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  1. If Killie are that shite and lennon is a dumpling then it should be easy for him to complete what would be seen as our comeback? He'd be the man to stop celtic's run which down south would be held in high regard especially in comparison to what rodgers did which was doing what he really should have been. I think Gerrard, if successful, will see out his contract and then go unless Liverpool offered him a deal which I highly doubt in that time frame. If he wins us the title he'll want a crack at the Champions League as well.
  2. I think this will be a good test for us on Sunday as will Derby. Blackburn will be on roughly the same timetable as us and will no doubt look to have a settled first eleven playing. A good result and performance could potentially mean a wee bit more than the game against Marseille.
  3. And they didn't even have to leave the UK๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. SIRB_72


    Dunno, I think it's way he runs and crosses. It wasn't a comparison on how good I think Polster is or isn't๐Ÿ˜‚
  5. SIRB_72


    For some reason he reminds me of Alan Hutton
  6. I thought in the first half he wasn't great but in the second half he was more central and had some really nice link up play. The little flick to Defoe for the 6th was pretty neat. A little bit rash with some of his finishing tonight but he'll play his part this season!
  7. Very enjoyable evening tonight. Some goals and getting to see a bit more of the new signings. On to Sunday against Blackburn which I think will be a nice challenge for us then onto Progres where I cannot see a repeat of two years ago at all!! See guys mentioning that Kilmarnock result. Get them beat on the first day Rangers fs๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. McGregor, Polster, Edmundsson, Katic, Barisic, Docherty, Kamara, Aribo, Ojo, Stewart & Morelos for me tonight. I would like to see Hastie get some time but he hasn't featured at all in the last two games so maybe just a subs appearance?
  9. Some potentially tough draws in there. Knock out one of them and we'd be seeded in the playoff round. I'd personally like avoid a club from one of the big 4 or 5 leagues.
  10. Spot on. 10 points to Kilmarnock, 6 points to Hibs and 4 points to Aberdeen. You even just cut that in half and we win the league last season. Obviously the same could be said for games against celtic but beating them 4 times is extremely rare. As for Morelos he scored 6 goals in 10 (50% of goals in those matches) against those three sides in the league and 13 goals in 14 games against the same sides in all comps.
  11. It's crazy, it really is! It's not just that he's a proven goalscorer, he is an improving goalscorer. In 18/19 he scored more goals and more regularly than he did in his first season. I get people's point against celtic but it's not as if he hasn't contributed against them. The 1-0 in December he was fantastic, of course it's easy to forget that considering what happened at parkhead a few months after. He doesn't have a complex in big games either. He has scored against every side in the top 6 last season apart from celtic and he has scored goals in Europe and against decent sides like Rapid and Maribor. It's not just the goals but it's what he contributes to the side overall. He works his socks off and it pays off because he helps team mates score goals. His assist numbers are good as well and like his goals have only improved from his first season and in less games (in the league). If he sorts his head out he, and Defoe, WILL fire us to 55.
  12. I think if he played 3 at the back he would play one up top with an Arfield or a Stewart supporting the one striker and three central midfielders behind them. Currently with the four at the back I like how we closed out the season with four central midfielders and one wide player. In the last 20/30 years we, as a club, seem really suit an extra central midfielder and only one true wide man. Maybe the three at the back would give us true balance?
  13. Not pathetic at all mate! We are all just excited about this team and rightly so. I haven't been this excited going into a season in years๐Ÿ˜
  14. Can't tell if we're really good or Marseille just didn't give a fuck๐Ÿ˜‚ I'll take the positives and just enjoy what was a nice day and an ultimately good performance!
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