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  1. watpnosurrender

    Kyle Lafferty

    whatever people think about lafferty and a lot off it is warranted nobody in there right mind would say windass is better no chance lafferty could be inconsistent through most of a season but when it came to the last 10 games off a season he just came to life everytime if there's a player you want playing last day title deciders then its lafferty you wanted playing
  2. watpnosurrender

    Out?: Josh Windass

    I get your point to an extent but other clubs sell pish players for a lot more everywhere and I think that's what some people mean when they say they want more
  3. watpnosurrender

    ***The Official Rangers v NK Maribor Thread***

    hope we get a couple off goals and a clean sheet
  4. watpnosurrender

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    hopefully the taigs get beat today that would be some start to the weekend
  5. watpnosurrender

    Croats Kicking Off

    2 Croatians got stabbed
  6. watpnosurrender

    Gerrard is a tiny man

    they have a right weird obsession with how many corners they had oh well whatever makes them feel better after we beat them tommorow
  7. watpnosurrender

    Kyle Lafferty

    hearts want £750k for lafferty apparently 2 other clubs want him one being fc seoul from south Korea the other being Azerbaijani club Qarabag
  8. watpnosurrender

    ***The Official Osijek v Rangers Match Thread***

    just seen that Maribor and chikura sackere was a draw 0-0
  9. watpnosurrender

    Out?: Josh Windass

    according to the daily mail four club want josh windass west ham west brom Burnley and Aston villa
  10. watpnosurrender

    *****Official Rangers vs Shkupi match thread*****

    happy 12th of July to everyone lets get a great result tonight
  11. watpnosurrender

    John McGinn (Hibs)

    hope he signs with them and 2 days later breaks both his legs at the same time that would be fucking hilarious
  12. watpnosurrender

    How long have you supported the Rangers?

    supported Rangers from day I was born 24 years my first match was feburay 2005 with nacho novo and dado prso scoring in a 2-1 win and Alan Hutton also broke his leg that day
  13. watpnosurrender

    Mick O’Halleron away

    a dont think Australia is far enough to be honest should have been sent a 1 way ticket to fucking mars
  14. watpnosurrender

    Mick O’Halleron away

    bye bye scumbag
  15. watpnosurrender

    ***Official World Cup 2018 Thread***