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  1. And within the first 10 mins he should have seen we were getting ripped to shreds and change it. A blind man could see it that's the most worrying thing for me.
  2. Someone just got infront of you mate sorry
  3. Tickets sold to ryan54
  4. Adult and consession £80. Need to come to Falkirk to get them before Wednesday.
  5. Do it mate there was guys selling them last year 10 mins before kick off along from Florida park boozer
  6. Fuck me who gives a fuck?? Why the obsession with him?
  7. Our last game will be away to st Johnstone...
  8. Good luck to him... How about starting with getting the ball rolling to the board with cutting the taigs allocation in half. Moving away fans to BF1 and telling that yeser voting toilet that is the Matchday dj to fuck off and take penny arcade and the megamix with him. and safe standing 👌
  9. Would have loved to have been there just to watch the sheep pen empty. Were Rangers fans singing walking away the Aberdeen way when there were scuttling out???
  10. Talk about another PR own goal Fucking gobsmacked If club1872 had anything to do with this there reputation if it's not already will be in tatters.
  11. Tremendous day for a great cause. Can't make Chelsea bit to far so hopefully the next one is in somewhere like Gateshead with shearer and co.
  12. The thought of giving that fat mess a bean makes me want to puke.
  13. Aye Ah should have said the same "ultra songs".
  14. Last time I'm going to post on this thread about the UB because they will be exactly the same at the motherwell game,fuck they even sing the same songs and can bang there drums in time as the well ultras so it can be a big love in 😍 See the guy shouting and swearing at weans down a mic how long do you think he would last without getting the thing rammed down his throat saying the same shite to a stand full of older bears wanting to create a bit of atmosphere(if we do ever get safe standing). Paisleybear think about it mate no one will put up with that shite something has to change.
  15. pm sent