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  1. I was listening to a Graham Hunter interview with Sven Goran Erikson and he was talking about Lazio. He said he went in and had 3 players who just thought they couldnt win anything so Sven wanted rid cause they were losers and wanted to replace them with Mancini, Mihaijlovic, Veron and Simeone cause they were winners. One of them was Beppe Signori who was the captain and main man. Apparently the chairman was like are you crazy he's our best player but Sven basically said get rid and 3 years later they won the title. We wont get players that good and it wont take us 3 years (we're closer to a title in a two horse race than Lazio with 4 or 5 great teams back then) but they got rid of the losers and one was the captain and moved on. Just thought it was interesting to hear. Tav on his day is one of best players but he has been part of losing squad after losing squad. Once this all blows over it's now time to sell up.
  2. Not underrated at all I think but can we just appreciate how good Didier Drogba was?
  3. Brazilian Ronaldo is my favourite of all time. He was the player that got me into football at the 98 world cup as a kid. In between now and currently there have been so many I loved watching. I'd say my current favourite is De Bruyne, as mentioned by a few others, outside Messi & Ronaldo he is up there for me! A mention just for Mendieta now I was only 7 or 8 when he played against us but it's the first time as a kid I noticed a player from another team, you know as a child it's just Rangers, Rangers, Rangers. He just seemed to always have the ball and be doing something with it. Correct me if I'm wrong people who might remeber his performance better than me, I was just a kid😂
  4. None in the top flight, celtic will make sure they're alright🤨
  5. If the league didn't resume as normal I have no doubt celtic would be awarded the title. We're talking about the dirtiest club in the world who have covered up paedophilia for decades. This is a club who we all know put everything into putting us as far away from them as possible. If it suits celtic it will happen, it happened in 08, it happened in 2012 and unfortunately it will happen here. They've been wanting titles on paper for as long as they've existed because they believe it's their somehow their clubs right and they're finally going to literally have a title awarded on paper. They basically did it in 2012 to the detriment of Scottish football and they all lapped it up and they will again. People talking about lost revenue for clubs, I have no doubt this will again be found and probably by that same dirty club for their backing. Again this is the same club that dodged tax through certain dodgy investments with a film company. It kills me to say it but this horrible club has so much influence financially, politically and on the admin side in Scottish football that I can only see this going one way. Call me paranoid or whatever but deep down we all know it's the case.
  6. If the club were to refund the remaining five games it would cost the club millions and potentially a Ianis Hagi or another good player to add to our club. Everyone is different and everyone is entitled to their own view on it. For me this is how I support the club by purchasing my season ticket, other tickets, a top etc etc. As well as being fans we are the biggest group of investors at the club and what we put in from a fan basis and a financial basis aids the club to no end. I'd rather the club kept my (roughly) £150 and used it to help us get better for next season and the year after and so on.
  7. Gerrard should keep his mouth shut on Liverpool, we pay him😂
  8. Them two coming up our two centre halfs at the minute🤢
  9. Davis was overused the first half and the season and still is. He should have been playing Saturday/Saturday or if he wanted to use him in Europe then only then with the odd league game. We had umpteen central midfielders until January and he only used 5 for 4 positions. The squads been mismanaged and so has Davis and Arfield. There's no need for a guy at Davis' age to be playing 90 minutes against the likes of Hamilton, Ross County, Livingston etc. as well as playing 90 minutes in Europe every second week. He's not been great and he's one of many just now tbh.
  10. I rarely feel like this going into a game against them. I'm really not looking forward to it. Hopefully the team find something from somewhere.
  11. Bayer Leverkusen are just better than us.
  12. Just came on to mention that. I'm glad they're out. I hate managers complaining about the other sides style. It basically means "why can't they attack us so we can take advantage".
  13. SIRB_72


    Not as shite as we are after this winter break!! Post winter break up until 8th of March (league only) 18/19 - 8 games, 16 points, goals scored 22, conceded 5 19/20 10 games, 16 points, scored 11, conceded 8 Progress though...
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