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  1. Hivs Tickets

    just checked again, ur right mate
  2. Hivs Tickets

    tickets for the hivs game dont go on sale till wednesday according to the website
  3. song for the young lad

    girls dont like boys, girls like Ross McCrorie!
  4. UB incident?

    having all ways sat in bf2 up until yesterday, took my son to ibrox for the first time so swapped seats to br4 and found the atmosphere to be totally different. if your not amonst the singing you dont realise how poor the rest of the stadium is. safe standing is a must to get the energy back amongst the fans and give the players a boost.
  5. Piggery Roll Call

    116 for me
  6. Thanks for the help boys even the widos haha bums on seats are now sorted. NS
  7. Thanks for the replies. All ready tried union jack Prestonpans and honest toun before making the post. Can't get hold of the John Niven. See if they get back in touch
  8. Hey guys, our local bus isn't running on Sunday so hoping someone can helps us out with 4 seats on a bus for the piggery? Leaving from east Lothian or Edinburgh area? Thanks in advance bears