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  1. In some ways I wish the wee man would just turn round and say....... "Fucking right I want to slit their throats, the dirty child raping fenian bastards that they are"
  2. Is that the Billy Boys pictured at the Umbrella at Brigton Cross? What Year?
  3. Fucked if I would touch that wrist, will be smeared in shite.
  4. Nil by Mouth are rhabid bead rattlers. They are no friends of ours.
  5. celtic and their fans are mentally not prepared for this battle over the next few months. They have been in glory hunting, easy street over the last 8 years, and are totally unconditioned for the fight ahead.
  6. Lucas is a bead rattlin wee cunt
  7. Brilliant from Stewart Robertson, the guy gets alot of stick, but he's bang on the money with this.
  8. There's a saying that you grow through suffering pain, and since 2012, weve had it thrown at us in shedloads. There is no other club and fans in this World that could have survived the above, but we have, and we are now reaping the rewards for our faithfulness. I believe that we will only get better and better, and those rewards through success will keep coming for many years ahead. Drink it all in Bears, and enjoy every last minute of this wonderful, continuing journey. We are indeed The People. 😉👍🇬🇧🍻🍾
  9. Totally agree, and what better time to do it after you have won. No one can accuse us of sour grapes, but we want this cunt taken to task for clear bias and corruption.
  10. The bheast FC players looked absolutely shell shocked at the end. Where's yer sunglasses now Broon ya wee Mongo.
  11. Fucking brilliant Rangers. Been watching this team for 35 years, and today is right up there with the best. It's a hugely significant day. I can remember when we won in 1989 at the piggery, was the 1st time in 9 years. Let's hope history is repeating itself. Have a brilliant night Bears.... and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. It's a great time to be a Ranger 😁👍🇬🇧
  12. Sometimes you just gotta grind out a win. Last season we would have blown that in the last 15 minutes. We were a bit flat today, but that's ok. Seldom are we flat for 2 games in a row, so i think Sunday will be a very good day for us. 😉👍🇬🇧
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