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  1. Angriest you have ever been at a bad decision

    Hearts 2 rangers 0 in 2014 Craig Thompson blatantly cheated the full match.
  2. Hamed Namouci

    Looked a good player until barry Ferguson came back
  3. Billy McNeill

    Good no voter and a member of the better together campaign . 1 of jim baxters books he tells good stories about him seems a good guy.
  4. Do managers ever criticise each other?

    Rafa benitez never held back if he wanted to have a go at another manager.
  5. Andy Halliday - He is one of us!

    If he was a Celtic fan he would be playing for Brechin city
  6. Bears Bars Benalmadena

    This place still open ??
  7. Should We Have Hired A Magician

    Nicky law was and still is a better midfielder than andy Halliday
  8. Ex Ger or External?

    Michael o neil or louis van gaal
  9. Is it not blatantly obvious?

    Is any of the Halliday fans on this forum? I think hes rotten but at the games his name gets sang out loud but there is not much support for him on social media or in the pubs!
  10. What's Your Favourite Match

    A strange 1 but the play off at easter road even although we lost 1 0 in the last kick of the game it really got it right up hibs and the whole Scottish media that were falling over hibs to get up that year
  11. Tavernier

    Never mind improved he was excellent today
  12. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Under mcleish we had 8 away in a row in the cup a couple went to a replay berwick and Dunfermline i don't remember us moaning at all
  13. If Warburton went who would replace him?

    I suggested him a couple of years ago on here and was laughed off but plenty were for cathro
  14. Craig the bhoy Thomson

    Well maybe we should be rude to the refs instead of being mr nice its getting us nowhere at all
  15. Scottish Cup 5th Round Draw

    Sick of the sight of that yes voting prick Michael Stewart