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  1. A wee shite badge and a poofy certificate that constantly reminds you that McCoist was the manager at the time, don't remember paying any extra for it though, basically a pile of shite.
  2. Obviously they are doing a full credit check for unsavoury types.
  3. Paid on Friday, email through today m8, probably be tomorrow for you I'd imagine.
  4. I think we should have a pyjama party and talk about boyfriends, 'giggle'
  5. I lost the rag after 10 minutes of fucking up numbers off her credit card, she took it off me and renewed the 3 of them In 5 mins using the links.
  6. Cheers m8, I used the invoice link to pay by credit card and when I go back in it comes up as paid in full so I'm assuming with our ticket office that I'll receive a confirmation email around 2035
  7. How long before you got the confirmation email m8? renewed ours yesterday and it went through no bother, screen shots to confirm all paid but I'd like a confirmation email as well just for peace of mind.
  8. That's me just renewed our 3 just now, was kidding myself I was mulling it over, was always going to renew, fuck it.
  9. That is a thing of beauty,
  10. I'm forking out nearly 1200 quid for season tickets , they can stick their mygers right up their arse
  11. Aye, it will be confirmed later, then confirmed again Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and most likely fucking Thursday as well.
  12. Just to let everyone know, I've got some inside info, apparently a mob called Castore are our new kit manufacturers, from a good source.
  13. I'd absolutely love to go to Boca Juniors v River Plate, it's on my bucket list.
  14. It's like when you are watching youth tournaments when there's no cunt there, start off tuned right in then slowly begin to lose interest, I'm already beginning to get bored with it, was planning on watching the next one at 4:45 but can see it getting patched.
  15. I won't be taking part in the membership and I'm solid in my decision to just go to Ibrox, that being said I have absolutely no problem with any bear who still wants to go to away games, this is just something I have decided for myself.
  16. I spoke to our bus convenor yesterday and told him that it's Ibrox for me only now, he said every other member he has spoken to feels the same.
  17. She thinks I'm off my nut as well tbh, but to be fair to her she knows what this club means to me and the girls.
  18. Most of my reactionary bullshit is exactly that, reactionary, Rangers are in my blood and I can't help myself, I honestly feel for the boys on here who can't renew despite every feeling they have telling them to do it, Rangers could and should have handled this a better way, maybe with monthly deposits set at a reasonable rate to reserve their seat or something, fuck knows, I'm not a business man or good with figures etc. I can't afford my renewals but I'm going to do it anyway as I'll find a way, any other business asking me to do what I'm going to do would be told to fuck off.
  19. That's mine finally came through m8, £1200 to renew mine and the girls, putting it on the Mrs credit card and just pay it off when I can, just looking at that figure is fucking frightening, away to get pished.
  20. Eating thread was worse tbh, there's cunts eating fucking tic tacs @Courtyard Bear
  21. I just had a real there as well, I'm away back to the OT to see what cunts are eating.
  22. Emailed them, so I'll see what they say, said 2 days for a response, I'm not holding my breath tbh.
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