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  1. Millers Agent

    That's a good point mate. Whatever the truth about the leak it's an OTT way for a manager to act by talking to the press about it. That would go for any player let alone one with Kenny's standing with the club. He probably couldn't even know for sure. With these I just give the manager his due as he's the most important guy. A bit like Warburton with Barton. But Pedro has made this into the fuss it's become. Millers now also playing the cunt though through his agent so best he goes soon.
  2. Rangers quotes

    Always liked McLeish's "In a hundred years of unsurpassed dignity" about us accepting results and not resorting to bullying referees. Had the victims sussed and was basically calling them a bunch of pathetic wankers
  3. Pedros Presser

    Maybe in terms of final result but surely that Red Imps mob are a lot smaller than Progres? We lost a game to a shit team but its more that we went out that made it worse. The fact the vermin are supposed to be world beaters and lost to a team from a rock with a few pubs on it is far worse in terms of a loss. Red Imps don't even represent a country. The press glossed over that result. Given the circumstances it's a worse result and that's just from recent ones. No doubt lots of our teams have had similar ones. I remember many teams I've never heard of putting out the sheep, Hibs, and the rest. It was terrible but Scottish football is having a laugh making out it's the worst thing ever giving the circumstances.
  4. Pedros Presser

    Think last season it was against Killie when he announced the line up. I suppose you can't win with the press up here but I like the way he's his own man and doesn't give a fuck what anyone thinks. That's partly what we will need in a manager as everyone up here is out to make a whipping boy out of whoever tries to step up to the plate and get us going again. His calling out of the tramps over how much Brown and the rest get away with shit is the type of thing that would be considered smart if Jose did it because you do get the benefit of the doubt too often when your on top. We are facing a fight on all fronts and I don't think Pedro will let us down when it comes to saying what needs said. The man has character in abundance. Coming out to face the fans after the disaster in Europe was probably the most honest and ballsy thing I've seen a football manager do. I never wanted him and was dismayed by the way we played under him last season. It's partly why I've not been posting much as I didn't want to constantly moan on here and depress every cunt. It is what it is though and now I'm not so sure if the guys we could have got would do any better in the long run. The likes of McInnes would no doubt get us doing better more quickly but we know their ceiling is probably below Rodgers even without the gap in finances. From what I've seen we are improving but still have huge short comings in terms of the quality of the first 11 but even more so in terms of depth to the squad. I'm now thinking we might as well give this guy the season and another window before judging him because it's a huge and unlikely task for any one to achieve 55 at the moment. We will likely end up just rotating managers and going no where if we don't give any of them time to build properly. If we get second and are a good bit ahead of the rest then it's probably as good as it was going to get this year. I don't think anyone else outwith big names who won't come would manage to win the title soon anyway. It's just the reality of what's been done to us. The more I listen to Pedro on football though and watch the team play the more I think he does know what he's doing and what he wants from the team. We're a lot more direct and solid as a unit and do not waste time making pointless passes which is important when you need to maximise outcomes from a squad that is weaker than we are used to. It's not pretty at times but it's the way we need to go because we will not be able to match the filth for quality for some time. Time will tell and it's likely Pedro won't get any or will come up short anyway but here's hoping we keep improving and he does start to win stuff because the more we keep changing the more things will likely stay the same. We will eventually need to give someone time to fix the mess of the past five years. Might as well see were we're at come the end of the season before judging Pedro because the task is unenviable. He will have to produce a consistently winning team with relatively inexpensive players who are mostly not accustomed to needing to be constant winners. Its going to take time for any manager to develop and drill that into whatever players we can afford.
  5. The Boxing News Thread

    Yeah his physical attributes are more important than his boxing ability. It seems impossible to hurt the guy, he throws sledge hammers at you, and has the engine to go at you for the full 12 rounds. If he was just equal to the other top guys in these aspects Canelo would have beat him up and knocked him out last night. He's so tough, powerful, and relentless though that its near impossible to beat him. It would take a bigger Mayweather to outclass him clearly enough to win hands down. Without his physical gifts though most of the top p4p guys would beat him if they were the same size because he's not that quick, isn't great defensively, has little upper body or head movement, and cant fight on the back foot. To post on the thread in general though, I liked Canelo in the fight. He made GGG miss and look sloppy a lot, hit him with some good shots, missed a lot less, so more accurate, went toe-to-toe a lot before moving after landing, took some good shots himself, even let GGG throw his load at him on the ropes and then punched him back across the ring at times, and looked pretty comfortable to me. That's no easy task given he was up against a freak and is not used to fighting on the back foot so much. I thought he would be the better boxer on the night but doubted his ability to handle Golovkin's power which he managed to do so well he was happy to sit against the ropes and shake his head like Mayweather. I was impressed with Canelo but fighting GGG puts you on a hiding to nothing because you cant hurt him, he's powerful as fuck and can hurt you, and so you've little chance of making him go backwards whilst his great engine means he comes at you swinging for 12 rounds. So he presses most of the fight, throws a lot more, and wins even if he doesn't get the KO. His work rate is tremendous. As you say he's the real deal when it comes to being a beast as well. Canelo hit him with his big KO punches like his uppercut and a right hand similar to the one that nearly killed Khan and he hardly noticed. He walked through the right hand and when his head came back down from the upper-cut he just screwed up his face and threw a barrow load of vicious punches back at him Got to give respect to anyone who gets into a ring and has a go against him. Must be the hardest boxer of my lifetime. I thought Golovkin done enough to win because he's so relentless and always throwing. Canelo impressed me more but he didn't do enough. GGG pressed the fight and must have landed a fair bit more over the piece despite missing so much. I don't see anyone beating him now until he's completely past it because no one will be able to take the fight to him enough to outpunch him without getting put to sleep or to KO him. I liked Canelo so had it close but gave it to Golovkin by about two rounds. The judge who scored it 118-110 needs sacked. You couldn't have given that even if Canelo was your son ffs. Good fight though. You don't get many Golovkins and Canelo took some good punches from him and coped well overall. I wasn't sure if he was over-rated because of the hype but he looks the real deal to me after that and I cant see him losing to anyone else. I think Golovkin's just too much for anybody.
  6. Anyone speak French?

    "I'm expecting an easy win for the PSG tonight unlike when they faced the Rangers and got their leetle French arses spanked. Even when I was with Marseille we had to put a lot of francs in envelopes just to get a draw against them. They are a real club, the real deal, but thankfully we only face Glasgow's bitch club tonight. We only worried about the smell as they is dirty fenians".
  7. Hibs: Statement

    Yeah poor choice of words on my part. Was just surprised to wake up and find them among the first clubs to desert the circle of Rangers haters. Any decent fucker would have done it in 2012 right enough. It is a waste of time anyway as supposedly they can't punish us anymore. I think even the scum are just going through the motions with all this to appease their demented supporters. I think its about more than just the cash though. Most of them will know fine well what was done to us was unprecedented and way over the top. I reckon out with one or two clubs the fenians are the only ones with enough genuine hate to want another witch hunt. It's a level of sickness I'm glad I'll never understand. The 90s destroyed their lives (that generation are still completely owned by Rangers and always will be) and so they made a massive deal out of all this shite whilst we were down because it was the only way they were ever going to get one over on us. I think it's the underlying inferiority complex that made them so vulnerable. I'm glad though as it will stay with the stupid bastards for decades. But I think this is just a sign that the rest will no longer support the bitter cunts because anyone can see what's driving it after all we've been through already. Thank fuck we managed to come through this without losing any of our trophies though because as OTT as that would have been, that's what they tried to do with that 5 way agreement. Now the sickness will be at an all time high when we get back in among the trophies. Once we do we need to put some distance between us again and make sure we never take risks again no matter what sort of money is flying about elsewhere in Europe. But that's how pathetic they and their club are that they hijack us being bought by a fraudster and having financial problems to try and get closer to us in terms of trophies won. All I can say is thank fuck my dad wasn't one of them as I couldn't stand being that pathetic and bitter that I had to make up all these excuses and tales of oppression because another football club was better than my own. All that shite instead of just admitting to being second best, giving up the myths, and freeing themselves from illness. It's some state they be in. That's what this shite has always been about and why they don't care about the tax affairs of their owner, CEO, players, and all the rest of them who also use tax schemes. Ah but it wisnae run by the club they shout. Manky moralising hypocritical bastards
  8. Hibs: Statement

    Good to see some common decency by some of these clubs. Stevie Wonder can see our club has been royally fucked over by Scottish football and the media. Anymore punishment would just have exposed the hatred that has driven all this even more. What was inflicted upon Rangers was so shameful that I'm not surprised many want to leave it behind and not be reminded by what they took part in. If anything it will anger me more in the years to come that we never got an inquiry into the attempted bullying and social witch hunt that was unleashed upon us for using common tax saving schemes and being bought by a fraudster. The interesting thing here is what GMCF referred to above. Neil Doncaster looks to have outed himself as a representative of celtic here by being dishonest when saying all clubs were behind his call for another inquiry. He's got to go for this if there is to be any chance of fairness in Scottish football.
  9. The Boxing News Thread

    Aye that's normally the way. Golovkin is smarter and more measured than most though and keeps his distance whilst waiting to hurt you rather than just flying in like a Tyson or Frazier. It also looks to me like Canelo tires more than him. I think it will just be that Canelo can beat that style because of his counter punching ability that makes the difference. That's if he can handle the pace and power right enough. For me Golovkin will need to knock him out as I don't see him landing better than Canelo. I hope the bookies are giving decent odds on Alverez because he's unproven at the weight and going up against the proven beast of the division. I can't really pick a winner out of them because Canelo might not be able to handle Gennady's power. I'm just going with the underdog for the sake of betting and because I think he's the better boxer. Take away Golovkin's mad power and I wouldn't give him much of a chance even though he'll throw more and work harder. Got to laugh at that because it must be so frustrating fighting guy's who do less work in terms of punching and easily win fights like Mayweather. Canelo will need to be able to go full rounds without taking breathers against the ropes in this one or Golovkin will likely drop him with one of those reverse uppercuts things he throws that go up and down onto the top of your head. Must be a weird punch for a boxer to defend and he manages to KO people with it. Guys a bit of a fucking freak. That's why I've no real confidence in picking a winner. It's all about whether Canelo is as tough as he's looked in his other fights because Golovkin will find him a lot too. Handle that and I don't see how Golovkin beats him. I prefer watching Canelo and will stick a wee bet on him but I think if it was my house or life I'd probably opt for Golovkin to be honest
  10. The Boxing News Thread

    I've flipped back and forward with the Canelo v Golovkin fight but now its betting time I'm going for Canelo. Golovkin is only better at the jab and moving around the ring. It's his power that makes him the favourite. If Canelo can avoid getting hit clean by his biggest punches he should outbox him over the piece. Easier said than done right enough. I'm not underestimating GGG's boxing ability but he doesn't fight so well if he's backed up. I think Canelo is good and tough enough to keep him off of him enough to win if he can manage to take a few like Jacobs. I expect him to make Golovkin look bad at times when he comes at him. He's an aggressive counter puncher so it will suit him if he can handle the pace. Problem for him is GGG could easily put him to sleep with a single punch and never lets up If I don't bet I'll be rooting for Golovkin as the Yanks and Mexicans always do well and have champions. Our fighters and the rest of Europe never seem to get as much recognition either. That won't be possible this time if Golovkin wrecks the new golden boy.
  11. The Boxing News Thread

    I'm the same. It's the most annoying thing about boxing. It's too dominated by the Yanks. Hopefully Joshua brings most of his big fights to Britain. I Just Google like fuck to find the fight the next day. Youtube is usually where I find them. I'm not taking the chance with this one though as sometimes the videos get pulled before you see it all. Alarm clock and stream for me. Anybody know if Box Nation on Mobdro will have this with it being PPV?
  12. Mayweather vs McGregor - August 26th

    That's were I take the weans for films
  13. Mayweather vs McGregor - August 26th

    3 minute rounds. I expected to struggle cardio wise because the distance and pace is nearer and higher overall in boxing where your constantly in range and under pressure. You also need to be throwing and moving a lot more too in short sharp movements. With MMA I think the wrestling would be taxing as fuck but you can relax more often because of the amount of distance you are often allowed. I think most MMA guys would be ok with a training camp and against a boxer who is not a big pressure fighter but McGregor just seems to have bad cardio in general.
  14. The Boxing News Thread

    Good stuff from Cotto the other night. That Kamegai was tough as fuck chasing after him the whole fight. Can't remember the last time I seen someone take punches like this.
  15. Mayweather vs McGregor - August 26th

    Don't think good cardio would have mattered as Floyd would have just fought differently. I was surprised by how little power McGregor must of had because Floyd had no respect for him at all and just walked him down for the whole fight like some pound shop Tyson. Never thought I'd see Mayweather do that. He looked just about done himself with his usual speed gone. Have to laugh as McGregor looked pleased with himself afterwards but he only lasted because he was in against a smaller boxer with less power who was fighting in a way that is not his style. Seen people online saying he done better than Hatton as if Ricky spent most of the fight also going backwards. I was trying to give the boy credit but I doubt he is the real deal in his own sport either. Looked as if a wee guy like Mayweather hit harder and that he couldn't stand his ground against him. A bigger puncher his own size would have hurt him.