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  1. Go on the streetrave Facebook page mate classic grand is a nightclub next to central above the sub club it has fuck all to do with GB every club night plays there and SWG3. The ferry hires itself out to the worst kind of tartan army yeser voting rangers hating filth when Scotland play at home,are you going to give that a miss??
  2. Get yerself along to the streetrave gig at the classic grand. DJs fi Altern 8,808 state,north side ,inspiral carpets and the streetrave boys. Its going to be mayhem before and after the roses.😎
  3. Better get shot of the whole team then.
  4. Doesn't surprise me even if we weren't in europe this board don't trust us.
  5. Don't beleive that figure for a second
  6. No bother cheers anyway.
  7. How many? am looking for 2 consessions
  8. Move away fans to BF1 where there will be one row of segragation freeing up 100s of seats in the corner that can be sold as season tickets
  9. Brilliant article Hopefully the spineless shitebags in the boardroom gets a read at it.
  10. Minus the drum fucking our songs up and the wee ultra screaming at guys to get there fucking scarfs up singing pishy ultra songs.
  11. See if anyone in the Rangers boardroom knew about this and have said fuck all when every man and his dug has had a pop at us they should hang there heads in shame. They are so weak it's frightening.
  12. There's a thread on FF talking about a guy called Cooney who is a editor of the record His links to Celtic and views on the IRA are there for everyone to see(can someone that's on FF post the pics ah don't know how too). That tells you why the press cover everything up they are lawlells lapdogs.
  13. Good luck to the guy someone has to take the gig. Hopefully he can get some things sorted Safe standing would be a good start.
  14. Yeser voting wankstain of a dj should be in the same taxi as big Clint. Bring in a dj who's going to play proper Rangers songs not the megamix and penny fecking arcade.
  15. Like most card displays now... Boring horseshit