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  1. Dundee Roll Call

    I’m in. Day off tomorrow heading up early
  2. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    He’s turning in to an all or nothing player.
  3. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    Looks like play will start at 3.30am so will see the afternoon/evening sessions.
  4. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    I’ve got the highlights recording each morning. Off on Friday so will stay up on Thursday night for some of it. Up to Dundee on Friday so will watch it when I get back from that. Probably pished and not remember any of it
  5. *** The Official Dundee V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Got to try something different. I would go Fod Cardoso Alves McCrorie Tav John Jack Windass Holt Hardie Morelos Chances of that happening are zero.
  6. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    Looks like Ball is going to be fit for tomorrow. Think England will line up 1. Cook 2. Stoneman 3. Root 4. Vince 5. Malan 6. Bairstow 7. Moeen 8. Woakes 9. Broad 10. Ball 11. Anderson I can see Root going in at 3 this series considering how vulnerable the battling line up looks. Anyone see the news about Broad getting hit by a stray golf ball when he was on the putting green on their day off? Probably some Aussie aiming for him!
  7. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    Barncroft and Warner to open then? Will be interesting to see if England go with Overton in the first test.
  8. I think we will go Wes Tav Alves McCrorie John Candieas Holt Jack Windass Miller Morelos
  9. NI v Switzerland

    That is a shocking decision
  10. Ryan Jack

    Nah. Was curious to see what kind of reaction he got and seen it after 30 seconds so turned it back over. Prefer watching football that means something.
  11. Ryan Jack

    Back to the Northern Ireland game. Fuck watching those scumbags.
  12. Ryan Jack

    Booed already. What a sad bitter bunch.
  13. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    My side would be 500+ declared before the number 7 would be in! See the man with the greatest name in the England side Jake Ball has sprained his ankle now? Possibly another bowler down.
  14. Dundee vs Rangers - Premiership

    Aye my mate from Dundee got us a couple today. Not sure how many are left.