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  1. The Ibrox Derry

    Moscow Away

    Was just reading up there on the history of Spartak Moscow, and like ourselves, in 1982 there was a disaster in their stadium, which like ourselves, resulted in the deaths of 66 fans. Perhaps at somepoint over the 2 matches this can be acknowledged by both clubs and both sets of supporters.
  2. The Ibrox Derry

    Strange people within our support

    The little fucker needs a British history lesson. I suggest we start with John Knox and the Glorious Reformation, and by next week we will have progressed onto the 19th century with Ulster and Sir Edward Carson.
  3. The Ibrox Derry

    Nine rabid Bheasts walk free

    At least the little cunts have had to sweat it out over the last 2 years. Some may have lost their jobs..... Oh wait a minute.... Disability Living Allowance isn't a job is it.
  4. The Ibrox Derry

    White socks at home

    Advocaat liked the white socks because some sports psychologist had convinced him that in the heat of a midfield battle the white stands out more enabling your player to find a pass to his teammate.
  5. The Ibrox Derry

    White socks at home

    I like the red socks with the white turnovers... aka Barcelona 1972. They look brilliant
  6. The Ibrox Derry

    Rangers related picture thread

    Valletta in Malta, big McPherson scored 5 that night.
  7. The Ibrox Derry

    Robert Fleck/Glenn Middleton similarites

    Yip I agree mate, said this a few weeks ago. Maybe wee Flecky's love child ha. Loved Fleck as a player, would be worth a fortune nowadays.
  8. The Ibrox Derry

    If you could be offered...

    It's a very interesting question. If the same question is put to me in 2 years time, and celtic are going for 10iar, then I would take anyone to win the league over them, yes, even Hibs or Aberdeen. But, atm in time, I have every confidence that we, The Rangers will be Premier League Champions this season 18/19. I truly believe, that this is our year, and 55 will be achieved come May. WATP.
  9. The Ibrox Derry

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    A trip to Sunny Spain, Beautiful Vienna, and Historical Moscow. Couldn't have asked for 3 better places to go to.
  10. The Ibrox Derry


    The boy is buzzing under Stevie G. Who fucking wouldn't be though.
  11. The Ibrox Derry

    Stevie’s Press Conference

    Lets recap. Only 2 points behind the dirty filth, having had a hell of a harder start to the league campaign. A hell of a harder start. Into the Europa League group stages..... facing trips to Moscow, Vienna and Spain..... Just Wow, magnificent . And into the next round of the League Cup after a hard away fixture on a disgraceful plastic pitch at Kilmarnock. Lastly, a terrific transfer window with quality players coming in and some dead wood being sent out on their way. Hands up who would have settled for this at the start of the season? ........ In a fucking heartbeat "Were on our way, were on our way"
  12. The Ibrox Derry

    *** The Official Rangers vs Dundee Match Thread ***

    Today felt like watching The Rangers of old. At no point since last nights draw, was i worried that we werent going to get anything but the 3 points. Happy with 4 goals, more would have been great but the main thing is the 3 points, good footballing performance and hopefully no injuries.
  13. The Ibrox Derry

    *** The Official Rangers vs Dundee Match Thread ***

    Right into this mob from the 1st minute today Rangers.
  14. The Ibrox Derry

    Kris Boyd fat walloper

    K.Boyd, B.Ferguson, B.Dodds, C.Paterson etc etc. I do not have time for any of them. Just like Judas, they are taking Rome's 30 pieces of silver to betray their own kind. I hope that their ending is the same as Escariot. Found dangling from the nearest tree.
  15. The Ibrox Derry

    *** The Official Rangers vs Dundee Match Thread ***

    Avoid Roman Catholic babysitters