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  1. sh323

    Motherwell family section

    Me and a few mates got done by this last season at Morthwell. Got 2 adults + 2 kids tickets somehow by an "admin error" off the bus company. Wasnt allowed in and had to go to the local boozer instead.
  2. sh323

    Are all the spare Season Tickets sold

    Just got one there in club deck, only other tickets left were for family stand.
  3. sh323

    The game at the weekend

    If its doing something to avoid them winning the league against us then I think it's worth at least a debate about.
  4. sh323

    The game at the weekend

    I heard today in work that a few celtic fans are hoping they lose against Hibs so that they have a chance of winning the league at Parkhead against us. Is anybody else thinking about we could draw/lose to Hearts to stop this? The thought came across my mind but surely we cant lay down to another team at home.
  5. sh323

    Were we right to sell McKay?

    100% not. Mckay is a goood player with lots of potential and forrest got him for next to nothing. At his best hes easily a 7 figure player and we have suffered because a poor manager didn't know how to treat him when he was playing shite.
  6. Absolute disgrace we have a 38 year old striker playing in CM when we spent millions on a player who is nowhere near the first team.
  7. This is the worst Ive felt out of the 5 OF losses this season. To lose 5-1 at home with no heart and no passion. Sickening.
  8. I swear if the TVs cameras shows Rod Stewart celebrating Im putting my shoe through the telly
  9. Halliday off at HT please
  10. sh323

    Confusion Over Management Team's Future

    If the story's are true tonight then I'm really happy with the board tonight. It was the right thing to do; MW has pushed us as far as he could, he knew the job was to big for him, you can tell by his body language for the last 4 months, he knew that the fans wanted for him to go, fair enough going for anorther job down south. Totally unaccepatble how he's used the club like a trampoline and tried to bounce back in like nothing happened. The club were absolute right to call his bluff.
  11. sh323

    Joey sent home

    Joey Barton has the potential to be one of our worst ever signings. Very disappointing considering how well he played at Burnley.
  12. Absolutely disgusting performance, I can't believe we had a whole summer to buy a defence and bought Hill and Senderos, I get that we don't have the resources as Celtic but surely we should be able to buy a half decent defender who is in there prime and can head a ball and complete a simple pass?
  13. Wes Tav Senderos Wilson Wallace Barton Forrestor Windass Waghorn Garner McKay
  14. No worries, Ive been a Rangers and Scotland fan since I was five, I just block out all the SFA corruption, tartan army wanks, ce*tic pro bias etc.... Maybe it is a bit naive, guess im just a glass half full kinda person.
  15. I say, "my country" because I was born here, they are literally millions of scotish people who dont support scotland football team. It really doesnt make them any less Scottish. Just because you dont support scotland in a sport doesnt make you anti scottish.