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  1. That's what gets me as well. The arrogance is laughable. Imagine calling yourself the invincibles for winning the league when your only rival has been severely handicapped by years of shit like we have. They got all loud for a bit under that tadger O'neill as well despite having been shagged silly for over a decade by us. Shameless classless bastards. Same with the club itself with they way they exploit all this 'we came from Ireland' guff. Yet the papers seem to point the finger at us when it comes to promoting our links to NI. They have actually invented huge myths that make out their club was almost solely responsible for the emancipation of poor Catholics in Scotland. Heard their CEO referring to them as a storied club. It's clearly a marketing strategy yet not a peep from the usually half mad media. The main problem with it is that we play the role of some kind of evil institution whilst sellick fc have done every kind of good and have saved the planet. Came across a video were they had even taught kids in Thailand to sing 'celtic is a club for everyone'. That's them at the same bollocks. They wouldn't feel the need to always put things in such ways if they were just a normal club. It's trying to contrast themselves to this image of us being bigoted because of the so-called sectarian signing policy. Yet again anyone can see they have signed more Irish players than Shamrock Rovers.
  2. How popular is MMA mate? I've been surprised by the hype around this boy Conor and the talk that he's a huge star. I knew the youngsters were right into it but does it get huge viewing figures like boxing? What's your thoughts on the difference the gloves will make to the MMA guys power? As I'm thinking his only hope is to try and KO Mayweather quickly with a big mad bum rush where he gets lucky. See if it goes the way it's expected to will MMA people be pissed off with their guy for doing it? I suppose they have less to lose right enough as it's a boxing match. Just thinking it would still be bad for the sport if their top guy gets completely schooled and doesn't land anything.
  3. Me too. I know they are skilled but it's like watching a street fight. All rush and leathering cunts lying on the ground. The sort of shite you seen in the schemes and city centre. It's also a bit blink and you'll miss it as there doesn't seem to be as much emphasis on defence and the gloves, kicks, and hitting cunts on the floor just means guaranteed KOs. Doesn't have the same class as boxing for me where it's stand up, you give your man a count, a chance to recover, and don't go kneeing your opponent in the face as he's lying on his back. No doubt I'd have liked it as a teenager but boxing is more like an art and clever to watch. I'd be surprised if any MMA champ can go years of fights without defeat as the brutal and random nature of it means any cunt is at risk no matter how good because the way they clash must make it difficult for even the best to avoid getting sparked out. My young cousin and his mates think this Conor guy has this in the bag I think Mayweather will just evade the boy for a few rounds whilst hitting him with counter punches like he does before really embarrassing the guy as he spots him blowing and finishing him in the seventh with body shots. If it was a more aggressive boxer like Manny Pacquao or Dela Hoya it would be over in three unless this boy can really take pain. Two completely different sports. If Mayweather was to fuck this up it would be a huge embarrassment to boxing. That's why I think it's a bit dumb of the governing body to let it happen but money shouts as usual. I'd usually want to see him lose for being an arrogant little cunt but not this time. Fuck having all these millennials running around saying boxing is dead and this bearded half-wit is the slickest puncher out there Thankfully it almost impossible because these guys shouldn't have the ability to nail Floyd in a boxing match. He's also tough as fuck at taking the pain and surviving when he's been hit hard so that makes it seem even more unlikely. I keep thinking about putting everything I have on a Mayweather win but just don't trust that some stunt isn't going to happen here so they can spin a rematch or something. Unlikely I know but otherwise it's the sort of thing you'd think you could put your house on after the way Mayweather has dealt with all the top boxers in the world at something like five different weights.
  4. I wanted Mobdro but doesn't work on IPhone. Does this one?
  5. Good to see the club getting a bit of a profile boost in South America. Always thought we should sign more players from that part of the globe as they are usually the best at producing great players. I've got high hopes for this kid as his record is superb. Hope he becomes a legend for us and breaks through into the national team. I know it's too soon for Morelos but are Columbia qualified or likely to qualify for the World Cup?
  6. Yeah I completely agree. We should do as much as we can to stop our support in NI drifting away to EPL clubs.
  7. I don't mean the support. I mean the club itself. It could do a lot more to promote our links to NI. The way Murray got rid of Findlay for singing the sash was evidence of our club being less than proud of it's historical links with NI. Practically every Rangers supporter has been brought up singing it at Ibrox yet the club sacked the guy.
  8. Brilliant stuff as usual from this poster. Love hearing about our history. I have the Pioneers book but have yet to read it. I know, its shameful. But this is a huge thing for me. That lot are flying tri-colours from their managers tracksuits yet because of David Murray we seem to have become almost ashamed of our NI support. Being in England I've seen first hand the decline in our prestige by public views of our tops never mind people saying they support us or have us as their 2nd team. We were fucking huge down here when I was younger. Its strange now but people were not sure if Man U were bigger. That's how it was before SKY. The only doubt was about quality as their league was always had more big teams. The reason I mention this is because I hear EPL teams are encroaching into our nations. Being a two nation club has always been a privilege that most clubs don't have. Now I hear there are Chelsea tops all over NI. Our club must be idiots not to promote our links with NI. That mob rip it to impossible levels. I've still to hear why we don't though given its what clubs all over the world want. We are a true two nation club but its as if we don't want it. Its time we went to town on all our commercial let alone national and social advantages. Are we going to just let English clubs and the bollocks in the media about the OO allow us to lose a fortune and become smaller. We are and should be NI's club. This was already true but this news from the Moonlighter should just make it more obvious. Its time we were proud of our two nation tradition before its lost. Most clubs would give anything for our support in NI yet we seem to overlook it because the Daily Record says its sectarian. Time we remembered that we have two nations supporting us and promoted it as much as possible.
  9. As a non season ticket holder now I'll be there as usual but will miss the quarter final onwards as usual
  10. Is this date confirmed? Just so I can get the time off. Good quote from Pedro. This shit is important. Will take years to get our seeding back to normal. Let's start with a good 3-0 of this lot.
  11. Welcome and good luck
  12. Was never going to be good enough so good to see him off the wage bill. Tried his best so all the best to him. These new guys should be much better so the show was over for Garner anyway.
  13. That's an easy 100 pounds for 600. On paper its as good as a guarantee. Is Mayweather enough of a money grabber to let this be a win for this guy or even a draw so they can make even more on a rematch? Does this count as an official boxing match? Seems like a daft question but didn't this Conor have to get some type of license for this fight?
  14. The fact they can sell this shows just how many dumb people are out there Any top class boxer would win never mind Mayweather. Maybe its people thinking it will be funny to see that will make them pay for it. Can this thing lose money because its PPV? It's like paying to watch that daft Yankee wrestling. The Irish boy's lucky its not a more aggressive boxer or he wouldn't last 2 rounds. Doubt it will last 6 though as that's embarrassing for a boxer of Mayweather's level.