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  1. Shocking scenes

    Anyone yesterday see fighting in the stands around the JH 5 area ? Was set next to a boy couldn't have been older than 14 and the guy smashed him in the head for no apparent reason then one of his idiot pals decided to punch his mate next to him and when a woman from the row behind tried to help the young guy she was greeted with a mouthful of spit ? wasn't going to post this but really want to know if anyone saw or knows of these guy cause I'm sure you'll all agree that kind of shit isn't only out of order but just disgusting.
  2. Physical prowess

    Is rossiter still injured think he'd have been a cracking CDM with windass AM and garner and miller up front ? Also why has Wilson been dropped ? The guy seemed to thrive in his first spell with the club being alongside an experienced CB like weir so why not give him a run of games alongside hill he seems to be the most experienced CB we have ? Don't rate Kiernan at all and the 4-3-3 seems to have had its day clubs now know our system and are exploiting our faults in dire need of a rethink.
  3. Liepzig travel & accomm

    Flying Edinburgh stansted leipzig way there the train to Berlin to go Berlin stansted Edinburgh on the way back £80 can't grumble at those prices. Staying in leipzig but and it seems most bears are opting to stay in Berlin....should be bouncing but anyone have any idea when the club will announce anything bout tickets ? ????
  4. Forrester

    Well that's a lot of pish......if you followed any of our players on social you'd see there a pretty tight bunch forrester always on Instagram with pictures of him and windass and Wes as well......don't understand where your getting he's no interested from either the mangers starting policy stink players with average sometimes even bellow average performances get a run of games.
  5. Damarcus Beasley ??? says it all to be fair.....cunt wouldn't get a game for Queen's Park ??
  6. Matt Gilks

    I'd play him Wednesday night and see how he gets on to see if it a one game wonder or he can genuinely challenge for the no1 spot think the difference from set Pieces was there for all to see gilks commanded his box a lot better than what we've seen from Wes....think he could have his work cut out if gilks gets the nod
  7. Fans Yesterday

    Felt our support especially the UB were pretty flat I was sat in the north and there wasn't a great atmosphere there either although I can understand how frustrating the game it's self was but being "ultras" is singing non stop 90 mins regardless especially a derby game much more motivation do you need ? Loved the display but it's worth nothing if you can't get behind the team for 90 mins...??
  8. Safe Standing at Ibrox

    would love a safe standing section at ibrox the majority of europe has it and now British clubs are beginning to catch up to apparently there is some kind of vote happening the start of next year involving all 20 EPL clubs on whether it would be a good things for there respective clubs and the league watched a debate last week about the issue on the youtube channel "ball street" and they spoke about whether liverpool may abstain from the vote due to there previous history i think eventually itll be wide spread and the club should really look into as there seems to be a pretty big demand for it.....unless you were about bare witness to a "horrible crime" and prefer watching smackdown on a saturday
  9. atlantic league back on?

    would be all for it if the murmurs are true about the UCL being an invite only with bayern seeming to be leading the charge aswell as all the corporate skullduggery going on think the problem would be travelling for supporters as well as it being whether its even economically viable what happens if we were to opt out of the SPFL and for it to run for a couple of years with little if any success would we have to grovel for re entry into the league to those scumbags reckon its a massive risk.
  10. James Traynor embarrassed our Manager

    journo was asked for a different question and kept perusing the subject if anything the guy deserves credit for standing up for warbs instead of letting the mHedia grill him with there pish.
  11. Anyone who's a fan of European football id highly recommend giving "Istanbul united" a watch really interesting to see how all of there rival supporters came together against the Turkish gov ??
  12. The next Scotland manager

    Derek mcinnes been heavily linked reckon he'd leave the sheep for a bash at it.