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  1. Possibly Kent or is he ruled out ?
  2. No argument with that but i meant hanging on because we were down to 10 men and only 1 goal in it. Anything can happen in those circumstances!
  3. Totally agree mate. Away games = high blood pressure!
  4. Only be great when we can beat the scum to the real prize , not 1 game against them. Having said that, i know where you are coming from😊
  5. In our 4 wins away from home 3 of them ( Hamilton , St Mirren and St Johnstone ) were achieved by getting really late goals. In the other( Hearts) we were hanging on like fuck with 10 men so we could quite easily have dropped points in some / all of these games. No way can you properly challenge for a title with away form like that W4 , D4 ,L3.
  6. We'll be the judge of that
  7. Supporting a national team should be about identity. I am a proud Brit so my national anthem is God Save The Queen and i adore the Union Flag- Scotland fans hate everything associated with that so i hope they get fucked every time and don't qualify for another tournament til Scott Broon is at least 99!
  8. Nerlinger is to be registered as a player too- the boy has potential
  9. Let you know as soon as i hear!
  10. I only know 1 who does and he is a fud but maybe that is just a coincidence!
  11. You going M ? I need a date i will sell you steakbake for the night for 1 bottle of bud Not overnight but-that would cost 6 buds although people would gossip!
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