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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    @kerryfail on twitter tonight is tremendous
  2. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    Was dry where I was mate. Couple of passing showers but it was really windy so just blew them over.
  3. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    Net 71 for me in the medal this morning. Net 66 leading it.
  4. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    Ping i20s. Not one of the latest models but they suit me.
  5. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    Couldn't hit anything yesterday in the gents open. Said I wasn't playing for a while. Was back down today and hit a net 62 best round I've played a day too late
  6. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    Just caught the last few overs of this match. Enjoying it. Always looks a great day at T20 finals day.
  7. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    Had our gents open this morning. Absolutely fucking horrific. Chucked it on the 7th and stuck a NR in. That's the clubs away for a month
  8. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    I would take him on the tour and see how he does in the warm up games.
  9. Bruno Alves stomach bug.

    As long as hes back fit next weekend Im not fussed.
  10. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    I think Lyon will have a part to play in the Ashes. I wonder how England will line up, the top order is no where near settled. Cook seems to be all or nothing, who he opens with is a mystery. Granted Stoneman got a half century in the last test but it its a much bigger challenge facing the Aussie pace bowlers in their conditions. Westly is no where near good enough. Root is the only one settled in there, scores runs for fun. Stokes at 5 is too high for me. I like Bairstow but I think his place in the team is safe as the focus is on the top of the order. I cant think of a better number 7 in the world over Moeen. Then in to the tail. Broad is a walking wicket just now, not been the same since he got hurt down under, will be interesting to see how he copes this time round. Should be an interesting series as both sides have problems!
  11. Expectations Now The Window's Shut

    We need to win our next two games in the league before we play the taigs. The team need a bit of confidence going in to that game or we are fucked. I still expect us to finish second, long way to go in the season, it will be between us and the sheep. Hibs have proved they are up for the big games against us but drop silly points against poorer teams, Hamilton & Dundee. St Johnstone won't be able to consistently pick up points and Hearts are pish.
  12. Game 4 Grenfell

    Hope big Hill knocks fuck out Sutton.
  13. On this day 2008

    Im sure that was Cousins last game for us, looked brilliant that day, bullied McManus.
  14. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    Couldn't see anything but an England win today. Fair play to the WIndies! Makes the last test interesting at least.
  15. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    Where are you playing that mate?