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  1. Craig Moore over Danny Blind any day of the week. He played with some cracking players in his time.
  2. Yeah different quotes from the story they are trying to push. I firmly believe if you play Waghorn it should be as a striker. I have never seen the appeal of him out right. I feel we played our best football last season with him up top with his back to goal using his strength and fashioning chances for himself and others.
  3. I wouldn't say that just yet. Granted you can only beat what's infront of you, but it was Hamilton who offered nothing to the game. They came to sit and defend without having a go at 0-0 or 4-0. I like how he talks about the game and is willing to focus on other opponents, but we can't really find out if the board has player a blinder for a year or two. If they haven't we will know sooner. Today's game wont reveal much, but the 3 games after the international break at home to Motherwell and away to Kilmarnock & Aberdeen in the same week will give us good idea what's coming.
  4. He would have been great for Kirk Broadfoot!
  5. "Goals change games" was a personal favourite. Good job he never thought we'd have to keep them out!
  6. I'd give him another year as a back up. I'd also keep Wilson as a back up too with Keirnan and Senderos leaving, but we definetely need two strong centre backs signed in the summer.
  7. A draw against them at the san giro has always been considered a good result even for title chasing Rangers teams. So considering how this team generally plays and the fact we lost 5-1 there last time it's a fantastic result and we should be happy. How many times have we won there this century 4/5 times? Stop trying to play the "oh we are Rangers" card today and just enjoy a good day. I should also say people are probably happy because of the performance. We actually played like a Rangers team today. The players showed passion, fight and a bit of fucking balls for once. We didnt just defend for 90 minutes either, we went at them and had the best two chances of the game which Waghorn should have taken one of them (the first one). 95% percent of us went or watched fearing the worst and Murty and the players gave us what we deserve and it's a good sign for the rest of the season, in particularly the semi, with the new manager coming in.
  8. How come the tims have to be everybodys pal? It's quite sad. They're like a beaten dug who craves attention but really needs put down.
  9. 5 days on and they're still going on about it
  10. McInnes has done a lot more at Aberdeen than McLeish had done at Hibs before joining us. When he took over they finished 8th the season before then finished in 3rd, 2nd, 2nd and currently sit 2nd (above us who have a bigger budget)under him. He won the League Cup in 2014 and got to the final this year (granted got a tanking off the tims). When he was at St. Johnstone he won Division 1 and got them promoted and he knows our league inside out. He had a tough time in England but was with a perennial yo-yo club. I think there is enough on McInnes' CV to say he would improve us rather than take us backwards. Genuinely don't know what people expected him to do at Aberdeen going up against Celtic? Even the two years with Deila in charge they won the title with 93 & 86 points. The first year we won the the title back off Celtic under Smith (08/09) we scored 86 points. Caixinha is a huge risk and could go completely tits up. There is nothing on his CV (including a Mexican title, which is decided in a playoff format) to suggest he can come here and be successful. At the end of the day though it doesn't matter if it's Caixinha, McInnes or fucking Antonio Conte if there are no decent funds given to them they will be winning no titles.
  11. 11 men behind the ball, defend like fuck and get out with a point. Sounds very negative about our chances but it's our only chance of any kind of result.
  12. I disliked the 3rd in the championship team more than this current crop. This current crop gave us some good times last season. They won that league easy and gave us a nice cup run (though they made a fucking arse of the final). A lot more achievement than the likes of Black and Foster.
  13. It was flexible between 4-3-3 and 3-4-3, whenever we attacked Ball sat in with the two centre halfs. Ball was a centre half playing a holding role. When we went forward we had three centre halfs protecting our goal. Maybe we could play flexible football if we had a player as intellegent as Ball.
  14. Well we played McKay at wing back that day which effectively meant Wilson was playing left back. With Wallace back you could get McKay further up the park. Also at New Year we were playing a much stronger team than the rest of the teams we play so I wouldn't base it on one game. Last year we got our two best results playing a similar system with Kiernan, Wilson and Ball filling in (4-0 Dundee & 2-2 Celtic)
  15. I'd play Senderos, Wilson & Hill. Use Wallace and Tavernier as wing-backs and let them attack without leaving the two centre backs exposed which happens every week when we play a back four.