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  1. Our fans are something else! That Fucking Embra accent though, fae the junkies
  2. Kent was constantly getting wee cheap digs from behind all game from their players, which Clancy was turning a blind eye to. Don't know how many times I seen him hobbling after being dug in the calf or achilles.
  3. The only surprise after that tackle on Morelos,was that he didn't give Barisic a 2nd yellow, the dirty cheating cunt that he is!
  4. The difference between Barker and Lovenkrands is night and day. Just watched a YouTube video of all old firm goals for Rangers between roughly 2000-2018 and at a count think Lovenkrands scored 5 against them, maybe 6. Didn't realise De Boer had 4.
  5. Nah, I think he's as quite settled/commited here. His burd is from here, and if he continues the way he's started he could well get a move to a bigger club down south further down the line, and his value will increase three fold .
  6. An ok player for us. Good left foot, and set piece specialist. Went to Blackpool was a standout (got promoted to EPL after play offs), got a move to Liverpool, never done too much, then moved to Stoke I think. Scored from half way line. That's it! Oh aye, think his brother Grant Adam was a goalkeeper for us at one point.
  7. Bit off topic, flicked TV over to Sportscene and Neil McCann and Chris Iwelumo in the studio. Beats they other two cunts. Good listening to McCann and I'm sure Iwelumo was linked with us back when he got capped for Scotland. Supposedly a Rangers fan from memory?
  8. His distribution is really good, and is good at catching, not punching cross balls. One other thing I noticed through no crowd noise, he commands his area really well, and isn't scared to shout/give instructions.
  9. It's a very close call between they two , but Kent edges it slightly for me.
  10. Yip, Barker doesn't have it! I know wingers can be inconsistent, but I don't see much about him at all. I actually rated Murphy higher than him. At least he was worth a goal or two.
  11. I actually thought Stewart should have replaced Barker or Hagi in about 70 mins. He's a good option when we are winning comfortably and usually gets a chance or two. Last week he came on and had one cleared off the line
  12. One thing we've not been great at recently. Kill the game in the 1st half, then hopefully go for more goals in the 2nd. But at least if that doesn't happen win anyway. 3 points, thank you.
  13. I hope they do press, as we're at our best when teams don't sit in. Think their manager might start worrying about his job (even this early) and park the bus. Hate they cunts, and hope we dish them out a good doin!
  14. Hard to tell, they played Selik at Tannadice and pressed quite well, but will probably come to Ibrox and put 10 behind the ball for damage limitation after today's result for them.
  15. He was great on loan, but think that 7 million price tag got to him a bit last season and he was maybe trying too hard. He's been our best player this season so far IMO. If we can keep him he will be pivotal. On a sidenote, think Hagi has been really disappointing, he has to realise you don't get too much time on the ball up here. Hopefully he'll come good though.
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