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  1. Not been betting regularly for a while but thought I'd put on some election bets for tonight. I put on the Brexit party to get 1-50 seats at 18/5 and the SNP to get under 30 seats at 18/1. Both boosted at Ladbrokes.
  2. My apologies, I should have been more specific. The fact that since that point we've had a catholic captain, a catholic manager as well as many players showing their beliefs on the pitch and there is no grumbling from 99% of us unless they are shite football players. Change perhaps wasn't the right word in this instance👌
  3. Revealing what we all knew already, hopefully the club go for FARE on this. I said it after the section closure at Ibrox if we really wanted to fight this like them we'd have our own fake "get racism, anti-semitism and sectarianism" club on the go. Then again we aren't that obsessed! As for the daft cunt that posted the original tweet all I have to ask is why do they always have to go back to 1990 or before for this? It's like this weird obsession they still have with us signing catholics. I suspect it's because our club has changed quite a bit over the last 3 decades while their club has stood still in this regard and with regard to covering certain secrets up. Their captain made an arse of it but with that club there will always be a double standard or whataboutery.
  4. I'm getting similar. All talk of bad officiating ignored though, some things never change😂
  5. And the week after we drew 2-2 to Hearts after being 2-0 up. Quite a coincidence! Not that I'm saying it's any kind of fate or that😂
  6. We should have won that game, simple as that! The players now have to dust themselves off quickly and get winning again.
  7. What he really means is don't cost celtic the final!
  8. Okay I'm gonna piss everybody off here with "positivity" and "perspective". Wednesday was a shocker but after a couple of days to calm down I don't fear Sunday as much as I did on Wednesday night. We've all seen Rangers teams in worse shape going into a cup final or just a game against them. I think of us last December when we beat them. We were shite that month and picked up 9 out of 18 points in the 6 before that match including two horrible wins against Hamilton and St Johnstone. We beat them comprehensively that day. I remember the month before the league cup final in 2011. We lost 3-0 to them at parkhead and everything seemed to be getting away from us but we won the cup. The two games before we struggled to beat St Mirren and Kilmarnock. There's probably a handful of other examples of us being in shit form before beating them (back to back wins in autumn 2004) or being in a worse place (beating them in a semi while being a championship side). Both sides with no great mentality at that point (talking about the 04/05 side). There are a lot of questions about this side like every other Rangers team probably ever after a bad result. There are issues with our side but there is only two points between us and if we're bad they can't be much better. Somebody tell me because I don't watch them? In the last 10 league games we've pick up more points, scored more goals and conceded less. In Europe celtic have done well to already qualify but it doesn't mean our European results are any worse considering we need a point at home where we have yet to lose in Europe under our manager. Of course we can fucking win this😁
  9. That's true man and I to would be surprised if he didn't start. I think he'd much more effective off the bench like the Porto game.
  10. Another one who shouldn't start on Sunday is Arfield. Took his goal tonight well and I thought he's back then went on to do absolutely fuck all. On Sunday the midfield battle will be vital and he will be like a man down, but the thing is there is no one there that I trust to come in out with Kamara.
  11. Slightly worrying as well that Morelos has a poor game, not a criticism of him, and we drop points.
  12. I did expect us to drop 4 points in this December run but fuck me I didn't expect two of them to be like that! It was like somebody popped a balloon after they scored their first goal. I don't know what was worse letting them back in with the comical defencing, the lack of any ability to take the game back into control or the manager's complete lack of willingness to change? From the 40th minute it was a complete fucking shit show but it has been coming especially away from home.
  13. Really daft goal to give away especially after putting ourselves in such a good position. It was comical. Oh well, just have to beat them 5-1 this time.
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