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  1. Wes Tav Cardoso Alves Wallace Candeias Jack Dorrans Pena Hardie Morelos
  2. What a load of shite that is.
  3. Why should we be loyal to someone who's quite clearly a dud
  4. ASL(GBT)?
  5. Only cunts follow our club without pride.
  6. Sounds like my type of woman then
  7. Are you Gay?
  8. Is your second name Price ya dumb taig cunt?
  9. They will but I doubt the club will be able to move these people who think they own their seat because they've been sitting on it for years.
  10. Thought it was a good display and got a good reaction from most of the crowd but a couple of bears around me in CF didn't like it and were moaning about safe standing, I heard one bear shout "Aye you can fucking stand where yous are then". Think this kind of mentality from older bears may stop the Safe standing plans before they even start.
  11. I believe one day I will shag Jhene Aiko, but just because I believe that doesn't mean it's gonna happen.
  12. You're a dick mate but I respect that
  13. thought him Jack Cardoso and Alves were the only ones who got pass marks today
  14. Realistically.
  15. Naw it really isn't, Pedro needs to get to fuck Asap