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  1. Aye that King would steal the eyes oot yer heid, and then help ye look fir them lol
  2. The Singh's are some of the nicest people you will ever meet among the Glasgow business fraternity.
  3. When football grounds were real and each had its own individual design and character, not the everything look the same Lego sets we have today.
  4. The old ground is in a terrible state now sadly, bought by housebuilders but still no progress and the old ground is just lying there falling apart. Ground sharing with Cumbernauld at guys meadow, the new ground for Rob Roy has turned into a saga, and very badly managed by all concern.
  5. Cracker, i love the old Umbro Drill tops. They released a few retro designs a couple of years back. Basically this one above, but in red. Other colours were black and grey i think. I bought Red one for going out running. It's still in its packet lol. But it is really nice, a royal blue one would be smart as.
  6. Nice top, but a fucking rip off at this price.
  7. I would put this search on the back burner for now, until a really outstanding candidate makes an appearance. It really isn't and shouldn't be priority in the short term. Would rather Pedro got to grips with things first and then after a few months ask him if he wants one or indeed needs one.
  8. I was born a month after this game in April 75
  9. Fortunately I've still got all my old Rangers strips, scarfs, programmes, magazines, books, ticket Stubbs, the lot etc. Most of it resides in the loft along with a treasure trove of other football strips, books, programmes from countless English clubs aswell as Scottish international stuff from the 70s and 80s. I would love to have a big spare room to display it all in.
  10. Bought a job lot off eBay a couple of months ago, brilliant books and very precious to me now.
  11. The Roy are my local team, and yes sadly went out on Saturday to The Rose. I thought they had a really good chance this year aswell, but hopefully they can win the Premier League, which would be a huge achievement. Need to get their new ground sorted soon though, it's been dragging on like a soap opera.
  12. I usually take in a Juniors game on the international break. Petershill, Kilsyth Rangers....... StRochs...... oops sorry on!Y kidding about the last one lol
  13. Anyone who wants to be on a committee whether it be the local bowling club or C1872 is, in my eyes, a bit of a fame hungry, power freak, control addict etc........ Oh yeah, and you usually find that they are absolute fanny spangles aswell. Nuff said. Fuck all yer committees and the like.
  14. Just one of the reasons he should be the Local Assistant, obviously not solely on him being a decent human being, but because I genuinely believe he has the ability and skills to excel in the role aswell.
  15. Don't often start any topics, but it's just dawned on me that in a couple of months time it will be 20 years since that unforgettable night at Tannadice, where has the last 20 feckin years gone?? I had just turned 22 years old in the April. What a wonderful season that was, but the anxiety until we won it was unfeckin bearable. Remember the previous Saturday when we were all geared up for winning it at Ibrox V Motherwell and Owen Coyle scored a double to further wreck our nerves. Or the 1 nil win at the Piggery when big Hateley played a blinder then got sent off because of that Mark Kerr cunt, and Di Canio shitting it from Ferguson who claimed him to a square go in the car park after the game.