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  1. Broken ribs apparently
  2. Fuck him then, but would still have been a decent signing.
  3. Haven't seen anything to suggest he hates us tbh, MoH didn't give a fuck but he was also just a poor footballer, Hourihane was a bitter cunt.
  4. bigot
  5. He's a good player, give him a season long contract to prove himself he'd be solid for us
  6. Jack Byrne just been paid off by Wigan, Mark Allen will know him from his time at city. He had a good spell in the Eredivise a couple years ago on loan and would be low risk.
  7. I agree
  8. We shouldn't be stuck with him though, another waste of a season because we appointed an absolute dud
  9. Won't see better managerial decisions till we get a decent manager in
  10. Nah not really
  11. He always scores against them cunts, used to piss me off when we didn't play him against them
  12. Aye we do but he's a taig who was only here to pick up a wage, he never once looked like he gave a fuck
  13. this guy has been watching him for years in City's youth team and seems to think he's decent. Will be the fastest player in our team and possibly the league if we get him.
  14. Shhhhhh mate no one noticed
  15. Windass is apparently out of the game on Sunday, with no other Left wingers other than Dalcio should we switch to a 352/532 instead of playing someone out of position there (Miller).