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  1. Harry Cochrane

    Fucksake, some kid scores against the filth and we have threads about how he was once with us and we should have kept him. Is this how far some of us have fallen?
  2. The Boxing News Thread

    Yeah that is a good win. Think he comes across like a bully rather than just someone having a laugh whilst trash talking and that maybe makes me underestimate him. I can usually get behind any British fighter too but he just always comes across as a prick. As you say though, don't think he's dangerous enough to keep the likes of Canelo, GGG, or even the boy Jacobs off him. Shame GGG nearly finished as only Jacobs looks capable of giving Canelo problems now. Edit. Just seen the full fight and kudos to Saunders. He completely schooled him and won nearly every round. Think he must give anyone a decent fight as he's a lot better than I thought. Looks good for British boxing right now with the likes of him, Joshua, Fury, Eubanks, and up and comers like Yarde, Taylor, and more.
  3. The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project. Alan Morton( Update).

    Always stood out in the books as the football God of his era. Great work as always OP
  4. December is a big month

    Good positive post that OP. Here's hoping we can win all these games
  5. The Boxing News Thread

    I thought he was a bit over hyped but he's proving to be the real deal and has easily beaten good fighters like Russell, Walters, and now Rigo. His record of taking hard fights so quickly is unusual. Russell had 26 fights and Lomachenko only 4 when they fought. These are not the typical early bums like you mention. I don't see anyone beaten him outwith maybe Crawford and he's moving up from 140 so it can't happen anytime soon. Salido pulled out of a rematch. Who do you see beating him if he's overhyped?
  6. The Boxing News Thread

    Lomachenko's promoter is a bit OTT with his praise but probably not wrong. He keeps outclassing people. Thinks he would also make Garcia quit
  7. Michel Preud'homme

    It was a drunken exaggeration piss take of the mentality of people who say we need a Scottish manager. Never realised it would catch so many off guard. Imagine Barry Ferguson or somebody did say something like that?
  8. The Boxing News Thread

    Yeah it used to annoy me sometimes but most of it was fast short punches. I liked him. That's why I meant to ask the last time because I do remember a lot of off/on pish with the Pavlik fight. His ability seemed top class though and he always looked good. I remember him not doing the slappy stuff when he was younger and beat the likes of Eubank. Proper fast accurate bang on the button punches and combinations were what he done. I think I read he used to do it when his hands were giving him trouble. He did have fucked hands a lot. Got to give him credit for the Hopkins and Roy Jones wins. Hopkins still won world titles afterwards and Jones was still good and the similar age. I think he'd have been a genuine handful for most of the all time greats if they were the same size. Always turned up and put on a show. Pretty chuffed I picked that Margarito Just thought it must have been Manny as it's a bit freaky that he was able to be world champ at some many divisions. Especially as he was a KO merchant in them all. Don't think I even watched that fight. That Margarito is one of the worst boxers I've seen at that level. Just seems to follows people around letting them beat the shit out of his face hoping to get lucky with a hook.
  9. The Boxing News Thread

    Who's this? Is it Manny V De la Hoya or Margarito? Meant to ask you the last time. What's your opinion on Calzaghe. Do you think he dodged people? Pavlik did look that way with it always seeming to get abandoned because of call offs. Do you think he deserves to be thought of as a boxing great at world level?
  10. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    On the phone or would cut and paste but look at this article for the level of bias towards celtic. An interview with Warburton about his time with us and the title and the conversation is littered with references to that lot because the reporter keeps asking about them. It's got nothing to do with them either. The last sentence is as bad as you get. It's a fucking joke they get away with this pish in stuff about Rangers. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/1951967/Rangers-mark-warburton-celtic-moussa-dembele/
  11. Michel Preud'homme

    I was taking the piss He has the best CV out of all the realistic candidates. I'd have been having serious talks with him before McInnes.
  12. Michel Preud'homme

    It was a wee joke
  13. Michel Preud'homme

    Look at the nick of this guy. Another laughing stock in the making right there. No cunt here will listen to the likes of him including half the players.
  14. The Boxing News Thread

    Aye, I think he's the other top class act around after seeing him take Indongo apart so easily. Shame it couldn't happen. I'm shocked to see Rigo quit. Allways looked like a scary wee brutal cunt to me. Nobodies meant to give up so they cant even live with Lomachenko. Only Mickey Garcia I can think of for him to fight but I think he'd win that easily too after seeing this tonight. He was brilliant, it was easy for him.
  15. The Boxing News Thread

    They keep giving up because he's so skilful. Never seen it so often before. Guy's that good.