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  1. Very upsetting news to hear. A man who was at Ibrox for such a short amount of time but gave us all such a great moment we will always remember. Thoughts are with his family. RIP Ugo
  2. This is honestly horrendous! We might as well give them the guard of honour too. They horrible bastards wont be giving us a standing ovation in 2022 when it's 50 years since Barcelona.
  3. He's been outstanding whenever he has to make saves and just be a goalkeeper. Having him try to be Victor Valdes or Manuel Neuer and start off attacks and have him passing out all the time made him look poorer than he actually ever was. Wes might be Warburton's Papac.
  4. We have only scored over two goals four times this season in the league. Once under Warburton, once under Murty and Twice under Caixinha. We've kept three clean sheets in his four games in charge. The only goal we have conceded was against Motherwell when three of our back four were struggling with knocks or illness. You take into account the way he changed the game today in the second half, had to blood in young guys into the defence and win convincingly in a big game away from home really has me optimistic about the future. Feet firmly on the ground though.
  5. I think he's been excellent ever since the game at parkhead. I hope it continues!
  6. Playing him on the right wouldn't work either, it would mean he'd have to take on a defender! He's some how managed to be the most talented player in our squad as well as the most predictable at the same time. He sums up our attack this season: slow, plodding, predictable and actually just shite. The defence with McKay is that "he has potential" "he's young" and my favourite "he's a winger, they're all inconsistent". He gets a pass all the time from some. How many good games has he played this season? I can count them on my one hand. He got plaudits at Hogmany vs them but that's cause he just wasn't shite for once. Wingers are inconsistent because they usually play well every 1 in 2 or 1 in 3. Our Barrie plays fucking well 1 in 10 or 1 in 15.
  7. Don't see anything out of the ordinary announcing the team a day early. Killie will have prepared whatever they have prepared before this afternoon anyway (10 men behind the ball). I'm not too concerned about Bates and Beerman in the side. If anything I'm relieved Keirnan isn't. Two young defenders making their debut together in any other season would have worried me, but our defence is pish this year anyway so I welcome seeing some new blood.
  8. Depends if it's Rangers or not! Really good point though, perhaps it would only work if the decision was actually given, then they could review it.
  9. Notice in the media Messi always gets painted out as an angel compared to Ronaldo who has always been viewed as a brat/primadonna type? But in reality Ronaldo does all his charity work and seems to care about a lot of things out with football and Messi is a tax dodging wee prick.
  10. I do think football has to grow with technology. I genuinely don't know why we cant have an official sitting in a room watching a telly. If the ref has to make a difficult call and get's it wrong the 'tv assistant" can let him know from watching replays. It would take 10 seconds like the OP was mentioning. If a decision needed overturned, like a wrongly given pen for example, the game could restart with a drop ball. I don't think it's fair refs get one look at it and we get up sometimes 10 to 15 looks at it.
  11. I'd love for him to stay with us and develop for 3 or 4 years and then we sell on even for a couple of million. For me the kid should look at tierney playing for them (hate the comparison but I feel it's fitting). He plays every week, winning games, winning trophies and playing in Europe. He might not be on a huge wage packet you might get down in England, but in the long term he will get a decent move and make more money long term. If Gilmour leaves he will sit in Chelsea's youth and reserve teams not playing in any important games and eventually go to Vitesse on loan with zero pressure and end up playing in the lower tiers of England. Personally I don't see the appeal apart from the massive wage packet you'd recieve for 4 or 5 years. I don't think it's even fair a 15yo kid should have to make such huge decisions. He's going to have loads of people in his ear telling him what to do and what is right. For me none of it's correct and it's just another issue with modern football. Surely young (up to 18) players should be protected from super big moves or big money so young? A salary cap or something. You wouldn't see an apprentice in any vocation making more money than veteran workers in other establishments (in this case a epl youth can make more than an experienced championship player). It stinks.
  12. Sellik always score in the last few minutes...oh wait
  13. Craig Moore over Danny Blind any day of the week. He played with some cracking players in his time.
  14. Yeah different quotes from the story they are trying to push. I firmly believe if you play Waghorn it should be as a striker. I have never seen the appeal of him out right. I feel we played our best football last season with him up top with his back to goal using his strength and fashioning chances for himself and others.
  15. I wouldn't say that just yet. Granted you can only beat what's infront of you, but it was Hamilton who offered nothing to the game. They came to sit and defend without having a go at 0-0 or 4-0. I like how he talks about the game and is willing to focus on other opponents, but we can't really find out if the board has player a blinder for a year or two. If they haven't we will know sooner. Today's game wont reveal much, but the 3 games after the international break at home to Motherwell and away to Kilmarnock & Aberdeen in the same week will give us good idea what's coming.