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  1. Top 10...howling😂 He's not even the best full back in Scotland!!
  2. If you'd never seen him and Benkovic before you'd think Katic was the £13 million pound centre half. He's been solid as opposed to Benkovic who looks disinterested.
  3. I forgot about that goal until I read your comment. Fucking outrageous goal!
  4. Reliable, consistent and versatile. He must have cost pennies if anything at all. Unfortunately got lost in the shuffle at the back end of Advocaat's run.
  5. Good luck to him at QPR. Stayed loyal to the club and the fans when many didn't. I don't know if his body is still the same after going through the leagues with us. If he can get fit there's no doubt he can contribute to them.
  6. And I'm pretty sure we got a goal from that as Boruc fluffed his cross and Miller tapped it in. That's it! How he acts now makes us view him differently but considering every one of us said "wtf is this?" when we signed him he turned out well for us.
  7. Aw your no kidding. Between throw-ins and poaching eggs he wasn't the brightest.
  8. A lot of the players I'd say like Novo, Weir and Andrews have been mentioned. This wont be popular because he's a bit of a bastard against us now but Kirk Broadfoot? Not the greatest player by any stretch but did his job and contributed to title winning teams especially the 08-09 side. He also played a part in our UEFA Cup run.
  9. If we're comparing the market from then to now we'd have paid out some crazy money. If you imagine the difference of the world transfer fee in the mid 90s of 13 million for Lentini when Gascoigne and Laudrup signed and compare it to the 222 million for Neymar today then you'd be talking about Gazza being in the 70 odd million mark and Laudrup being around 40 million and that's just to sign them! I genuinely think someone like Van Bronkhurst you would have to spend at least 35 million to buy him. To sign Ferguson back you would have needed at least 20 million. Crazy to think in today's football money Tore Andre Flo would probaby cost around 60-70 million pound😂
  10. I don't understand. I thought we died in 2012 and are a whole brand new club with no history? Amazing how all this changes when it suits!
  11. Guy is signing on a free with a low downside if it doesn't work and a huge upside if it goes right as he wont be on huge wages. It's worth a punt and it's the middle of June he's not going to be our last signing.
  12. I can't recall ever seeing a player who forgets to actually take the ball when he runs as much as Burke😂
  13. Germany v China has come on BBC. I notice there's no male pundits.
  14. Spot on mate. You'll remember at the time we were all fucking raging Lee Wallace was our left back as well...oh aye didn't happen😂
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