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  1. I really don't see how being captain allowed him to mistime that header against Hearts or miss the interception against Young Boys. His general performances haven't been what they were last year so far and it is down to too many games in my opinion. He's played over 120 games in the last 2 1/2 years and has had no competition. Combine potentially to much football with nobody pushing him then we get what we have got so far. Say there are no outgoings in January then my first signing would be a right back who can be trusted or with potential to takes Tav's place when he needs a rest and to push him when he isn't playing well.
  2. I do love a stat but Ojo is the perfect example as to why stats do not tell the full story.
  3. The All Blacks have been superb but Ireland have been terrible as well. Amazing how things can change in less than a year!
  4. Yes mate😂 December of 09. Boyd and Miller up front to. We scored 26 goals in 6 games then we fell foul of our usual new year suspension/injury crisis when we went to parkhead. We would have battered them that day!
  5. SIRB_72


    I can't believe he's only started 4 of our games and is the top scorer in the league! When you see him in the line up you just go okay whereas last season no Alfie very much meant no goals. Hopefully the club can sort a contract for him to join next summer.
  6. The League Cup is important. Not only does it gives this group of players a taste of silverware which is important in going for the league but it also stops them from winning 10 trophies in a row. If they do that it doesn't stop us winning the league but leaves them believing they're still on top and have us feeling like same old shit!
  7. We are the real deal this year! Since we lost at Kilmarnock in January we've played 24 games in the league won 18, drawn 3 and lost 3 (including the end of season loss to Kilmarnock). We've scored 64 in 24 and conceded 13 in 24. This isn't just a nice wee spell but this is almost a full calender year were we have consistently won games. A 75% win ratio works out about 28/29 wins over 38 games which is roughly what we need to be real contenders!
  8. Should have been hooked at half time. He was Young Boys' best defender tonight!
  9. Shite end to what was a good away European performance. I've felt for weeks these defensively lapses were going to hurt us and so it proved against a decent side. The first goal doesn't happen if Tav just tries to clear it or put it in row Z. Again one of senior players thinks the right thing to do is make a risky pass in our own final third. The second goal is just fucking horrendous all over, poor decisions and poor application and we really need to fix it. I still think in the final third we are great and Morelos is just the man!! In terms of the group we are in a really decent place still. Every one can beat each other. If Feyenoord can beat Porto there is no reason why we can't. If we go into the last game needing to beat Young Boys at Ibrox I fancy us!
  10. Funny that because I just still can't believe their greatest ever manager and captain covered up a paedophile ring🤔
  11. For such a small pool of players Wales are outstanding. I don't know if Gatland gets such good results because of that or he could do it with a "bigger" nation? His results with the Lions suggest he could!
  12. Fantastic performance for the full 90 minutes. The manager and every player did their job today and it was just brilliant. I had been critical of how we've defended recently and today we gave Aberdeen absolutely nothing. It's hard to pick any standouts today because everybody was a 7+. However, I think Greg Stewart surprised a lot of people today with what he can bring. Anyone that seen him at Kilmarnock last year will know that he is an intelligent player. I thought to come in to make his full league debut and have the confidence to have a pop and try a pass was good to see. It doesn't always work but we do miss someone that's willing to just try something different and he did that for me today! Welcome to the party ya sheep-shaggin' bastards. Enjoy your bus up the road!
  13. My opinion on this might change once the team is announced but I think we may have to show a lot of patience. They seem to be missing quite a few starters which is good for us but their style completely contradicts ours and we've struggled against. Hopefully today we come with a plan to combat Cosgrove who has hurt us before and we've seen the boy Dykes from Livingston cause us problems. Today for me is about giving nothing away early like we did in our two defeats at Ibrox last time and build from there. 1-0 or 2-0 Rangers.
  14. Japan were outstanding, they played the perfect match!
  15. This! I don't even think the football has to be great that much, but it certainly has to be a lot more convincing than we are now. To echo your point we've played 16 halfs of domestic football and I've been convinced by 3 of them; both halfs against Hibs and the second half against St. Johnstone.
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