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  1. Sums it up really. Embarrassing.
  2. Hyndman named young player of the year. Millers goal against Aberdeen a couple of weeks ago goal of the season.
  3. Another 90 minutes for Waghorn
  4. Pathetic, gutless, simply no where near good enough. The majority of this squad can get tae fuck and if king doesn't invest to sort this shite out he can get to fuck as well.
  5. This is fucking painful to watch. Fearing the worst here.
  6. I was in the 20 club before the semi final of the league cup, was heaving. A lot of buses stop there before heading on to Hampden.
  7. Absolutely shocked when I read the news this morning. 44 is no age at all. RIP big man.
  8. Was done earlier on Twitter mate. @obanlad1970 done it
  9. Pure nae chance
  10. Thanks to @mafia32 for the tickets for the old firm at Ibrox. Promised next day delivery after payment and they were. My fault for missing the postman but will collect them tomorrow. Thanks again mate
  11. Exactly what I would go with that unless Hill is fit, if he is get him in for Bates.
  12. Net 71 in the medal today. Not too bad. Left a few out there and a few shite putts.
  13. Enjoyed these goals. 2-0 up and they fucked it up! Big Jelavic was class that day.
  14. Makes the difference mate. No point in slicing a drive 250 when you can put one down the middle more often at 230.