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  1. Sorry, he is MBE (Steve Davis) the snooker player is OBE👍
  2. Once you hear it, you can't unhear it. How do you stop bleeding ears?
  3. Doubt they would print that, would need RFF or the board to pay for a page in their rag and print it word for word.
  4. No, but after years of clusterfuck after clusterfuck on and off the pitch it is another step up the ladder to being back where we should be. Since the summer I think we have being climbing the ladder 2 rungs at a time, and when that 2nd goal went in and I heard "we shall not be moved" being sung again, it brought a wee tear to my eye. 55 is coming, and sooner than I thought.
  5. The beauty of this statement is that we were not defeated, we won the game and still felt the need to highlight the bizarre refereeing, unlike that mob, who have a gripe after every loss,usually to deflect from a poor performance. Then again, they are masters at deflection.
  6. Think it was at press conference..
  7. This........ As with the scum game we gave them to much respect and backed off them in the 1st half, then played much more like the way we can in the 2nd half.
  8. It is a full house on Sunday, if we win it will be their last full house until we play there again?
  9. You can't just forfeit one leg of a tie, if that were so, we could beat them 4-0 at Ibrox, forfeit the 2nd leg, and go through 4-3.?
  10. Wishing you the speediest of recoveries.... No surrender.
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