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  1. Ayr Away Sunday, Train Delays

    Train to Kilmarnock then stagecoach to Ayr
  2. The Draw.

    Or half 5 on the Saturday :)
  3. Halliday

    WTF ?
  4. UB v Aberdeen.

    Know your enemy think it had a rozzer on it.
  5. UB v Aberdeen.

    Cmon mate like every other game it’s other parts of the ground that start the bouncy after we score they joined in after trying to start ESWF....again.
  6. UB v Aberdeen.

    I like the union bears but they are absalutely killing that song singing it as much. Even when the rest of the stadium was singing something else they started singing it. And as for that ultra cringey pish after it in this video ...ram it.
  7. UB v Aberdeen.

    Learn what??? The one song that you sing 10 times in 90 mins.
  8. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    Good fuck them or did you enjoy having them in our boardroom??
  9. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    You better beleive the fat cunt was the bogeyman. Wonder how many injured Newcastle reserves would be playing for us now in the sports direct arena.
  10. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    King or Ashley aye it’s a hard one. Out of interest who were the others that wanted to get rid of the fat bastard???
  11. Ryan Jacks Reaction

    I like him does exactly what he’s meant to do a holding midfielder breaking up the play and giving it to someone who can break a defence his problem is he gets the ball looks up and he’s got a bunch of useless shitebags to pass too. windass wouldn’t get s game for Stirling quicker guys like him are gone the better.
  12. Alves Refuses To Be a Sub

    Embarrassing thread Rags really are taking the pish out of us and some fall for it every single fucking time.
  13. Rangers Fans Fighting Fund

    Was it not about a year ago there was plans to build a stand at the training ground for a handful of dads that no one would get to see it. Thought at the time it was a shocking way to blow that money.
  14. Saturdays Display

    The taigs are all over Facebook saying we stole from the poppy appeal I wish I still had the quote from poppy Scotland who rubbished it at the time.
  15. As away days go

    Napoli- GB-UBs Taigs say they've been singing it for years before the UBs heard them at ibrox with there version so who knows.