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  1. I think it would be mental if we let him go permanently. If he wants games it must be a loan. I still think he has a lot to offer us and for me should never have been dropped from the side.
  2. I would like to have seen Grezda start instead of Candeias for today.
  3. Getting rid of Defoe, in general, would be crazy. As mentioned his goal return for the amount of minutes he's played has been really good. We should be asking questions of the manager why he continues to misuse him and play him as a single striker which he's never been good at. Get someone in who can play beside him and he'll batter goals in for us. With the games Kent and Morelos are out for the manager should consider trying a 3-5-2 and attempt to strike up some kind of partnership with him and Lafferty.
  4. Aw wtf was Tav thinking, that 30 minutes before he was outstanding. Really came out that second half and have it everything and by fuck should have got at least a point. We really are the best 10 man club in Europe
  5. In terms of ability he's 15 million+ but what club in their right mind is gonna spend that money on a guy who can't stay on the pitch and can be wound up by an idiot like Brown?
  6. How many times has that dick Worrall given the ball away? Backing off like that was fucking stupid
  7. Just going to bring this up again. When McCrorie has started in the league our record is played 10, won 8 and drawn 2😉
  8. Despite how poor we have been I have no real fear of celtic who are a stronger side. They're playing just as poorly as us just now and I think we'll be able to play better because their style suits us. I see it being a low scoring draw but it'll be very interesting to see how things pan out if we get an early goal as we haven't seen it for either side since the away allocations were cut.
  9. Decent singing and I'm assuming for the future? The boy Turnbull looks a good play for them as well.
  10. What a fucking clown! I listened to the snippet on their twitter and it actually sounds worse than what is written in the article.
  11. And Croatia's FA probably more dysfunctional than ours but are still able to produce fantastic players.
  12. This is it and you hear every year a couple of countries turning it around and I can't see how it's going to change or improve for Scotland ever with the type of profiles that get put in charge.
  13. I really like how the Colts GM Chris Ballard is going about his business. They are staying away from free agency as much as possible, building through the draft and in the future paying the players they drafted using their big cap space. The only exception to that is Devin Funchess. If they continue to play like they did the second half of last season combined with that familiarity I really like their chances.
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