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  1. *** The Official Rangers V Aberdeen Match Thread ***

    Don't care what the formation is just fucking win Rangers.
  2. ***Rumours thread***

    Really hope theres something in that would be an amazing signing!
  3. ***Rumours thread***

    I believe we were, not seen McNair play in a while but i think hes still highly rated at United
  4. ***Rumours thread***

    Boy on twitter saying Paddy McNair anyone heard anything?
  5. ****Official St. Mirren v Rangers thread****

    Hopefully back to winning ways for this one 2-0 to the bears
  6. ****The Official Rangers v Alloa thread****

    Hopefully a good performance and a good scoreline 4-0
  7. *****The Official Hivs vs Rangers Thread*****

    Awk well still 13 points clear, back to winning ways on Saturday Rangers.