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    3 nights in the spookiest eeriest place in the world full of crackpots and Romanian/albainian gangs and goths unless its for Rangers i wont be going back there
  2. Vwbear


    3 nights in the spookiest eeriest place in the world full of crackpots and Romanian/albainian gangs and goths unless its for Rangers i wont be going back there
  3. Yesterday i was talking in the shop about different currys 1 got mentioned i said i think thats a pakistan curry then a bystander told me you cant say that ?
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    Need to get new friends
  5. Vwbear


    Seriously? I might be paranoid but I always thought the censors at security were on the lookout for this stuff
  6. The club have been a complete embarrassment sending someone up the road then keep treating him like a child
  7. Players like that cost money so doubt we will see them I predict now the team on the last day of the season will be the exact same as Sunday with miller out top scorer with 10 goals
  8. Scary thing is we can laugh about this but I honestly don't think either have a clue about running a football team! And are probably more suited to sending kids home and keeping them away because there terrifird of confrontation or anyone to have an opinion
  9. Because he probably wont get treated like a naughty school boy
  10. Yes and we as season ticket holders should know why our marquee singing ended up in this position
  11. I wouldn't trust warburton to give out that wage tbh
  12. I would like the truth and not all the nonsense about Halliday is the hero in all of this.
  13. If you got treated like this in your work no matter your salary you would have been off with stress
  14. Just over a year ago majority of our supporters abondand the "club" so don't give me that shite i support the team not the club from the legless cunt Murray all the way through now to the cowards on our board i dont give a fuck about! as a person myself who has an opinion in work which has got myself into bother then I would not stick it into barton without knowing the true story!
  15. We don't even know what he done and no one in this situation has came out of it good and as for the club after the treatment the fans got regards the cup final I have no faith in our board/club as it is currently ran
  16. Vwbear


    The 15th is my 30 birthday this would be a great weekend
  17. Obviously you were not at pitodrie last month every single 1 of the fuckers of all age sex were at it pure total scum
  18. Fuckin old woman or not they all give us the ibrox disaster and durrant this photo made me laugh like the Aberdeen fan that got a right good doing in Madrid
  19. Am sure Aberdeen fans were innocent fuck her she was probably 1 like the rest at pitodrie if they were not throwing objects spitting on us singing the durrant song then it was just the middle finger from wee lassies and old woman so fuck her
  20. The barton saga took the storm out of the 5 1 game the hibs fans took the storm out of the cup final and after being humiliated by the tims on the park and somehow escaping with a 1 0 took the storm out of what really was a pumping terrible performance on Wednesday storm taking out of it by bartons meting fuck me warburton has got away with a lot of slack
  21. It wont be a miracle because hes our only player that would interest a decent move down south (maybe asides an inform taviner or Halliday)
  22. If the club was strong they would a sacked him or disciplined him instead of treating him like a daft school boy
  23. This is a ridiculous embarrassing situation no matter who's right or wrong I don't blame barton or warburton for what's happening i think the board are a complete joke
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