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  1. waddel makes some valid points, while stirring the pot.

    i stopped reading at the point he decided to lie and say second biggest club cheeky bastard needs his jaw broken for that
  2. Hummel

  3. Statement from A Johnston

    a protest at the fucking front doors are needed to show we wont tolerate there shite anymore at last even the biggest backers off this board see right through them now just a shame it took so long
  4. Statement from A Johnston

    he thinks we have made progress fucking deluded
  5. Rumours at this stage

    according to that bill young on rocksport murty offered his resignation and the club refused it
  6. Union Bears Statement.

    great statment
  7. Club 1872 Member Update

  8. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    am backing lee Wallace in all this his Rangers career might be near an end but it should not end in this way the guy has shown pure loyalty in this club and he deserves it back
  9. The Board Need Held to Account

    exactly mate were is craig Houston now he said he would hold this board to account if anything went wrong like he done to the old board that's right never been heard off again from the day king walked through the door where is Chris graham oh aye he would never talk about the board after he got a place on it at least until he fucked it up for him self and now for the fucking idiots on club 1872 why haven't they called for an egm our club is ran in a fucking shambles yet there the second biggest shareholders and do nothing with there fucking power why
  10. King

    was thinking that myself mate and they should but they wont go against there pals on the board no matter how bad its got
  11. ST Renewals Poll

    i will renew as always but i am getting to that really really pissed off stage that i just want to explode because it just feels like there is not very much progress on the pitch and the club dont seem to know how to appoint a proper manager its fucking infuriating
  12. SFA Investigation

    everyone should phone and email taig sponsors asking them why thay sponsor such a rancid disgusting club who have hidden paedophilia for decades if they get loads that will most likley see them take action
  13. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    not been able to sleep at all just wish it was 12 get right in about it from the first minute Rangers and fucking batter the fenian cunts
  14. Morelos signs contract extension until 2021

    great news hopefully he celebrates his new contract with a goal against the taigs on sunday
  15. ***Official Rangers v Tarriers Thread***

    time to put these manky fenian bastards in there place