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  1. It's not Sectarian, it's a Spiritual truth.
  2. It's not Sectarian, its a Spiritual truth
  3. The guy is thick as fuck, end of story.
  4. Say what you mean, and mean what you say Riddler.
  5. All the best big man, speedy recovery, I'm sure he will get the best of medical help at The Spurs.
  6. Very impressed with Beerman, reminds me of Chris Vinnecombe. I think the big lad in the centre just needs a bit more time, rough round the edges.
  7. I was about 14 and a guy offered me £250 for my £4 East Enclosure ticket that day. He had the money in his hand outside the underground but i declined, i was delivering newspapers for £9 a week to give you an idea of how much £250 quid was to me lol ha
  8. I thought we had won it a tynecastle, but your probably right
  9. I'm thinking maybe Fir Park and Firhill?
  10. Since 1987 when we clinched it at Shitodrie, I'm nearly 100% sure we haven't won it there since. Is there any regular premier league ground we haven't won it at in the same time period?
  11. The guy is class. He lost her at the 7 days equals 1 week bit though. He is finding out quickly that the Scottish Media are really thick as Fuck.
  12. Round about Ibrox used to be a relatively nice area. It's a fucking shitehole now.
  13. Unfortunately this is how i read into this aswell. Stewart Robertson seems a nice enough guy, but why are we all of a sudden bowing to the complaints of a few business's and residents. The Ibrox area would be a complete ghetto if it wasn't for the presence of Rangers FC for the last 100 years at this site. Not to mention the considerable coinage these same businessmen take from us every other Saturday. I'm all for community involvement by any business, but there was definitely an underlying tone to this article.
  14. Spot on. The 70s/80s Adidas strips were design classics. Loved the cross over collar on say the Bayern Munich shirt, plain red with the 3 stripes and old classic trefoil logo. Unfortunately the 90s were an abomination for kit design by all manufacturers. There are probably 2 reasons a strip is remembered well, A) it was quite literally a design classic, or B) A team wore it during a successful season. I think the Adidas France strip we had in 97 falls into the latter category because of 9iar as opposed to it being a great design.
  15. Loved that strip aswell, or should I say loved the shirt and shorts, hated those blue socks though.