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  1. Cyle Larin
  2. They've caught me right as I was shouting "shite" ffs
  3. Hodson is okay defending but jesus is he brutal going forward. Tav could work in a more defensive system imo because he is still one of the best in his league going forward.
  4. That's what baffled me too, surely worth keeping around as a utility player at least
  5. I'm not saying he isn't but so is Hodson so I don't understand why he's the one who survives out of the fullbacks
  6. Interested to hear why you would Keep Hodson and not Wallace or Tav.
  7. Wes Bates Hill WIlson Tav Holt Toral Mckay/Beerman Windass Dodoo Miller Need to change it up a bit. 3-1 to us
  8. Contract runs out in the summer and afaik he hasn't been offered a new one. He has made his cash and may be looking for a longer contract rather than more money.
  9. Got a feeling Cummings may be one we try for
  10. Forgot about him, we should be looking at Fletcher though imo would be the type of signing we need
  11. Darren Fletcher?
  12. I think I missed the header mate, was too busy with my head in hands wondering what the fuck is happening to my team. The other two he should have buried it one looked like a handball
  13. Your name is a clear give away for a taig, inbred mongo
  14. You should stick to just reading because your posts are pish, how the fuck does pointing out players being shite make you any less of a rangers fan ffs. Fuck off to ff you delicate little poof