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  1. Really interesting interview and chat, especially for Bears of a certain Vintage 😉👍🇬🇧
  2. They did, but they should have went all the way with the collar aswell.
  3. Alan McLaren. A player that got injured and proved a huge disappointment because of that injury was Paul Ritchie. I really thought he was going to be a real star for us. Anybody know what happened to him?
  4. Robbo was a Modern Style Fullback years before it became fashionable. But he still knew his main purpose was to defend, take note current full backs. He is one of my favourite all time Rangers Players. His pace and commitment was 2nd to none.
  5. I got home at 10am the next morning. Watched the game again, and got pished again. Wonderful stuff.
  6. IMO That year produced the Greatest Rangers team ever.
  7. We talk alot about guys who were over rated or the jersey just hung a little too heavy on their shoulders, but here lets post the under rated players, who without being outstanding done their job efficiently and well for the Gers. I will start with this this guy. Mr Consistent. Stuart Munro.
  8. A remake of this would be terrific. Just get it done Umbro.
  9. Quite simply, as your namesake would say "Character Building Son, Character Building" 😁 😉👍
  10. Dirty Bheastie Kiddie Fiddlin Fenian Bastard, just about covers it with this cunt. Away and get AIDS ya Mongo.
  11. If it wasnt for YouTube I'd probably just throw masel intae the clyde 😉😁😂👍
  12. My 1st ever Rangers Video. Bought in VideoVaults in Kirky for £12.99* in the summer of '87. Edit* that was a weeks worth of Paper boy wages.
  13. Its John "Polaris" MacDonald
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