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  1. watpnosurrender

    Our fans on social Media

    if a player plays well he deserves praise if he plays shite deserves criticism
  2. watpnosurrender

    Jordan Jones

    Jordan jones has played 16 games this season has no goals and no assists am I something because they stats are poor
  3. torbett towers the stadium of evil should be burned to the very ground
  4. some taigy fenian bastard on twitter has said to the mother of Andrew grey its her fault for the abuse that happened to her son thats a fucking disgusting thing to say
  5. it should be expulsion but doubt it will happen unfortunately although I do think they could be demoted to the bottom league that at the very least should happen and if it doesn't we should be demanding it
  6. watpnosurrender

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    hopefully by the end of Wednesday night we will be 4 points clear with us winning and the taigs getting beat of motherwell
  7. is one of the beasts not in court today sure I heard last week there was but you wouldn't think it with how quiet the media are
  8. watpnosurrender

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    whit the actual fuck was that shite fucking mongo bastards
  9. watpnosurrender


    think he misses game v Dundee in a couple of weeks
  10. watpnosurrender

    Talksport rank Ibrox in top 10 in Europe!

    a personally think our stadium is the best on the planet so I think talksport are cheeky bastards saying its only 9th best
  11. I think they could be punished we just need to keep the pressure on the sfa and eventually they will crumble also we know who are really disgusting so don't give a fuck what anybody else says
  12. like I have said before this is the worst scandal that has ever happened in the whole football world nothing else comes close to what the scum have done
  13. they should be kicked out of football for good but if that doesn't happen then demoted to 3rd division
  14. the taigs the media and the government are trying to sweep this shit back under that big carpet again we can not allow them do this I recommend everybody do a protest at Hampden demanding the sfa do something