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  1. The Ibrox Derry

    Tony McGlennan resigns from SFA post

    Dirty Fenian Rhat. Rot in Hell ya Cunt.
  2. The Ibrox Derry

    Rangers v Chelsea 9th June

    Just keep drinking, you will be ok.
  3. The Ibrox Derry

    Happy birthday

    She's worth a good anal fisting, and that's about it. Teach the little cunt to respect folks.
  4. The Ibrox Derry

    Have you bought a brick at Ibrox?

  5. The Ibrox Derry

    Have you bought a brick at Ibrox?

    What are these bricks for??? To stone Steven with after he loses his 1st game??
  6. The Ibrox Derry

    Wallace And Miller Fined.

    Miller in talks with Aberdeen. I hope the little cunt gets aids. I fucking hate the wee prick, always have, always will
  7. The Ibrox Derry

    Happy birthday

    Dirty wee cow needs anal correction
  8. The Ibrox Derry

    PRW Banner !

    Let's go is corny and American' ised pish for the cheerleading fan boys of basketball and baseball. 'Intae these Fenian Bastards' is much more up my street and the ID is the same for many others of my ilk.
  9. The Ibrox Derry

    Possible leak kit???

    Totally agree. Stars were ok for a period in time. Now they are everywhere. Some wee team gets to a play off semi final and before you know it they bang a star on their jersey. I think Talbot have 12 on their badge for 12 Scottish cups? Where does it end?
  10. The Ibrox Derry

    Possible leak kit???

    That is excellent buddy. On the collar would look great. Superb.
  11. The Ibrox Derry

    Ever applauded an opposition player at Ibrox?

    Yes. Bobby Petta and Reggie Blinker when celtic brought them on as subs.
  12. The Ibrox Derry

    Possible leak kit???

    Personally i would get shot of the 5 stars aswell, but would replace it with a commemoration to the 66. Dont know how this could be achieved but im sure there are plenty of graphic designers out there who could could come up with a fitting proposal.
  13. The Ibrox Derry

    Broxi rocking the Hummel

    No they are Patrick
  14. The Ibrox Derry


    Mark Allen's in hospitality getting mwi
  15. The Ibrox Derry

    Pena in rehab

    Please remind me not to come on here looking for any support or understanding next time im facing a personal problem. Talk about a bunch of Puritans and hard hearted people. Jeezo