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  1. Alves in this league should be a standout,defensive giant,leader, and a good teacher to the young CB next to him. Really have a good feeling about Morelos,if he gets the chances Waghorn had last year he could be a Golden boot contender. (i can but dream)
  2. Imperial Bears,Rangers FC, Club1872 statements....jab,jab,hook........cant wait for the killer punch.
  3. I know we know who the biggest culprits are, but would still be nice of him to name them in black and white....still impressed he even used the word "boycott" to be honest.
  4. No-one has mentioned his remarks on the media yet..... " It is unfortunate that we have already witnessed typical bouts of hysterical reporting from certain sections of the media and we should continue to ignore those responsible by boycotting their publications and outlets. He should name and shame the biggest culprits.
  5. Bravo..........1st time i"ve cracked a smile since Tuesday.
  6. Whilst Pedro Caixinha is a gamble,any new manager is a gamble no matter their reputation(Paul Le Guen) The big difference between these two is Le Guen came in and tried to make radical changes to players too set in their ways.(either unwilling or unable to change to his style of training/play. Pedro on the other hand has seen last years squad up close for a good spell at the end of the season.....he will know already who he wants to keep,and the players in question know if they have the ambition to want to work with him. Also,of the the new signings,quite a few have either worked under him already,or played in the same league as him,so know what is expected of them.....i am quietly optimistic that this could be a special season.
  7. Oscar plays for some unheard of Chinese team.......would you knock him back for the same reason? These shitty teams pay big money,its all about the money.
  8. Very true......but most of these players wont be here next season (at least not starters) I say yes as in the next year or two we might need 2 or 3 of these boys to step up,and who knows them better than him,Added to the fact that our last 3 performances have been arguably our best 3 of the season.
  9. Both teams to score 1st half/2nd half 16/1 Hoping that with the knowledge that the new manager is watching from the stands this team is playing to stay at Ibrox or back down the road to Accrington,Wigan or whatever shithole they came from.
  10. Horrible,horrible news,my thoughts are with the family and friends of all involved,and hope those injured recover well.
  11. That was a great presser by our Captain,spoken with heartfelt passion, unlike others who bump their gums about anything and everything to sell a few more books. Remember Lee,form is temporary,class is permanent
  12. Shouldn"t this be in the transfers forum........or start a new " Pie in the sky" forum.
  13. You mean the court system where Rangers fans get jailed for singing and supporters of them can post vile sectarian pish,plead guilty in court,and walk???
  14. Although this was predicted by many, to see them actually release a statement like that is truly astonishing,surreal even. This is a make or break statement coming up from our board,all eyes are on you Mr King,not just in the statement,but following through on whatever it says.unlike the last one.
  15. I like,but would snazi not work better.....