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  1. Is Pedro worse than Warburton?

    Worse than McCoist !
  2. Pedro Caxinha: Stay or go?

    "You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go". "Leo Amery"
  3. Get Pedro Out !

    Nice one ??
  4. Get Pedro Out !

    Nae bother 'Waggy'
  5. Get Pedro Out !

    Not embarrassed at all I've got nothing personal against the guy but he's not gonna last next season so why not get rid of him now
  6. Get Pedro Out !

    Aye the players are woeful no doubt but so is he, get him tae fuck now
  7. ***** The Official Rangers V Tarriers Match Thread *****

    Pedro's still in charge & DK's still here, get right back on it??
  8. Get Pedro Out !

  9. Get Pedro Out !

    We aren't even close to finishing 2nd
  10. Get Pedro Out !

    We would get a reaction, when Walter Smith came back after PLG we won 5-0 against D.Utd at Ibrox in his 1st game if I remember right, beat them 1-0 at the girodome wi Sebo upfront, he's gonna have these players again next season, who says their leaving ? Who'll take them ? Do you think DK gonna find cash to replace a full squad ?
  11. Get Pedro Out !

    He's absolute pish & he won't be Rangers manager this time next year
  12. Get Pedro Out !

    He resigned
  13. Get Pedro Out !

    No, but the possibility of 10iar is as real as the nose on your face
  14. Get Pedro Out !

    He's not made any improvement to this squad tactically, none of the players seem to have reacted to him for the better, can we really trust him with whatever amount of money we'll have to spend in the summer ? The board should cut their losses & get rid of him now, gie Murty the job for the last few weeks of the season & use the time to get someone who knows the British/Scottish game.