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  1. The Ibrox Derry

    Hummel kit

    The 3 kit designs this year by Hummel have been top class. Tbh knowing the brand, I wasn't expecting anything less. Arguably, one of the most underrated sports manufacturers.
  2. After we get 55, those cunts will be throwing themselves into the Clyde, left right and centre. However, that's after they give wee Declan and Bernadette an arse roasting. The cunts are just a mess.
  3. The Ibrox Derry

    Big Jock Knew

    Absolutely spot on with the forecast of paedophiles being grouped in together with the LGBT Scene. It's gonnae happen. And the scenario you have predicted above will be here in 10 to 15 years maximum. The education system is already dumbing down our children with regards to their gender, by not using the boy girl male female thing.
  4. The Ibrox Derry

    Big Jock Knew

    Signed and shared to all my contacts
  5. The Ibrox Derry

    Union Bears - Europa League 2018

    Can see all the points raised above, but personally, I would rather have them at Ibrox and at away games, than not have them at all. I grew up in the casuals era, and the vast majority of casuals weren't really that Interested in the football, just the scrapping, at least these lads show an interest in the game itself.
  6. The Ibrox Derry

    The latest from Tom Irish

    His article immediately after Saturday's game was pretty good. He ripped them to shreds and praised us. I was extremely surprised. He must have been threatened with the sack and has returned to type.
  7. The Ibrox Derry

    Caption Contest (2)

    Take that ya fenian bastard ye
  8. The Ibrox Derry

    Caption Contest.

    Choo Choo 🚞
  9. The Ibrox Derry

    The House of Cards

    That is why your better avoiding having any Roman Catholic friends or work colleagues (if possible). The cunts are fine and dandy with you when you are giving them what they want and meeting their needs. But as soon as this supply of material or emotional support stops they will turn on you (the hand that feeds them) like a RHABID vicious dog. My advice, give them a wide berth at all costs.
  10. The Ibrox Derry

    Beaton calls in the police

    Cunt should be spoken to by Police for inciting intimidation of a member of the public. Daily Record the same for publishing it. It's funny how for years when they were at the top there was none of this stuff, but the 1st minute that there position is put under threat they cry foul play. They are indeed 'A club like no other'
  11. The Ibrox Derry

    Talksport again

    The cunts are going to be committing Hari Kari left right and centre. I hope every single one of them burns in their big nasty fire. Pass purgatory.... we forgot to tell you that it doesnt exist, we only made that up to con more £££ from you.... .....straight to Hell for you Timmy
  12. The Ibrox Derry

    Talksport again

    Well they do like to run around naked chasing each other eh. Usually at a Catholic family gathering.
  13. The Ibrox Derry

    Possible solution to the minute's silence issue?

    The only solution to this is to ban the cunts completely from our ground. What happened on Saturday should be the final straw. The club need to be bold and release a press statement saying that we are no longer accepting them into our stadium and the reasons why, which are obvious. Yes, they will ban us from their midden, no great loss to the majority of bears.
  14. The Ibrox Derry

    No further punishment for Morelos

    Aye, they will be gathering in the car park as we speak. GIRFUY trampy bastards
  15. The Ibrox Derry

    The Tide Has Finally Turned.

    .... And all of Gods people said Amen 👍