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  1. 55 minutes ago, RFCRobertson said:

    When people didn't get up in arms over the tiniest things 

    When you could tell a joke and no one would get offended over it

    Can't even say black now without folk cocking an eyebrow. 

    Yesterday i was talking in the shop about different currys 1 got mentioned i said i think thats a pakistan curry then a bystander told me you cant say that ?

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  2. On 19/11/2016 at 0:29 AM, Queen's_highway said:

    Took over a q when away for a stag. Easy when you're leaving. They don't really check 

    Seriously? I might be paranoid but I always thought the censors at security were on the lookout for this stuff 

  3. 6 minutes ago, High Tower said:

    I get what you mean and its a decent point and probably true for the younger players. Although, I would say we need instant impact players to be signed in January, not players that we are going to be waiting on growing into them self. What i'm hinting at is that if you get a player in their 'prime' would the Barton saga put them off?

    Maybe my heads up my arse and i'm dreaming, but still.

    Players like that cost money so doubt we will see them 

    I predict now the team on the last day of the season will be the exact same as Sunday with miller out top scorer with 10 goals 

  4. Just now, danger ranger said:

    Headmaster Warburton made it quite clear in interviews, don't come here unless you do what you are told to do. The big question is, who is the Headmaster Warburton or King?.

    Scary thing is we can laugh about this but I honestly don't think either have a clue about running a football team! And are probably more suited to sending kids home and keeping them away because there terrifird of confrontation or anyone to have an opinion 

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  5. 7 minutes ago, Shuggy said:

    Off with stress? I thought he was a hard man?

    £250K seems low, but probably pays him until the Jan window and he ends up at Burnley or a Championship club. But how does he convince them he won't play the fool with them too?



    Because he probably wont get treated like a naughty school boy 

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  6. 1 hour ago, Vanoli said:

    Hope the board have got some sort of gagging order in play as part of the settlement, because if they don't the minute he's out the door Barton will turn up the heat big style on Warburton. 


    Yes and we as season ticket holders should know why our marquee singing ended up in this position 

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  7. 13 minutes ago, TheBluebells said:

    Suspended, come back, suspended, come back, suspended 3 weeks, come back, suspended again, come back, suspended...wait actually naw away in the corner and train with the kids, in fact we'll pay you off. 


    Whole things been a mess. 

    If you got treated like this in your work no matter your salary you would have been off with stress 

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  8. Just now, cr3_bear said:

    Feel sorry for the auld woman naturally however the Aberdeen fans who hang around that section near the fence are absoloute scum of the earth who were probably just as guilty in throwing objects at the bheasts support aswell 

    Fuckin old woman or not they all give us the ibrox disaster and durrant 

    this photo made me laugh like the Aberdeen fan that got a right good doing in Madrid 

  9. The barton saga took the storm out of the 5 1 game 

    the hibs fans took the storm out of the cup final 

    and after being humiliated by the tims on the park and somehow escaping with a 1 0 took the storm out of what really was a pumping 

    terrible performance on Wednesday storm taking out of it by bartons meting

    fuck me warburton has got away with a lot of slack 

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  10. 33 minutes ago, eskbankloyal said:

    You do realise he is still being paid despite being suspended, yeah? 

    There seems to be some interest from down south so if by some miracle we can offload him in January then that is the best case scenario & we forget about the whole shambles.

    It wont be a miracle because hes our only player that would interest a decent move down south (maybe asides an inform taviner or Halliday) 

  11. Just now, Turnberry18 said:

    In my opinion, you are exaggerating. It's not the best thing we would have hoped for, but I'm sure the club is strong enough to absorb a player issue like the one that appears to be case here.

    If the club was strong they would a sacked him or disciplined him instead of treating him like a daft school boy 

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