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  1. Chelsea's 3-4-3 formation

    Tav and Wallace/John are wing backs in my eyes and considering we dont have 2 great centre halfs why do we not play 3 at the back with wing backs? I thought even in the Championship we should have been playing, or moving towards, a 3-4-3 or a 3-5-2 with the players we had under Warburton and now Pedro Pedro has never used three at the back and I don't see him starting now unfortunately!
  2. espanyolification

    So I just googled Espanyolification and it came up with loads of taig threads and highlights of the 5-1 game which is unfortunate considering I'd like to read this. It also means they've picked up on it a while ago!
  3. McCrorie

    Thought he was excellent today and our best player and that isn't with lower expectations cause he's a young kid making his debut. He genuinely looked really good, we need to look after him!
  4. Pedro: Time to go?

    I feel like I change my mind a lot on Pedro. I think it might be to do with us dropping a lot of stupid points but at the same time our general play has improved. I've never totally bought into him though. He never improved the side he had last season, gave us some humiliating moments with that team and finished further behind from aberdeen than when he took over. For me if a manager doesn't improve a team initially it doesn't look good going forward. Here we are now after a 3rd defeat in a row to our rivals (none at the piggery might i add) under Pedro and I can't say much has changed my mind apart from I can see us playing a bit better than under Warburton sometimes. I didn't expect us to win the league this year (i dont think 95% of us did) but considering the budget he has compared to the rest of the league we should be comfortably second. Tomorrow aberdeen could go second and 6 points ahead of us. I know its 7 games in but he needs to sort it out fast!
  5. The problem is pure and simply financial

    Was just about to post sonething similar. Tomorrow night we could be sitting 6 points behind Aberdeen or 6th. We have a lot less funds than celtic but a lot more than the rest but don't seem to be getting the best out of them. I put it down to the boards decision making.
  6. Dave King

    The only think you'll get from King is silence until next summer when we buy our season tickets, the manager buys players with the ST money and he gives it big licks in the press.
  7. Jack and Dorrans

    I think Jack is better as a player who hassles the opposition and gets in their faces rather than this anchor man he was made out to be. I actually thought he was okay today, he put in some tackles and helped out the full backs at times but he cant cover every blade of grass which some seem to expect him to do. I personally think Jack would benefit being beside an anchor rather than supposed to being it, and Dorrans doesn't fit that role either. Apart from Motherwell and last Friday I couldn't tell you (in a Rangers shirt) what Dorrans does for the team.
  8. Today's scapegoat

    For me it was Dorrans today. He looked like he wasn't ready to play in a game that was being played at that intensity. He looked lost at times and not once grabbed the ball and took control of the game. Really disappointing.
  9. Are celtic really that good?

    My point with the investment was that we have a squad worth say 10 million? Their squad is worth 25/30? (Obviously if you take out dembele inflation). At the rate we are spending (roughly 8 mil in the summer) it will take us a few more seasons to catch up. I agree with you on where we need to improve but that would improve the first eleven and we need a squad to compete again. They brought on two players today who scored against us in multiple games last season.
  10. Are celtic really that good?

    Compared to other title winning teams from both sides they aren't up there. Walter's team(s) from his second spell were better and both of Mcleish's title winning teams are better. I think with media and othere they're viewed as outstanding without taking into context that this is the weakest scottish football has ever been and celtic don't have much competition. They by far have the best team of players just now in scotland, that can't seriously be argued. However, if you take a historical look at it they are one of the weakest sides to ever win that league. So I guess it depends on which way you look at it: presently or historically. Right now we're in the present and there is a difference in quality and it will take us years under this board to give us anything close to a historically average celtic squad. We need investment to challenge now.
  11. Betting against Rangers?

    I don't understand the point on betting against Rangers. You'd be supporting the team but at the back of your head would be hoping they lose a goal or something negative happens to us. I tend to find these people enjoy gambling more than Rangers or even football. Not saying your mate does btw!
  12. Betfred Semi-final Cup draw - Rangers vs Motherwell

    I wanted us to get hibs because them drawing celtic is basically a bye for celtic whereas motherwell will give them a game and for me our chances remain similar whether it was hibs or motherwell. Motherwell it is though. I've watched them twice this season. Once against us and tonight and I was impressed both times.
  13. Miller dropped / rested for Thistle

    I still think Miller has a place in the squad. I think he's perfect coming off the bench with 20 minutes left to go if we're needing a goal. I genuinely thought that was gonna be his role under Warburton. I pretty much agree he has no place in the first eleven 11 though.
  14. Christian Gentner

    No punishment during the game for this but if you brush a goalkeeper and they go down it's a free kick!
  15. Harry Redknapp

    He's got some agent