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  1. I was trying to give the guy some credit because I've seen some boxing people completely disregard his ability and talk like any decent amateur would clown him. There are also a lot of poor boxers out there. The local fighter where I live, Scott Quigq, has fought for world belts and is considered decent but doesn't look much better than guys like McGregor could be with some work. But I mean with a lot of training that would be the best I could see McGregor reaching although I still think he'd lose to guys like Ricky Burns. I was more trying to depict the difference in this situation at best for a guy who is not a full time boxer. I don't think he has any chance of going beyond round 9 and even then it will only be because Mayweather fucks around taking the piss out of him.
  2. McGregor looks good for someone who is not a boxer. He would probably beat our local fighter Scott Quigg already and he's thought for Boxing world titles. With a good bit of work he probably give the likes of Ricky Burns a run for their money. That's good considering he's in a different sport and has to train kicks and other stuff. Thats the level were guys are fighting for world titles and sometimes winning them. Not bad at all. Guys like this though are not good enough to be one of the dominate fighters in their division like a Ricky Hatton. They just manage to win belts for a little while. Your Hattons usually destroy these type of fighters and stop them going any further. Above dominant champs in divisions there is the guys who clear out and move through divisions fighting all the top guys. The P4P elite fighters of the day. The guys who have a chance of being considered all time greats. Floyd is near the top of this list. He beats you up standing his ground, on the back foot, and even when lying against the ropes. It's why fighters stop being so aggressive against him. He bangs their heads around good whilst they are the one throwing most punches. He's done this to the likes of Canelo, Marquez, and Pacquiao. He's also better than most of the top guys coming forward. So McGregor doesn't have any chance other than the daft hope of landing a big punch. It's just too big a jump for anyone to be expected to do. The boxing pundits are getting carried away though when the say things like a good amateur would beat McGregor as lots of lower level boxing is poor. We must all have seen terrible British level bouts. McGregor looks much better than some of these guys for me. Mayweather is a different kind of animal though. Look what happened when a gate keeper like Hatton stepped up. He went flying head first into the corner and went to sleep. It was even dangerous when Hatton faced Pacquaio. It's just a completely different level again. I think Hatton would destroy McGregor too. It being Floyd is the only thing that will make this fight last past three rounds. I will be suspicious if it goes past six that he's carrying the MMA lad because the difference in ability and experience is so wide. Someone said about the fight being a health risk and it's true. If Mayweather was really serious about ending this fight then it would be a bad beating almost from the start. I'm just glad McGregor never called out Golovkin. Although maybe the authorities wouldn't be dumb enough to sanction that one.
  3. All that matters is how well they done for us. None of them made the grade. I'd have kept McKay but his ability to not show up or to disappear meant I was not too bothered. The rest who went though were mostly hopeless last season. I doubt any were going to turn it around at Ibrox.
  4. Yeah it was impressive. Crawford bored me a bit against a boy called Diaz in the last fight I saw him because he refused a few times to go toe to toe but he did go after him in the later rounds. He looks as if he has everything though so should be around at the top for a long time. I liked what I seen of him yesterday, made quick work and an easy night of Indongo. Bring on Canelo v Golovkin :)
  5. He was bad but not as poor as McCoist. Football was brutal. Never a manager right enough so I'm not sure he should be counted. After McCoist it would have to be PLG for results and then McLeish for some of the shite he dished up towards the end of his reign. He was the opposite of PLG though as he achieved great results for a while whilst losing a lot of good players.
  6. Crawford made right easy work of Indongo. Expected it to a tougher fight. Just watched it so here it is for anyone who hasn't seen it.
  7. I think it could be the guy is a top assistant with all his talk about mentality but average as a manager because he lacks tactical ability or has poor ideas about football.
  8. Agree, we have no choice but to let him have his run rather than bin him after a few defeats. It would mean all the carry on with finding one we really want and having to bide our time with them as they seen who among Pedro's lot were up for it. Then still no doubt wanting time and their own players whilst not being able to recover much from this season anyway. Better to let Pedro have a chance to hang himself properly by giving him the time we will no doubt give to the new guy to see if he can turn it around. Best to get rid at the end of if the season or at least nearer the end if he ends up completely mince and we have a season as bad as this last one.
  9. Aye alright mate, we get it. We're shite and that lot are great. I personally think you're overestimating how much their players are worth, how good they are, and how good Brendan is.
  10. It's a football club not a political party. Don't know what you expect the club to do for the PUL. It's not even true in any case. There is still an obviously strong symbolic relationship. Go to any walk and you'll see our tops. Go to Ibrox and listen to the songs of the PUL. The support goes both ways and is mutually reinforcing in terms of public reinforcement wether it's official or not. The club itself can't be political but the supporter culture of Rangers is still strongly Ulster unionist when it comes to match day experience. I get your pissed off with the result but bringing the PUL into it is just nonsense. If your support of the club is just based on your politics and success then your a strange bear to me. I think your probably just having a rant because of our results but if your serious then I've heard Man City are looking for supporters like you. As for PUL people who despise Rangers. Never known any. Most obviously support us. Strange comment.
  11. He's had two light flash knock downs where his gloves kept him up but was only counted on one against a boy called Hernadez. The other was Zab Judah. Both were more from being off balance through dodging and not the power of the punches. He seems to be tough as fuck when he gets hit with hard shots and doesn't seem to get enough credit for being a hard little fucker because of his backtracking defensive style. Read he sometimes gets ready for fights with 30 minute sparring sessions were they rotate a few guys every 3 minutes so he's fighting people who are fresh throughout. The wee guy must be proper hardcore underneath all the pretty boy Floyd and high living image. Makes sense if you've seen his family. All rough and funny as fuck. I think he's tougher than this Conner guy and wouldn't be surprised if he hits just as hard too. Conner and his fans seems to think he's by far the harder guy because he's MMA but he's in for a bit of a shock in this one if Mayweather doesn't take the piss with this fight. Hopefully his talking about Mayweather hitting his Mrs in front of his kid has pissed Floyd and his family off because it will make the fight funny as fuck with the way McGregor walks around and talks as if he's the world's hardest man
  12. Forgot Cotto is fighting Kamegui on the same night as the Mayweather McGregor show. Usually wait until the next day for fights that are not really big ones but if I'm up I hope this doesn't clash completely as always enjoyed watching Cotto. He deserves better than to have his pay fucked by the exhibition fight. Same with Canelo and GGG right enough. Mayweather also seems to have put on a decent undercard to be fair with Gervonta Davis v Francisco Fonseca for junior lightweight belt and Badou Jack v Nathan Cleverly for light heavy weight title. All four of these have good records. There is also another fight but I forget who's involved. I think its a prospect versus somebody with about 8 defeats out of 20. Speaking of Cotto, he must be another who's due to retire soon. Seems boxing is losing too many good fighters right now with the likes of Klitschko, Mosley, Bradley, Marquez, Pacman, and Mayweather all likely bowing out this year. We have the likes of Spence jnr, Crawford, Canelo, Lomachenko, Joshua, and Garcia coming through but it will be hard for them to replicate the fights some of these guys gave us. Add the likes of De La Hoya and Morales to that over recent years and it will be even more difficult. Anyone else more or less established that are exciting people? Anyone remember this one. Well worth a watch if you missed it at the time.
  13. I posted a while back in this thread that I was dubious as to why the UFC would allow their guy to fight in a boxing match as it could look bad for them if their man stinks. Also seen Freddie Roach saying he'd tried before and they said they'd never do it. Add to that the fact Mayweather and Dana White go way back it does look as if it could be a fix where Mayweather allows the guy to go the distance, pockets the cash, and UFC doesn't take any damage to it's reputation. But then I thought even though it's a mismatch and a farce that to go to the extent of rigging a fight with all the hundreds of millions spent on PPV and bets would be too serious a fraud for the likes of these. Don King probably would but just don't think they'd take the risk to save a daft tit from Dublin getting a beating. I know he's the most popular in UFC the now but they rise and fall quickly over there and the company is getting paid out of this. I got to thinking they were just cashing in on the lad before he eventually defends his titles and takes another beating before fading. Surely he's not worth match rigging over? Boxing is well known for dodgy dealing right enough. If Mayweather comes out and just coasts I'll be raging even though I only put small bets on. Imagine how all the big spenders splashing out on this will feel. No doubt people are betting millions and seats are going for ten grand. Hope your wrong but think you might be right to some extent. It will be obvious as fuck as well as we all know how smart and lightning quick Mayweather is in the ring.
  14. I know it's a farce as a contest and a money making exercise but do you not think they will be fighting for real? I've got money on this, so they'd better fucking be.
  15. The rattlers getting in on the act What an embarrassment to the country and football in general. Pure ambulance chasing glory hunting fuckwits. There can't be any lengths they won't go to for publicity and to be seen to support the Irish. Too bad their boy will imitate their team's performance in Barcelona last year. Sad sad people.