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  1. Getting bitch slapped here from what I'm watching, disgraceful performance so far, blue through and through but this is horrible to watch
  2. Getting bullied right now, half some bastard in two ffs, let the cunts know we're here
  3. Not guilty m8 spelling is accurate, see you in a bit, FTP
  4. Getting in before it vanishes, 🖕fuck you timmy 🖕
  5. Guilty my arse 😂😂
  6. Still no had a knock back for the soapy tit wank yet, still hope yet, I'm hanging in there.
  7. Pure chancing my luck here Lisa but any chance of a soapy tit wank? No way I'm hell I'm selling my ticket but wouldn't mind unloading on yer tits, I know it's a long shot but if you don't ask you don't get and all that.
  8. I did nothing of the sort, disgraceful behaviour
  9. Bumping this above the cunt above with the stupid name and hardly any posts.
  10. My two eldest daughters didn't get a ticket for Sunday, I however did and have continued to smugly tell them all week that haha I'm going and your no and will leave the house on Sunday without a hint of guilt, I'm a small man in some way's, a small petty but smug man.
  11. Thank fuck for that, you can relax with the rest of us now and abuse newbies coming on asking for tickets for the rest of the week .
  12. Got sorted today m8, hope you get one, sorry for hijacking your thread with my smugness but at least it bumps it again
  13. Fuck partick and any other bastard who isn't Rangers.
  14. Never noticed it on 80 minutes as I walked down the stairs checking on my facebook updates
  15. Yes you are, just not in republican scotland.