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  1. Were we right to sell McKay?

    100% not. Mckay is a goood player with lots of potential and forrest got him for next to nothing. At his best hes easily a 7 figure player and we have suffered because a poor manager didn't know how to treat him when he was playing shite.
  2. My aunt married one of them. He cheated on her for years and was a pathological liar about it. He would always try and sweep it under the carpet whenever confronted about it. I notice this is a recurring theme amongst them. She has since remarried a bear and much happier now.
  3. Absolute disgrace we have a 38 year old striker playing in CM when we spent millions on a player who is nowhere near the first team.
  4. Herrera ?

    I Want the big man to do well, but some of those misses were horrific.
  5. Positives about Pedro

    He´s got really good hair... Apart from that Im struggling
  6. Will big Bruno be travelling straight to Glasgow or is he going on a short holiday?
  7. Let's be honest here

    That's the harsh brutal reality. Screwed financially if we sack him, screwed if we don't. It was utter,utter madness giving an unknown manager a 3 year contract.
  8. This is the worst Ive felt out of the 5 OF losses this season. To lose 5-1 at home with no heart and no passion. Sickening.
  9. Aye and lets sign boruc,mcgeady and brown as well! Ffs.
  10. I swear if the TVs cameras shows Rod Stewart celebrating Im putting my shoe through the telly
  11. Halliday off at HT please
  12. NOW TV Subscription For Sunday

    Aye youll get an email asking if you want to renew. I recomend now tvs week pass at £11 as normally theres at least one orther worth watching and its better value for money.
  13. NOW TV Subscription For Sunday

    Afraid not
  14. Fantastic by Beerman

    Probably worth at least 50 million in Dembele dollars.
  15. Who's going and who's staying?

    Probably Senderos. One of our worst ever signings.