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  1. Total sleeper right there. I wasn't expecting much from it beforehand.
  2. Mcleish

    I would have taken Eck as a stop gap until the summer last season but not permanent and I wouldn't have him now. Another manager that had his best days a long time ago. The guy gave us some great times but there was a reason we sacked him in the end. I did find it interesting looking back and Rangers sides from the 90s onwards and Eck's 04/05 team were statistically the best Rangers side defensively since 89/90 season and still are. 22 goals conceded that season and half of that season had Big Marv and Kyrgiakos as our centre half pairing. If we can get someone who can replicate similar we are onto a winner, it just wont be Eck.
  3. Felix Magath

    10 years ago he would have been a good candidate. I think his style and how he sets his teams up suits the club but you could argue he is a has been after Fulham.
  4. Frank De Boer

    It's a no from me. He is obviously a talented coach, you don't win 4 titles in a row with any club without having something about you. My opposition is due to the fact he was successful at a club like Ajax who have everything set up for de Boer to be successful with his style. If he joined us it would take a very very long time to be able to give him what he had at Ajax and vice-versa. I would also argue we've tried the total football/sexy football route and it failed under what was a coach of lower quality in Warburton. It doesn't mean we shouldn't try it again but it's time to get back to basics
  5. If You Wondered Where Daniel Cousin Is Now

    I have no doubt if he was available against Zenit he could have been the guy to win it for us.
  6. Italy v Sweden

    Italy have enough good talent to be getting through qualifiers. IMO it's better than the EURO 2016 team (especially in attack). The problem is that they have put in coach in charge who isn't up to the job in Ventura.
  7. Genuinely don't think i've enjoyed myself that much at Ibrox as I did in that first half for a long while. Played some nice stuff and just looked like we had things under control. After the 3rd it was a bit uninspiring but we didnt need to exert ourselves too much as the job was done. A bit disappointed Murty didn't give Hardie more minutes and got Barjonas on. However, if that was my biggest disappointment you know it's been a good result!
  8. Jason Holt

    Thought the guy was really good today. He didn't stop running, worked hard and broke play up for the team. When everyone else took the their foot off the gas in the second half he didn't stop plugging away. No doubt he should have taken that chance but he knows that too and it was just fortunate that the rebound was taken by Candeias. He has worked hard for the team ever since he joined and for me it's the kind of guy you need in a team or squad. My personal opinion is I'd rather have 10 Jason Holt's than 10 Carlos Pena's or Josh Windass'. I don't think any supporter of his is saying he's even the best midfielder in the league, but it must be seen that he has useful qualities.
  9. Derek McInnes

    De Boer for me holds the same amount of risk as Pedro did.
  10. Derek McInnes

    I don't think McInnes is necesarilly the man to topple celtic. I do however think he's the man to plug the gap and will get us closer than any other manager available to us just now and with the funds the board are offering. Unfortunately we have to realise we are going into a couple of years that will involve us chasing. McInnes will be to us what burns was to celtic in the mid 90s in my opinion, and this will annoy people, but tbh that's what we need just now. We cannot win the league this season, next season or the season after (part of that due to 7 wasted months) but I have no doubt we will be a lot closer to them. McInnes will be the guy who can lay the foundations for perhaps a bigger manager to take us to the next level in 2/3 season, or he might actually just topple them on his own.
  11. ***Suggestion Thread***

    No doubt a weird character but as a manager stands up with the rest of the realistic mentions like Eck, McInnes etc.
  12. ***Suggestion Thread***

    Nigel Pearson for me. He's in Belgium with a club just now though which may hamper any chance.
  13. What now happens to Morelos?

    My guess and hope would be that he would learn English.
  14. 2 Significant Results last night

    I honestly think if you took 2 million out the budget for players (say spend 6 mil instead of 8 mil) and gave it too Allardyce he would still build a better squad and organise them better than Pedro!