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  1. Beating one of the biggest names in European football by 4-0 nil is impressive, friendly or no friendly. Oh... and fuck the pope.
  2. Met him only once, about 20 years ago with Ally McCoist in Driftwood at Charing Cross. I was not impressed. Ally, a gentleman, brilliant, we had a few beers together, Durrant just a wee tadger. You would think he was a tarrier with the utter low life pish he talks.
  3. Spence looks like he's growing a pair of tits...... i defo think he is going through 'The change'. For me, he is one of the people who epitomizes everything that is wrong with this country. All that is missing is the SNPira Placard.
  4. Dundee Hibs.... I just love their pain 😉👍
  5. Ha ha, well spotted mate 😂👍. Those Catholic schools have alot to answer for when it comes to Spelling 🤣
  6. Just awesome man 😉👍❤ We are indeed the Greatest in the World.
  7. Absolutely delighted that wee Neil is staying at the celtic. Fucking brilliant news for us.
  8. Or worse Nike or New Balance
  9. Picked up one of these shirts in Barbados Charity Shop for £3.50 only a few months ago. Good condition aswell.
  10. Its no mine mate 😂 i am the sort of tightarse that waits until the end of the season and picks up 3 shirts for a fiver in the bargain bin. 😀
  11. I always had the impression that you had to do some work before being entitled to holidays anyway 🤔
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