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  1. Really happy with that today! Firstly, a win when they drop points is fantastic. We haven't missed when these opportunities have came up. We are literally that old firm defeat behind them (granted there is few other games we could have made those 2 points back in). Secondly, I have to commend the team after half time. It was so easy for them just to come out and just see the 45 out and relax, but they didn't. I genuinely thought some of our play in that half was great (and I know it was 10 men) and we need to do that more often. Patient passing moving the ball from side to side with movement from midfield. I understand people will say it was only 10 men but there was a good reason why they had 10 men and gave away 14 fouls in the first half. The only way they could stop us today was by kicking us. It wasn't the best block of games for us considering the LC semi and Spartak making ground on us in Europe but in the league out with Kilmarnock we've picked up a few decent wins including a couple of away wins.
  2. Excited to hear this is on telly. I will definetely be tuning in.
  3. More goals from crosses and headers. When is this going to be fixed? Every time out with Villarreal when we've not won it's been down to not dealing with crosses or set pieces. I said after St. Mirren it's now time to trust our investment (the defence) but they let us down tonight. Also have to take into account that everything coming down flanagan's side left us exposed centrally...no excuses though!
  4. Horrible little club that are still to this very minute distancing themselves from their cover up. They should get what happened to Penn State.
  5. SIRB_72

    4 January Signings Wanted

    As stated before quality 2 centre midfielders and a striker would be my priority before a left back. We are well covered everywhere out with striker and midfielder who can pass and create. Depending on what money we spend the money should go there. Every other position for me does look covered including left back but if there are 4 signings left back for me is a longer term weakness compared to say centre half or right back or central midfield. I'm not overly concerned but considering Barisic is coming back from an injury and has had a set back the possibility of it happening again is bigger. That's why I would like another bit of cover there. I do get where you're coming from though.
  6. SIRB_72

    Barasic - what’s the script wae him?

    Really need to get him back imo. More for his attacking than defending. Going off the assist tables he had 3 out of 7 games compared to Candeias who has 4 out of 20 games and Kent who has 4 in 22!! For me it would balance us right out and would let our hard working midfielders do what they do best rather than trying to be a creative force.
  7. SIRB_72

    4 January Signings Wanted

    Of quality? Barisic is the one. Flanagan should be our back up right back and Halliday, though dependable so far, is not a long term solution. As for Lee Wallace he is done. For me two centre mids and a striker come before that.
  8. SIRB_72

    4 January Signings Wanted

    If it's four signings two of them will surely be an attacking midfielder and a central midfielder who can actually pass a football (Davis?). Personally I'd like to see another left back and a striker come in with Sadiq leaving.
  9. A good result. Don't care how it comes as long as we get the 3 points. Though I do think we played well in the second half!
  10. Spot on mate. I particularly agree on the point about him bring hated cause he is a prick rather than his religion, a religion he probably doesn't practice either.
  11. SIRB_72

    Gerrard vs Caixinha

    So is the suggestion that because Gerrard's side has the same points as Pedro's side this time last year he should be sacked?
  12. SIRB_72

    Biggest You've Ever Staked

    I put 100 quid on an antepost bet. Ross County to finish in the top 6 @ 9/1 the year we got promoted from the championship. 1k back! I I had to be patient but it was a great feeling when it came in. Had to wait till the last game as well. I couldn't put that down every week though😂
  13. SIRB_72


    The goals have dried up, the midfield isn't creative but we still imo have a strong defense and goalkeeper. He needs to try and get back to using that strength. If we've to have any chance of winning anything this season we need to basically go back to basics and keep clean sheets before anything and rely on our investments.
  14. I think the support is at an all time level of frustration at the club, not Gerrard. We had the 4 years in the lower leagues and then 2 years that we have pissed away under Warburton, Pedro & Murty. We have needed a medium to long term plan since 2016 and since the sacking of Warburton things have escalated to humiliation after humilation and with the potential of them getting 10iar fans are getting nervous. Gerrard so far has a net spend of roughly 7-8 million (the same as Pedro) and at that rate he does need 3 windows to bring in his team and one that can seriously compete. I'd also argue that even though the squad is clearly not complete it has improved. The wage budget (even if it has increased this season) is nowhere near celtic's and it does need incrimental increases to it. However, I do think we should be doing better against the other 10 teams in the league with smaller budgets. He needs time, we've done the chopping and changing and it's got us nowhere.
  15. SIRB_72

    ***The Official Rangers V Kilmarnock Match Thread***

    Gaffer needs to stick to his word here and replace those who aren't performing!! Rossiter for Coulibaly and Middleton for Candeias. Give Kent 15 mins before bringing Grezda on.