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  1. Hamilton vs Rangers - Premiership.

    Looking for a consession
  2. Hamilton emails

    A phoned them mate they dont sell direct.
  3. Tarriers Allocation

    Agreed I just want them to get the same as Aberdeen hearts etc Why should we give them a whole stand and move our season tickets holders?
  4. Tarriers Allocation

    My seasons in BF2 and I pay a extra £80 for the 2 celtic games for the pleasure of getting moved to the club deck if they got the corner everyone in the broomloan would pay the extra and those seats that the fans that have signed up for celtic games get moved to could be free to go on public sale for £40 so we're actually losing out big time.
  5. Tarriers Allocation

    Eh It would be 100 times easier there buses would get parked at the away car park and they would have a short walk to the corner. police would love it if this happened.
  6. Tarriers Allocation

    No ones asking to stop them Give them the same as every other club..Man Utd Feyenoord etc all had the corner why should they be any diffrent and why should our season ticket holders move for that lot???
  7. Tarriers Allocation

    I'd prefer to look after our own fans first before giving that mob a full stand again.
  8. McCoist celtic are LIGHT YEARS Ahead Of Rangers

    And he's 100% to blame the fud. We could have cherry picked the best young players from Scotland and cruised through the lower leagues and they would have been ready for the spfl. But the hedge trimmer decided to go with Kevin fucking Kyle,Ian black and the likes.
  9. I might be mistaken but you've just outed yourself....
  10. The flashers should have been done from plod in London when they were flashing there knobs at the locals in trafalgur square. Your right mate ..fucking creeps
  11. It must be the poofiest army in the world.
  12. The flashers are a national embarrassment end of story.
  13. "The Fans Will Be Happy. The Fans Will Be Very Happy."

    Was just about to post the same Ah think it will be before then.
  14. 3rd kit?

    Looks like they'll shove a Rangers badge on any old shite and peopke will buy it. That is worse than the 2 nd strip.