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  1. Not got twitter and the SLO probabbly already knows this but can you let him know there's still going to be 1000s of fans travelling with or without a ticket so if SW or the rozzers don't get there finger out there will be Rangers fans dotted all around the stadium.
  2. Watch the video of him outside hampden and he says he wants to move on Looks like the bitter wee dick from BBC Scotland was ripping the piss
  3. Many do we get for Ross county?
  4. Pile of pish that'll serve me right for sticking a holiday in. A want ma fucking travel club cash back
  5. Ah would hold of mate we will get more tickets the rozzers aren't going to have 1000s of Rangers fans in the shefield end.
  6. Waddle the puppet...
  7. How did they get in with paintbrushes??
  8. It'll happen with the next one and the next and the next guaranteed.
  9. Get this deleted before the weans get ideas of a card display.
  10. Ah know you only do displays/flags about Rangers but one reminding the GB how they shat out of going to linfield with them being pure mental ultras would be good to see.
  11. Aye mate but everyone is singing and bouncing to the video I posted earlier about Rossiter I thought the loudens roof was going to come off when everyone was singing it. It was loud as fuck in ibrox too was surprised you lot were singing a diffrent song about him.
  12. That's what I was trying to say earlier in the thread they don't put the same effort into our songs than they do this new one there trying to get going. Paisleybear... The Rossiter song. "His name is jordan,he's a scouser" WTF mate 😂😂😂
  13. Because we a shit loads of fantastic Rangers/loyalist songs that the Europeans can only dream off so they can keep there woa woa synchronised pish. All we need is a larger more central section for up for it guys who want to create a better atmosphere.
  14. That's fair enough but it's the drum the does my tits in only they think that it sounds good banging away to Derry's walls etc.
  15. It's there way or no way. Drum is terrible and ruins our songs,there answer to that is it keeps everyone in tune. Piss