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  1. Gersey


    Agree with the observation that a large part of the fantastic result we were able to achieve was down to him.
  2. Door chapping is completely inappropriate language to be using when addressing the public when people are in hospital with stab wounds.
  3. Polis Scotland seem to love a “door chap” but seem less obliging on the preventative measures front. Happy to sit and study cctv/iPhone footage in identifying wrong doers but lacking in perhaps taking a basic risk assessment of the threat posed by the Croatian visitors. People have ended up in hospital as a result of the Croats not being properly managed.
  4. He’s gonna need deep pockets to “guarantee” the take up of Kilmarnock away tickets from his 2k CCCS members. Of course he’s not really, because it’s never going to happen.
  5. Cünts behind the goal held on to it if it went into the stand, then hilariously disrupted the game by then throwing it back onto the field after a replacement was saught. Struck me as being completely dumb, why disrupt a game that they were in control of and doing well in? Did it at least three times.
  6. Don't think Caxinha is drawing enough respect from the dressing room. A Fergie team wouldn't have put in such a spineless performance.
  7. Players can't be arsed when we don't have the ball, and when we get it can't be arsed to keep it.
  8. Disastrous second half performance. It's like we're not brave enough to play football, players aren't taking responsibility.
  9. This has been thoroughly unconvincing, a better side would have taken four off us this evening. Worryingly we just seem to get lazier and lazier as game's go on. We should have more about us to be able hold on to the ball and not be under constant attack from Partick Thisle ffs.
  10. Let's remember, we didn't sign a bunch of world beaters in the summer.
  11. Yeah we're still pretty much majorly fucked. But, c'mon though we're not going to finish mid table and the start of the season hasn't been totally catastrophic. Even last season with some utter garbage we were comfortably second for a while. A couple of wins (which should come) and things won't look so bleak. Even with the money spent I didn't give us much chance of winning the league, as long as they still have Rogers.
  12. We're pretty much slogging it out with the rest. Will still win most matches this season and haven't had the easiest start in the world. That Rangers performance today is beating most of the league at Ibrox this season.
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