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  1. It won't be long before the Auckinleck Talbot have stars all the way round their badge 😂😂👍👍
  2. I would like to see the 6 pointed Blue Star replace the 5 stars on the shirt
  3. Its a strange one, because StNinians in Kirky was once rhabid as fuck, but is now non denominational because EDC said they were getting no funding unless they let non taigs in. Alot of young Gers supporters from Kirky Rangers club go there.
  4. No, not now. We would never get away with it 😂👍
  5. It's the tarrier who has got hold of the whip handle in this country now.
  6. Iam most definitely not. The whole apathetic "Protestant" population are part of the blame. Weak willed, limp wristed, fresh surrenders to Rome every day. Children not being educated at our schools, or in the household about their history. Surrender monkies everywhere. I actually know of 2 Evangelical "Protestant" preachers who support the filth, and take their families there. What chance have we got, with utter nonsense like that???
  7. We should have systematically eradicated them after the Reformation. 17th century ethnic cleansing. Chance was gone after that.
  8. Talk of political parties, getting like minded bears into positions of power in the media, local government, the legal system etc etc etc. All of the above would be great, yes, but i believe that the one solution, the one spark to gaining some ground back is simply this............... Start kicking their arse on the football pitch again, and winning trophies for The Rangers. Football is a huge massive part of our identity, and if we start being successful again, those cunts, in whatever "professional" position they are in, will collapse like a pack of cards.
  9. No we don't, but there needs to be a plan of some kind, to win back the ground that we have lost. I do not have a clue how to do that tbh. A new or existing Unionist political party that we can get behind? I don't know
  10. Folk need to waken up and realise that we are now a minority in this country. celtic are the National club team. And that is the official line. They are the team of the SNPira. They are the team of the Scottish Government. They are the team of the SPFL / SFA. They are the team of Police Scotland. Their supporters have secured all the highest positions in the legal system, public office, and media aswell. They are probably the team of the Pacifist Protestant majority aswell. And do you know what, we have only ourselves to blame for the years of sitting back, bridgebuilding and having the cunt taken right out of us.
  11. Seriously mate, I need you to explain the above to me???
  12. I will give them the one from the 60s and 70s. But there are more holes in this one than Corntonvale prison.
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