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  1. Get that to fuck.
  2. Contract runs out in the summer and afaik he hasn't been offered a new one. He has made his cash and may be looking for a longer contract rather than more money.
  3. Got a feeling Cummings may be one we try for
  4. Forgot about him, we should be looking at Fletcher though imo would be the type of signing we need
  5. Darren Fletcher?
  6. I think I missed the header mate, was too busy with my head in hands wondering what the fuck is happening to my team. The other two he should have buried it one looked like a handball
  7. Your name is a clear give away for a taig, inbred mongo
  8. You should stick to just reading because your posts are pish, how the fuck does pointing out players being shite make you any less of a rangers fan ffs. Fuck off to ff you delicate little poof
  9. Good point, tbh if he wasn't 100% I wouldn't have started him.
  10. Yes but it is a small problem that can be fixed very easily.
  11. It's unreal, the cunt has 2 goals this season against us from corners and we're leaving him unmarked.
  12. Aye Tav was good today apart from the penalty but I don't know if it was a foul or not tbh. Kenny was good, just a shame the chances were falling to Waghorn and not him.
  13. Thought beerman was poor mate, Roberts had his number all match.
  14. he's been the best player in our squad all season but we should drop him for a poor performance in a game he was apparently carrying an injury
  15. Heindsight is a great thing
  16. We're still in this, McKay or Windass on for Garner or Halliday. Hope Pedro doesn't do what he did last time we were 1-0 down at half time
  17. Can't see it myself, the guy gets bookings for fun but rarely gets reds somehow
  18. I'm really interested to see how Garner fairs, I think he might thrive in this atmosphere
  19. I don't know but if he wasn't he'd be playing imo
  20. Hopefully not, I think he'd be fine out left but he's shown down the middle he's pish
  21. Yea you're probably right, just wondering where Halliday will be starting if that's the case