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  1. A bit of the Gabriel Amato about him, will probably only score really really wonderful goals
  2. Feck so it is, forgive me, that advert is almost 30 years ago ha
  3. Gone Fishing by JR Hartley
  4. Sandy was the most gentlemanly footballer I've ever met, he was simply class, on and off the pitch
  5. This would be nice
  6. Last season's strips, and soon to be this coming season's kits are the best we've had for years. The design quality and retro look are great. IMO I absolutely love the current strips and Iam quite happy the team will be taking to the field in them for another year.
  7. What a wee skinny, ginger, AIDS riddled fenian bastard
  8. Give us a fucking clue, we had umpteen Adidas shirts
  9. Don't know and don't really give a fuck
  10. Like this, but light blue
  11. I fucking hate Nike football kits. Adidas please, preferably an Adidas Originals shirt with trefoil logo, based on the Umbro shirt we had in 87--90.
  12. Yip at least 30 years, maybe more.
  13. Yip been there for years, he is the guys best bet IMO.
  14. This shirt for next season please. Voted in the greatest 50 shirts of all time.
  15. These days are on the way back boys.