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  1. Wouldn't surprise me, could deffo imagine Barry doing a John Terry sticking his full kit on after the final whistle to celebrate.
  2. Just because I like what I've heard from him in Rangers TV and he must have some sort of coaching badges because he has started a football academy. He wouldn't have been on my shortlist to start with but given how underwhelming all the other candidates are he doesn't seem so bad
  3. Kevin Thomson isn't a bad shout
  4. Cunt just turns up every few months to remind us how much of a cocky cunt he is then fucks off again leaving a bunch of diddys in charge
  5. DAVE KING insists Mark Warburton was too SENSITIVE to be Rangers boss. In a stinging blast, Ibrox chairman King insisted Warbs was ‘too thin-skinned’ to work in Glasgow. King said: “In an environment like Glasgow, having a thin skin is not an advantage. Keep up to date with ALL the latest news, transfers and goals from Scottish football plus fixtures, results and live match commentary “It’s a tough environment and if you are thin-skinned it is not going to be easy to adjust to that. “But the fact is it’s part of the Glasgow deal. When there is a lot going wrong on the park, the media is going to be all over you. You have to be up for that. “Mark Warburton’s temperament is different. It’s not a criticism, but he is a little bit thin-skinned.” King gave a rare interview on his whistle-stop trip to Ibrox to meet new boss Pedro Caixinha. But he revealed he’s considering legal action against Warburton after he became Nottingham Forest boss. Warburton, through the English League Managers’ Association, claims Rangers axed him and he did NOT quit his job at Ibrox. But King insists Warburton resigned over talks with Forest, the club he’s now boss of. He added: “I think there is no case — the case really is what Rangers now do. “It certainly appears to me that what you have got now is an engineered outcome, to the benefit of Nottingham Forest. “I was approached directly when they were in negotiations with Forest to ask if Rangers would waive compensation, and that was the first I was aware that they were even talking to Forest. “My response is what I am saying today, that we would not waive the compensation because if the management team does walk out, and we have to replace them, we might have to pay compensation. “But I said I would be flexible in how they paid the compensation. “They might not have to pay it all up front, but maybe spread it over a period of time. “That was taken out of our hands with the whole resignation debacle, and they have all ended up at Nottingham Forest without us getting compensation — and we’ve had to pay compensation. “That’s exactly where I didn’t want to be. “I’m now going to have a legal discussion. On the face of it, whether it’s Forest or the management team, it’s a possibility. But we just have to see how we feel about that. We need to know more. “What I can say for sure is I got a direct approach saying they were in discussion with Nottingham Forest and that there was a problem with the compensation — would we waive it if they went. And I said No. “It was a direct approach, but I said off the record we wouldn’t waive the compensation. “It was an indirect approach, but directed to me in terms that I had the conversation, but it wasn’t officially from Forest. “What was clear at the time was there were discussions with Nottingham Forest and that’s been confirmed, quite frankly, since then that they WERE in discussions. “Whether these discussions were through the proper protocol — you would normally expect clubs to talk to each other and say: ‘Is it all right if we approach your manager’? “But there were a lot of things that didn’t happen. I would have been surprised if Mark didn’t end up at Nottingham Forest. “My disappointment is the way it was handled resulted — as matters stand at the moment — in Rangers not getting compensation, which normally we would have been entitled to.” Asked if he was confident with his position on the controversy, King said: “Absolutely. You can’t un-resign. They resigned, we accepted the resignation, they then decided to un-resign. “We said you can’t un-resign, and they have all ended up at Nottingham Forest. I think one can join the dots quite clearly.” Warburton, whose first game in charge of relegation-threatened Forest ended in a 2-2 draw with Derby, again denied he had resigned as Gers boss when he took over at the City Ground last week. His No2 at Ibrox Davie Weir has also joined him at Forest. While his former talent scout at Gers, Frank McParland, was appointed the club’s director of football before Warburton was confirmed as boss.
  6. DAVE KING hopes Rangers will be able to sell their own jerseys this summer. Mike Ashley’s Sports Direct has a tight grip on the club’s retail deal, which sees Gers earn next to nothing from shirt sales. King insists he has budgeted for the loss of revenue ahead of next season. Keep up to date with ALL the latest news, transfers and goals from Scottish football plus fixtures, results and live match commentary But he’s still eager to strike a deal with Ashley — IF he accepts a new contract, which is heavily weighted towards Gers. King said: “The position is not worse than it was the last time we spoke, but we don’t have a resolution yet. “We are holding on for something that’s right and when we do get it right we will say that to supporters. “There’s no reason why it wouldn’t include Sports Direct at that point because Sports Direct in my view would be commercially naïve to completely walk away. “There has to be something in it for us. “The question is, can we leave something in it for them when it’s still largely in favour of the club and I don’t think that’s impossible. “I think it can be done. I’m optimistic for pre-season. “All I can really say is I do believe there is a possibility that in pre-season we might be able to do a proper kit launch that we can endorse and that will have the support of the fans. I believe that’s possible for pre-season.” King and Ashley have clashed over the dispute, but the Gers chairman claimed: “I don’t think there is any personal animus. “I think there is only an element of that because he sees me as the person in his way, believing the Rangers board would have been more compliant if I wasn’t there. “But I think with Mike, he just doesn’t like losing. “If it wasn’t me and it was someone else showing the same level of resistance, I think Mike would feel exactly the same way. “I don’t think his view is all about a couple of million pounds. It’s about winning the fight and less about the money. We’re all losing in that sense and under normal commercial circumstances this would have been settled some time ago. “The reason it has not been settled is because of the level of resistance. “I’m just the focal point of that resistance, which is why he was trying to put me in jail, intimidate me, sue me and threaten me. “But it’s not to an extent that we can’t do business. “I think Sports Direct is still a smart retail business and I still think it makes sense for a club like Rangers to have a retail partner. “But it would have to be on terms that were good for the club. That’s always been the problem for Sports Direct.” King insists he shrugs off the legal battle with Ashley even though he’s tried to get him jailed. He added: “For me, on a scale of one to ten it doesn’t get to one. The threat of going to jail, it’s quite amusing. “My family say ‘We’ll see you at Christmas, which jail will we see you at’. We genuinely laugh about it. “I do this for a living. This is what I do. I wouldn’t have taken it on at Rangers if I didn’t have the temperament and the personality. “Obviously money was required as well and I had to meet that, but if I didn’t have the temperament and I wasn’t up for the fight, I wouldn’t have done it. “And I certainly wouldn’t be here two years later doing what I’m doing now.” https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/768173/dave-king-hopes-to-strike-a-deal-with-mike-ashley-for-rangers-to-sell-their-own-jerseys-this-summer/?CMP=Spklr-_-Editorial-_-scotsunsport-_-News-_-TwImageandlink-_-Statement-_-TWITTER
  7. How can we believe you when you don't even have 1690 in your name
  8. THE wisdom of adding Barry Ferguson to Pedro Caixinha’s backroom team at Ibrox has been questioned by many Rangers fans in recent days due to his far from auspicious stint in the dugout at Clyde. Ferguson left Broadwood last month after two and a half seasons in charge with his side sitting in third bottom spot in Ladbrokes League Two. So why, many have asked, is he being considered for a coaching role at his former club? The 39-year-old is one of the Scottish coaches – John Brown, Neil McCann, Lee McCulloch and Alex Rae are among the others – who Caxinha is currently contemplating bringing in to help him in Glasgow. Scott Linton, the Clyde defender cum midfielder, believes that opting for the one-time Rangers captain would be an inspired decision by the newly-appointed Portuguese manager. Linton was persuaded to move from Championship club Dumbarton to League Two outfit Clyde by Ferguson at the start of last season and hasn’t, despite the difficulties they are experiencing this term, regretted his decision once. The 27-year-old enjoyed working under the rookie manager, who led Clyde to third place in the fourth tier table last season and then took them through to the play-off final, and stressed that he would bring a lot of positive attributes to Rangers. “I know the position that Clyde are in in the table at the moment doesn’t look fantastic,” he said. “Anyone looking in from the outside might think Barry didn’t do a great job here. But he did a massive amount of good work behind the scenes. “I played all of last season under Barry and this season up until he left. It was a great experience. He was the reason why I dropped down from Dumbarton to Clyde in League Two. The fact that he was in charge convinced me to make the move. “I liked the desire that he showed, the will to win he had. We met up and had a chat for a good hour and I decided that the pros outweighed the cons. “I thought: ‘If there’s anyone I am going to learn from it’s the ex-Scotland and ex-Rangers captain’. I have always found, having played under many different managers, that it is good to work with somebody who has enjoyed a decent career. “You learn so much just from sitting and listening to them. You pick up the things which stood them in good stead in their own playing days. I have worked under Danny Lennon, Jimmy Nicholl, Colin Cameron and Ian Murray. But Barry is probably the manager who I have had who has enjoyed the best career.” Linton added: “I was really, really impressed with a lot of the aspects of his managerial style and with many of the qualities which he brought to the role. “The first thing that struck me about Barry when I started playing under him at Clyde was his sheer will to win. I always used to tell anyone who asked me what he was like was that it was just outrageous how much he wanted to win, to win anything. “When he was standing there in the dressing room before a game he was more up for the match than some of the players were. His desire and his passion were incredible.” Linton recalled how Ferguson, who kept Blackpool in the English Championship after being promoted from player caretaker manager halfway through the 2013/14 season following Paul Ince's sacking, treated part-time minnows Clyde like a full-time professional club. “Barry’s preparation for games was incredible,” he said. “As I say, people looking in from the outside won’t realise it, but the amount of hard work and effort he put in to bring Clyde success was incredible. “He brought in a video analysis guy to look at our performances. When we had an away game that required a long journey, against Elgin for example, he would take us away on a Friday night and we would stay at the best hotels. He demanded the very best of everything even though we were working with a part-time club’s budgets. “Everything was run like it would be a full-time club under Barry. We were really well looked after. In fact, we got treated like royalty. We were his main priority. I will never say a bad word about him or what he tried to do at Clyde. “When you are a part-time club you all have jobs and train twice a week you can’t spend a lot of time on tactics and shape. You want to enjoy yourselves and have fun. But he would always look at the opposition and how we would approach matches.” Linton, who is currently sidelined with a hernia injury, feels that Ferguson’s methods may be better suited to a top flight club and has predicted he will not be overawed in the slightest the demands there will be on Caixinha to succeed at Rangers. “I felt sorry for Barry at Clyde in a way,” he said. “When you’re a part-time player your priority is your job and then your family. Don’t get me wrong, you want to play well, you want to win and you take it seriously, but football is secondary. “I think if Barry takes that desire to be the best that he has in to a full-time club he will get more out of the job. His will to win, his work ethic, the high standards that he sets are more suited to a full-time club. “He knows what is required to succeed at Rangers having been there as a player before. I think they will be bringing in the right man if they do go for him. He knows the club inside out. They could do a lot worse than bring in Barry Ferguson.” http://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/15174814._quot_Barry_Ferguson_set_high_standards_for_us_at_Clyde___he__39_d_be_a_great_addition_to_the_Rangers_coaching_staff_quot_/
  9. So Ferguson wanted the job because he thought it would put him next in line after he sabotages Caixinha and now he's unsure, good to know
  10. Just appoint Halliday if it's nothing to do with coaching then, saves havin an extra wage and would hopefully stop him from playing for us ever again