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  1. ITV4 at 9 tonight. The Gazza movie/doc is on.
  2. Played the Friday medal last night. Beat by a stroke. There was 6 of us so we went out in two threes. Done a stableford between us too for some cash beat by a point. Played the sweep this morning, stableford again. Beat by two points. I Give up
  3. Castle park in East Lothian. User name is a bit old now. Not in livi anymore
  4. It is brilliant mate, funny you say that, guy I played last week said the exact same about the roll.
  5. Will never forget that daft celebration!
  6. Got a friday medal tomorrow after work, can't wait to get out and play in this weather!
  7. It was a bus parade for trophy they won 50 years ago Liverpool have won it 5 times and don't go on about it as much them!
  8. Sacrifices a bit of distance but no wild slices! I've got the M2 its an unbelieveable club.
  9. I went up to a 10.5 and its miles better was using 9.5, as Geneva_ger said lessons help, I only started playing last year. Tried to battle through without lesson but eventually went for some. Made a massive difference.
  10. What loft do you have on your driver mate? I had that issue went with a higher loft and its made a massive difference.
  11. Really wanted it to work out for Halliday, just wasn't to be. Wish him the best of luck wherever he ends up.
  12. Stableford medal today. 19 points on the way out. Thought I was in with a sniff, 14 on the way back. Pish.
  13. Didn't even bother going to the course today because of the weather. Stableford medal tomorrow. Hoping it's a bit better for that.
  14. Expecting plenty of this today Pedro.
  15. Hopefully we see a Partick style celebration when we pump them at Easter Road next year