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  1. Anything to deflect the 7 0 so its our manager getting tough questions in the morning and not brenda
  2. Except the cup run we have been shite for a year now
  3. The media can't make things up ? You mad
  4. So if we haven't announced it and anything has happened i am more concerned who is the Murray park mole
  5. If there is a story funny the media would have barton up against haliday the player the fans all see a bit themselves in
  6. The same people abusing barton would have been the 1s on the cringy transfer forum hitting out with annouce barton all summer
  7. Fuck sake trouble making media hit out with something negative about 1 of our players and a lot of our fans start hounding him without knowing the facts
  8. Now hearing hes taken a few days unpaid leave which was agreed when he signed in regards to his book
  9. Is it just me or has haliday turned into a world beater since he's been dropped? He was pish for ages
  10. Until i see anything offcial i wont criticise anyone could be sent home for a whole host of reasons fuckin clyde 1 are ripping into barton at the moment getting right into 1 of our players just to avoid slagging they fannies for getting beat 7 0
  11. I don't think our board mind McKay playing for Scotland because it would add some coin if he is getting capped if we were to sell him
  12. Where out players could be assaulted (again) and it gets swept under the carpet while the governing bodies find time to ban our fans for doing the work of the police although i am anything but a fan of man united or Liverpool but there has been a lot of events that have seen them turn on there own fa and majority have of there fans have put there club before country
  13. Ok if you want to support Scotland I still find it cringy with everything that has happened to from the rest of Scottish football and the national team thats up to you just wait until this Saturday and pitodrie in 2 weeks and see if you are all the same opinion
  14. I do find it cringy and I can't take anyone that supports Scotland still as a serious Rangers fan
  15. You should do as there support hate every bit of us and done everything to kill us as a team
  16. Fuck Scotland absolute cringe the amount of Rangers fans wanting them to do well
  17. Would have been heartbroken that's terrible breaking down at that time in the morning
  18. Vwbear

    FIFA 17 Ratings

    I still think ibrox will be in the game
  19. Vwbear

    FIFA 17 Ratings

    Is ibrox in the game?
  20. If I can't get the top a will just wear my England 1 hopefully that doesn't upset anyone
  21. Well i will be wearing the new top on Saturday and if sons of shite or the lionbrand brigade have a problem with it they can go fuck right off
  22. Aye they were going at the disabled fans where you even there ya twat ? If yes most probably in the hibs end with an im with nicola t shirt
  23. Unfortunately some on here would run away like a theif in the night
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