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  1. Well this deal can get to fuck.
  2. The tweet is just a joke, the final he's talking about is the SC Final from last year.
  3. Gave his all but couldn't be fucked tracking his man in the semi final, couldn't be fucked tracking back at all this season, shit it out of every tackle and when he got tackled he would roll about on the ground till the physio came on. Did he fuck give his all
  4. Did he fuck
  5. I wear a lot of hats
  6. We could obviously improve in all positions so all positions would be on that list, it's just GK position would be at the bottom of it.
  7. Very good shot stopper, stays on his line a bit too much (although since pedro arrived has started coming for more crosses), decent distribution and not the best decision making. imo He's definitely good enough to play in a title winning team and not someone I'd actively look to replace (unless he has a complete fuck up of a season)
  8. Fucking fuck.
  9. First one he could have done better sure, he also saved a penalty that game iirc.
  10. Show me when, because the only ones I can think of are the cup semi final vs them and maybe hearts away.
  11. So a couple of goals we have conceded because of him means that the 10/15 points he has saved us this season don't matter?
  12. How the fuck can anyone not rate him after this season ffs
  13. Apparently they are willing to let him go for nothing because he's on high wages and they want to cut down heavily on their wage bill.
  14. Thought I had heard it somewhere before.