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  1. 2 tickets, Copland front £20 each
  2. Would be very surprised if Hyndman is allowed to stay.
  3. I'm looking for 2 mate..
  4. Looking for adult and child if any spares going...
  5. I like Wes but be lucky to get 1-2 million for him. Definitely keep Barrie though
  6. Great guy but the would prefer someone more vocal to be captain.
  7. Right from the start..Intae them Rangers ✊
  8. Haha well played
  9. Looking for 1 if any spare?
  10. Capucho..
  11. Tavernier, Wilson, Halliday, MOH, Garner
  12. Not sure who is first in line but I have a spare ticket for the game, in the enclosure. face Value, whatever that is? Will need to meet and scan you in as it isn't my season ticket..
  13. Just wondering if you can still upgrade a child's season ticket to an adult ticket? No going to take the wee man to scum game so was going to take my dad.
  14. Long live the Papac