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  1. He left Pescara to go to Olympiakos on free and through his own choice went to play in Qatar. Like I said if he really wanted to play for Rangers again he would have. Even in the lower leagues we were still paying stupid wages. I'm sure he would have been okay financially. It can't even be argued it would have effected his career cause he plays in Qatar now. It's not entirely his fault but maybe he shouldn't go on like he'd play for us the first chance he gets!
  2. I've not read the full thread just the OP so what I'm saying has probably already been said. Vladimir Weiss if he loved us so much would never have left us/joined us permanently after leaving Man City. Instead he now plays in Qatar playing in front of shit crowds for clubs with zero prestige to make huge money. He tweets about Rangers at least every 2 months for retweets and attention that some of our fans give him because some reason he's viewed as some cult hero and plays to the gallery. Don't get me wrong the guy is still a good player as he showed in the Euros and would improve us, but he's only coming back to a club he apparently loves or has admiration for if the money is right. I'd like to think Weiss is one of the many ex-Rangers players who realised later in their careers or life that this was the biggest club they will ever play for and try to milk everything from it, but I think he knows what he wants (£€$) and just likes the attention some of our supporters give him. If he's coming great but if not he should just shut up about us.
  3. It's not happening in a million years
  4. Feel terrible for those fans. I just don't understand how these people can keep ruining football clubs and the football authorities just allow it to happen. The EFL should hang their heads in shame. Really makes the idea of fan ownership more and more appealing!
  5. I genuinely don't think there is any better feeling in a 90 minute game of football than a last minute winner. So some guys spilt on to the trackside? We played shite and happened to turn it around in 10 minutes. I think you'd be pretty dull to be thinking when that Garner goal goes in "oh we've been shite this season, i'm no arsed". It was a crazy 10 minutes that led to us winning the match which probably enhanced the jubilation by the 83/84 minutes of drizzling shit that proceded it! I don't think by scoring that goal and celebrating people are denying that the win itself papers over the cracks, but fuck sake enjoy yourself a little when your team wins and wins a game that looked lost.
  6. Can't believe I forgot Caniggia! Others I didn't get were Thompson, Buffel, Templeton, Crawford, Law, Vuckic & McGregor.
  7. He's pish.
  8. I see your point but I literally couldn't give two fucks about the last four games after these last two performances. I feel completely deflated.
  9. We don't...I know. We actually need 20 million just to compete imo but as you say I have no idea were it is coming from.
  10. He was on the pitch and going to get lifted anyway, should have at least swung for Brown. I really dont understand how they were aloud to celebrate in that corner for so long. The second felt like they were there for an eternity. Makes you wonder even more how Halliday got that booking vs Morton.
  11. Hopefully 90% of the current dressing room wont be there next season.
  12. Unfortunately next season will be another season of change. Hopefully it can be the building blocks for 18/19. It has to be.
  13. ONLY reduced to a yellow...that is surprising. I was expecting a hand written apology to Brown for treating him and his club so shabbily. Anyway, I'm starting to wonder, if Rangers are dead who actually conspires against celtic?
  14. Very upsetting news to hear. A man who was at Ibrox for such a short amount of time but gave us all such a great moment we will always remember. Thoughts are with his family. RIP Ugo
  15. This is honestly horrendous! We might as well give them the guard of honour too. They horrible bastards wont be giving us a standing ovation in 2022 when it's 50 years since Barcelona.