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  1. SIRB_72

    Laughing stock

    It's in the rules as "can only be used in cases involving Rangers"
  2. SIRB_72

    Laughing stock

    Something that is rarely mentioned is that the likes of Hamilton, Kilmarnock and Livingston aren't just gaining an advantage on the park with a plastic pitch but it's also a financial advantage over the likes of St. Mirren, Dundee and Motherwell. If say St. Mirren get relegated below Hamilton they could, in theory, make the argument that Hamilton's pitch gives them an advantage at home as well as having the ability to save some money and bring "better" players. Where's the sporting integrity now?
  3. SIRB_72

    Ross McCrorie

    Genuinely don't think some realise we've got an absolute gem here. Technically he's not outstanding but he doesn't need to be to be affective. He gives the team so much balance. In the league we've won 8, drawn 1 and lost 0 with him starting in the side. In the other 16 matches in the league we've only won 7. We've had more clean sheets with him starting in the league. 5 with and 4 without. In the 14 games in all comps he's started we've only conceded 6 goals.
  4. SIRB_72

    Ross McCrorie

  5. The manager was slow with the subs again. The game (for me) was crying out for someone like Davis to make those passes in behind that Defoe could work with. I also thought Candeias, despite his hard work, was poor and should have been swapped for Middleton and Kent brought over to the right. That would have given Kilmarnock something to think about.
  6. SIRB_72

    What's your team for tomorrow

    Defoe for Morelos and go from there. There is enough quality in that starting to 11 to beat Kilmarnock
  7. SIRB_72

    McGregor banned 2 games

    Aw for fuck sake it just gets worse with each case. Scottish football is an absolute joke. Isn't the point of them not allowing yellows to be appealed or taken further because every team would do it all the time? That's probably too sensible for up here.
  8. SIRB_72

    McGregor banned 2 games

    That's right mate, my bad.
  9. SIRB_72

    McGregor banned 2 games

    Aye, that what's frustrating about it!
  10. SIRB_72

    McGregor banned 2 games

    At least it's two games against sides we should be beating just now. St. Johnstone at home and Hamilton away. McGregor was silly but the fact that there was no punishment for Ferguson and nothing for that Simunovic incident just shows how ridiculous the football authorities are in this country.
  11. SIRB_72

    Mcinnes Tells Rangers Players to Stop Singing

    I clocked that last night he made a dig at us for having bigger resources. He seems to have totally forgotten he had the chance to have those same resources...total shitebag.
  12. I mean I can see where he is coming from in terms of 55. We were never winning the league that year and the money invested reflected that. Probably not a popular opinion but it was how I felt at the time. Where Warburton did go wrong in that second season was having a lack of plan in the market. He came in saying how he wanted a young squad that could develop, win things and sell on for a profit. However, that summer he went totally away from what he set out to do with veteran signings and it set the club back 18-24 months as Pedro just about done as well. Warburton as manager had a duty in monitoring expectation by maybe being honest with us especially after defeats. He talks about "year 3" now but never mentioned it during that 6 months in the SPFL. Never once did he mention the quality had to improve which maybe would have got fans on side rather than "we'll learn from this" over and over again.
  13. SIRB_72

    Lewis Ferguson

    Decent player, he seems to have a little bit of everything in midfield, looks tactically adaptable and a threat in the final third. What I really like about him (not against us mind you) is that he's quite a street smart player. For someone who is 19 he doesn't seem naive at all.
  14. Ross McCrorie has started 9 games in the league this season (all in midfield). Rangers have won 8, drawn 1, scored 22, conceded 5 and we've had 5 clean sheets😉
  15. Along with Morelos for his play up until he was sent off and Ryan Kent I think some praise needs to be put on Ryan Jack. All 3 goals from open play start with him simply doing his job, making himself open and giving the ball to the more creative players Kent and Tavernier in the final third. Almost assisting the assists, not to take anything away from Kent btw! Recently he's started to get involved more in the final third and I think it's because he's not been stuck with the holding job. He, Arfield and McCrorie is a well balanced midfield 3.