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  1. 5k is a shambles I know someone who got 13k and that was a also a disgusting low amount in my opinion
  2. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/scottish-news/3859632/celtic-celtic-boys-club-frank-cairney-paedophile-child-abuse-america/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  3. watpnosurrender


    Rangers have just announced Kamara signing on twitter 4 year deal
  4. watpnosurrender

    TLB leaves hibs

    neil lennon smells of shite
  5. watpnosurrender

    Reflection on the Warburton era

    got to agree with this the early season games were excellent up to about October but it kind of went dull after that and there is only 2 matches after that point that was like early season form one was couple of days after Christmas against hibs when we won 4-2 and then the taigs in April when we beat them on penalty's
  6. watpnosurrender

    By fuck the 2013-14 squad was grim

    buying Kevin Kyle and francisco sandaza to lead the attack horrifying days horrifying
  7. watpnosurrender

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    referee strike number 2 is coming I think
  8. watpnosurrender

    *** The Official Rangers FC V Paedophile FC***

    its been a fucking great day every player on that pitch were superb but now they must go out there and play like that every week and if we do that we will give our selfs every chance of celebrating 55 come the end of the season
  9. watpnosurrender

    Italian Match Fixing

    wow that was quite something he will be having nightmares for years about that
  10. watpnosurrender

    Merry Christmas bears.

    merry Christmas everybody hopefully a win tomorrow and Saturday that's the only Christmas present I want
  11. watpnosurrender

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I wish every taig out there a very very shite christmas
  12. if they don't do something about it we should kick up fuck about it
  13. Alex Thompsons comment is a sacking offence no way can channel 4 keep him on after that
  14. watpnosurrender

    Our fans on social Media

    if a player plays well he deserves praise if he plays shite deserves criticism
  15. torbett towers the stadium of evil should be burned to the very ground