton because Walter went there after us but I'm not fussed at all now.
  15. They also battered that team at home making the previous result inconsiquential!