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  1. Vwbear

    9 in a row sky review

    Did coverage show up ? Our 9 in a row video (dvd) leaves out a lot of important goals and games.
  2. Vwbear

    Unpopular Opinions When It Comes To Rangers?

    Billy Dodds and Steven Thompson although pricks in the media were very good servents for us and didn’t get enough game time. Papac and hemdani were pish. Mccoist should not be allowed near ibrox ever again. The matchday experience at ibrox is a shambles and beyond lazy. Rangers lack of PR and communication is beyond a joke. Although the media team in recent times have improved (is this just because of the interest in Stevie G ?)
  3. Vwbear

    Barry Ferguson

  4. Hemdani and Papac most over rated players we have ever had.
  5. Also. When le guen was starting to field teams that looked so gutless in attack Thompson would have been a much better option than dado who’s knee had unfortunately got the better of him and sebo who was just hopeless.
  6. Stevie Thompson was very under rated he put himself about brilliantly and his bullying contributed to a lot of important goals. His contribuation against Dunfermline in 6 1 games goes unnoticed.
  7. Vwbear

    Itk posters

    I posted a few years ago Scott Allan was going to celtic through a big customer in my work with big hibs connections which people on here called me for everything and the whole joe the coach patter. And I knew fuck all apparently.
  8. Vwbear

    Parking around Ibrox next season

    actully encouraging people to drink
  9. Vwbear

    Talksport talking about Sundays chaos

    True both are hopeless but as a professional and taking the job seriously I would have Pedro over ally because ally just didn’t give a fuck about the job and was a lazy bastard in the job that annoyed me more.
  10. Vwbear

    Our troubles listed...grim reading

    I will always agree with banning green boots. Forgot about postponing games for international weekends when one that on international duty was out on loan 😂
  11. Vwbear

    tactics for next scum game

    Our 2 goalkeepers wouldn’t get near a rogic passback at the same time.
  12. The rain at the petrofac game against Ayr United away and police kept us in at the end.
  13. I remember Alloa being a nightmare every time getting in and out the ground with police/security. Also not treated badly but in total shock at Cowdenbeath that was hell on earth.
  14. Vwbear

    Angriest you have ever been at a bad decision

    Hearts 2 rangers 0 in 2014 Craig Thompson blatantly cheated the full match.
  15. Vwbear


    3 nights in the spookiest eeriest place in the world full of crackpots and Romanian/albainian gangs and goths unless its for Rangers i wont be going back there