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  1. Martin Bain

    Aye, McCoist maybe
  2. Martin Bain

    Aye right, maniac 👍
  3. Martin Bain

  4. It's still all about the Rangers

    Yeah it looks like it, I’m not making any sense there, ha WATP
  5. It's still all about the Rangers

    Aye it all bout the Rangers, and show his just highlighted this shite. wanker
  6. Rangers related picture thread

  7. Rangers related picture thread

  8. Rangers related picture thread

  9. Rangers related picture thread

  10. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    I’m all ears - seriously my ears are fuckin huge.
  11. You'd think Glasgow was a one club city

    Right that’s that shithole noted. Thanks bro Ha
  12. BBC the impartial broadcasters

    No chance. If this had been our back to back treble there would have been nothing like this bus route given the go ahead. I’m sure of it
  13. Rangers related picture thread

    Obscure is your middle name 👍
  14. Rangers related picture thread

    Oh, I see now. All new to me
  15. Rangers related picture thread

    I’ve no idea who he is, any chance of a little more info ?