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  1. It's got to be Derek McInnes for me.
  2. There is no becoming, he already is ha
  3. Very true pal
  4. Personally I think his time is up, he's simply not good enough, 1st thing tomorrow morning, Robertson or whosoever need to get on the phone to Aberdeen and get Derek McInnes in pronto.
  5. Eh? Maybe because he's a treacherous traitorous big bastard
  6. I know there are hundreds if not thousands of moments in our history to choose from, but the feeling I had that night in Florence probably tops the lot. This wee YouTube video is not mine, but it encapsulates and brings back so many wonderful memories. What is yours? What 1 moment out of countless hundreds is at the top of the pile.
  7. Must agree that the name isn't the best and it gives that impression, but at the London Rally they had Jason Marriner and Cass Pennant among other faces, who are certainly not Nandos punters lol
  8. Seen the rally they had in London last month, very impressive, and happy we are involved, but wait for the media to label us an EDL / SDL type organisation consisting of anti Islamists, in fact i could write the article now and save the newspapers the bother as they are that predictable on these issues
  9. The man is just absolutely classless and has not one ounce of self respect. And this has nothing to do with him being an Irish Catholic, absolutely not. Would Brendan Rodgers have done something similar at Ibrox?would Martin O'Neill? No I think the answer to that is, so this isn't a witch hunt against a poor misunderstood Irish Catholic, it is about a sporting figure acting in a very irresponsible and immature way in front of thousands of people in public, and a television audience of millions.
  10. Perhaps with the purpose of putting pressure on the other referees that come to Ibrox, that there every move will be scrutinized.
  11. That the wrong refereeing decision potentially cost us the 3 points??
  12. Aidan and Kieran???? FFS Whatever happened to
  13. Was going to go to this, but just out of a meeting in Kirkintilloch and forgot that I had to pick up my wee grandaugher from after school at 630pm. Hope the young Bears do well in this competition though.
  14. Brilliant piece of history thanks for the upload