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  1. Absolutely delighted that wee Neil is staying at the celtic. Fucking brilliant news for us.
  2. Picked up one of these shirts in Barbados Charity Shop for £3.50 only a few months ago. Good condition aswell.
  3. Its no mine mate 😂 i am the sort of tightarse that waits until the end of the season and picks up 3 shirts for a fiver in the bargain bin. 😀
  4. I always had the impression that you had to do some work before being entitled to holidays anyway 🤔
  5. Not sectarian and bigoted enough for my liking.
  6. I actually really like the collar. Very unique design. Cracking strip IMO.
  7. Yup, Rome's agenda hasn't changed 1 iota since the days of the counter reformation and the Jesuit Extermination squads. They also infiltrated the great Reformed Bible Teaching Universities of Germany, their aim, to destroy young mens faith in the total infallibility and inherancy of the bible as the living word of God. The counter reformation was never declared to be at an end, and is still one of Romes main missions and goals to this very day.
  8. I have heard from a very reliable source, that this guy is a member of a Protestant Reformed Baptist Church.🤔 If that is indeed the case, then it is a pitiful inditement on the state of Scottish Protestantism in the current age. We need another reformation to weed out these lovers and idolitors of Romanism.
  9. Meh. Don't really give a flying fuck what happened today. Counts for fuck all from a Rangers perspective. Most fans were the same. I had 5 offers of free tickets since Thursday night.
  10. He was a very good footballer
  11. Was in a boozers on the PRW. It was fucking mental. Then a huge crowd gathered in George square. What a day, what a night 😉👍🇬🇧
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