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  1. No argument with that but i meant hanging on because we were down to 10 men and only 1 goal in it. Anything can happen in those circumstances!
  2. Totally agree mate. Away games = high blood pressure!
  3. Only be great when we can beat the scum to the real prize , not 1 game against them. Having said that, i know where you are coming from😊
  4. In our 4 wins away from home 3 of them ( Hamilton , St Mirren and St Johnstone ) were achieved by getting really late goals. In the other( Hearts) we were hanging on like fuck with 10 men so we could quite easily have dropped points in some / all of these games. No way can you properly challenge for a title with away form like that W4 , D4 ,L3.
  5. At least i'll get a buzz from that !
  6. Cheers pal - i want to order some stuff but if it comes back without being embroidered i would be as well just ordering the home shirt. It's difficult to tell just by looking on-line !
  7. Can anyone let me know if all the training tops on gersstoreonline are embroidered? I know it will be covered somewhere on the forum but feck knows where. Appreciate any help !
  8. Any so called Rangers fan who does is an enemy within and should be treated the same as any Irish Republican sympathiser. Indeed the traitor to our beliefs is the bigger enemy and scum of the earth!
  9. Great point about the innocent ones - nothing justifies that!
  10. There is no way with a support of our size we aren't going to have the odd rocket. We, as a support don't go out our way to fight with the locals or with the police. Sure ,we are loud and drink too much but when policed properly there are generally no major issues!
  11. That will be the same pissed up element who were praised by the Macedonian police a few weeks back!
  12. Yes, agreed on that. Apologies for my initial reaction- it was down to frustration more than anything else!
  13. You are asking for more answers on a forum when the people who were there don't even know why the polis went tonto. The Rangers fans started fuck all on Thursday night- they reacted only to trouble from locals and the polis and you come on and try to SUGGEST they must have had their reasons. With friends like you who needs enemies!
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