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  1. Andy Goram is the best goalkeeper that I have ever seen. Richard Gough is the best defender that I have ever seen. Ian Durrant is the best midfielder that I have ever seen. Ally McCoist is the best striker that I have ever seen. As footballers I loved them all dearly...... As people, to a man, all are absolute fannies.
  2. Skip the dummies and let's hang the actual tarriers.
  3. The place will be full of the usual wee wanky wannabees and sluts. Fuck that, i would rather go to a Rhebel night in the Brazenheid.
  4. Ha ha. Scotland getting pumped. Didn't even know they were playing. Shows ye how much interest I have in them. But it's always great to see the dirty Rhepublic of Scotland get thrashed. Down there with Eire in my book.
  5. These iconic shirts are now selling on Amazon, 3Retro, and Pro direct soccer. A few other outlets aswell, just Google. I couldn't find them in the Rangers Shop. Produced by Scoredraw. I've been waiting for these to be released for quite some time. £30 --£35 quid I bought from Amazon at £30 and with free delivery.(don't have to have Prime for free delivery). V3_1_Gallery_4_0349608.webp V3_1_Gallery_3_0349607.webp V3_1_Gallery_2_0349606.webp V3_1_Gallery_1_0349605.webp V3_1_Main_0349602.webp 191995_Gallery_5_0377718.webp 191995_Gallery_2_0377715.webp 191995_Gallery_1_0377714.webp
  6. 10/10. We are still going to win the league.
  7. Of course iam not going to be congratulating them, I was trying to highlight a point that winning 9 competitions on the bounce is a far greater achievement, than winning 10iar when for half of those titles we were not in the same league.
  8. People don't realise that even if they get 9, 10 or 11 or 12, as soon as they lose one, they are going to go into complete and utter fucking meltdown. They will turn on their club like savage dogs and tear them apart. The East End of Glasgow will be ablaze. They will be ripping each other's heads off. The media will put a blanket ban on reporting our victory and be spewing for months. Holyrood will shut down for weeks as they recover. The River Clyde will be littered with deed corpses. It will be total mayhem, and the fulfilling of their Book of Apocalypse.
  9. C'mon now, it's St.Patricks Day. Have a bit of humility for our Poor Oirish neighbours. 😁 Top of the mornin to you. 🍻
  10. The only thing that would really piss me off is if the filth won The European Cup. And that ain't happening EVER. We have already been through every single possible humiliation that they can throw at us. And, we've survived. Not only survived, but we're recovering, not as quickly as we hope, but we are getting stronger, and we will get there.
  11. Exactly, it's what your doing today that matters, yesterday counts for fuck all. A brief 15 minutes of glory, then life starts again, and you move on. Football is no different.
  12. 10iar counts for fuck all. But just to show that Iam not just a bitter, sectarian bigot, to me a 'treble treble' is something to be proud of, and I congratulate them on it, if as expected they do achieve it. To win 9 competions on the bounce takes a bit of doing. Hats off.
  13. Not if they take away counting titles won during Wartime like we do. We're still miles ahead of the scabby fenian bastards, and always will be.
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