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  1. H&H Podcast and Rangers Radio.

    To stream it: Mixlr - then search "rangersradio" Actual download I'm not sure mate i listen to both though not RR every night. They put some effort into putting so many hours of content out there!
  2. Semi final ballot details

    We got ours
  3. Club 1872 - Statement of Resignation

    Glad you aren't involved with anything Rangers Related then!
  4. Club 1872 - Statement of Resignation

    Member meeting needed ASAP. The 3 people gone come from diverse Rangers backgrounds and in my experience done plenty of work for 1872 and I'm gutted to see them no longer there tbh - if there was a vote to reinstate them I would vote for them.
  5. Club 1872 - Statement of Resignation

    I'm not back bud - never really left but downscalling my time spent replying on the forums.
  6. Club 1872 - Statement of Resignation

    Read through most of it - forgot pollockprod's stuff 😂 But yeah as far as I can see.
  7. Club 1872 - Statement of Resignation

    Booler, there is no suggestion that we are giving up The Louden.
  8. Club 1872 - Statement of Resignation

    The delay was not on our part. The club needs to authorise it and it's simply taken longer than anticipated to line up the ducks in a row due to factors outwith our control. The 'secrecy' was part of an agreement that we wouldn't publicly discuss the project until it was released. We try really hard to keep our word on these things . Edmiston House is a potential option for the funds of the project to go towards but that aspect was just an obvious option not an agreement itself (nor did we try to move the louden there). As long as the excess funds raised go to developing the area around Ibrox to the benefit of the fans then the cic will have fulfilled its objectives If all goes well the launch will be soon enough and the impact of the project will be obvious imo and you can see what motivated my dad to drive this project and why it's not for £s but for the right reasons.
  9. Club 1872 - Statement of Resignation

    As I'm sure you are aware directors remuneration is published within the cic accounts. This will show that there has been no money earned or will be earned. When you see what the project is I'm sure you'll understand that this is not about the money.
  10. Club 1872 - Statement of Resignation

    Still going ahead. Should be before season's end - most work in the background done. It's not a pub in Edmiston house - surprised it hasn't been leaked on here tbh. Also worth remembering a CIC's goals are not the financial rewards of its shareholders but the benefit of its designated community. if you want to earn £s for yourself you don't start CICs to do so.
  11. Club 1872 - Statement of Resignation

    Just to reiterate that point - neither myself or my dad proposed CH's involvement in 1872 - either at the election or prior to it. My dad proposed James Blair and Iain for the board and wholly believes in the integrity of both individuals and their suitability for the roles. My dad would like me to state on his behalf that Iain has the full support of The Louden Tavern and believes that his he is an upstanding individual who would always put the fans and the club first. People like Iain are who 1872 need.
  12. Pedro Caixinha - Interview

    thought this plg stuff was a pisstake now not sure 😂 it's the blue room their in - where they have paintings of the managers on the wall. If you guys haven't then I would recommend doing the tour of Ibrox. Well worth it
  13. Rangers Fan on Twitter

    Worth remembering how great our support has been. Probably just didn't follow the right/ enough people - it's a good platform
  14. Rangers Fan on Twitter

    Seen that - I think the lad is being a little extreme/narrow as lads travelling from England/Ulster i don't think you can criticise for missing a cup match later on a Sunday. Equally people can only afford what they can afford. It's February and people are usually feeling the squeeze from Christmas about now. But I hope we get a good turnout and I'll certainly be there. Getting my cousin and his 7 year old a ticket too so I'm excited to see how he takes to it 😅
  15. A Millers Tale

    Wes is our POTY so far - Miller in with a shout though. It genuinely amazes me how good he is for his age.