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  1. Postmatch interviews

    Murty should be a postman,they get the sack everyday.
  2. Postmatch interviews

    Either the autocorrect was drunk,or me
  3. Postmatch interviews

    It seems that Rangers have barred Murty from speaking to the media postmatch.
  4. Happy days at the friday Training.

    So like McDowell before him,he is not really 100% wanting to be the manger.
  5. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    I think the board do care.........they are just totally incompetent and don't have an idea of how to fix this clusterfuck.
  6. Hold your head up in work tomorrow

    Been on this site for a while.enjoy the comments ,but don't post much..........but I have to say that is the stupidest sentence I have read in the 52 years I have been able to read.
  7. A defender scoring

    The best thing about that clip is that the stadium is still full...........long may it continue.
  8. Sun scum

    This shows how low these scummy fucks will stoop. http://www.givemesport.com/842679-paul-gascoignes-sister-accuses-the-sun-of-mocking-her-family Absolutely disgusting behaviour, but not unexpected.
  9. Spiers in the Hamilton end

    99 problems, but this dick ain't one.
  10. Caption...

    How many dhims does it take to trigger a stadium ban?
  11. Morelos

    Only going by what Tom the commentator said when ref was speaking to him "he doesnt speak a word of English" (probably knows a few sweary words)
  12. Morelos

    He is a gem,and this team will improve further,the more they get used to each others play, and also remember he doesnt speak a word of English yet.
  13. SFA refuse to reopen case against Rangers

    They are still in their positions because they are still useful to the puppetmaster from the darkside.
  14. Fair do"s Put me down for a red Made in Glasgow(large) 12 quid....and 20 quid to Erskine.(Don"t seem to have the pound sign in this foreign laptop.)
  15. Morelos

    Early days.......but........ Ace In The Pack oldbear replied to Orange and Blue's topic in The Bears' Den Alves in this league should be a standout,defensive giant,leader, and a good teacher to the young CB next to him. Really have a good feeling about Morelos,if he gets the chances Waghorn had last year he could be a Golden boot contender. (i can but dream) July 17 126 replies