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  1. McCoist outed himself with the email asking Green to keep his massive wage and shares (I think) secret. That means he was well aware how mad the wages were. I was glad we had someone connected with the club to see us through the year we went bust including the players who stayed. Especially as everyone and their dug in Scotland was trying to say we were a new club. It could have been any old player though like Jimmy Nicholl. McCoists playing career was something else. Truelly amazing contribution as a player but he was demonstrably a greedy arsehole here when the club was financially fucked. Maybe he just nodded and thought Green must be loaded but even then he didn't just walk away and held us to ransom when he knew we were still in terrible shape. Great player with a greatly tarnished reputation in the history of Rangers now. I also loved Terry Butcher in a crazy way but he's a bit of a cunt as a man as well when it comes to Rangers.
  2. He's always looked a bit wooden to me. Sort of player who would do well for Motherwell. I just think all the best to lads like him for sticking by the club even if they were paid too much.
  3. Spot on, their obviously just trying to pad out their careers and pay days here. Hopefully Wilder comes a cropper as his whole careers been the same.
  4. Fuck sake its that bad I had to turn it off at the half way point. I don't think any Rangers fan never mind people from NI could sit through that. Its shocking how pro IRA that is. Hope he is rendered an even bigger retard in a career ending brutal knock out. Good thing about boxing is there is a good chance of at least the brutal knock out part happening 😊
  5. What a wanker. I think the song celtic symphony is talking about the football club as well. No doubt gets ignored.
  6. What a sad wander. Got to fucking laugh at the state of them
  7. I've been the same as the posters above with being optimistic last week but being cautious the nearer we get to it. Strange period for us to be going into these games hoping rather than expecting to win. Never known that feeling as a Rangers supporter much because it's always been us who show up. Not got a clue how this will play out but can't see them withstanding the blue sea if we score first.
  8. I watch that all the time. Our lot at their best have few equals. I imagine back in the day before seats we would have been the best like some of the South Americans are now. The papers and the rest go on about our songs but for me it's the sheer number and the fact that they are real historical folk songs that give our support the edge when they want to demonstrate our supremacy in terms of creating an atmosphere. Down here in England teams have about three songs that get repeated all the time and they don't have the thunder of our social and political ones. It's all Blue Moons, Oh when the Spurs go marching, or blowing bubbles stuff. Songs like Build my Gallows and Fathers Advice just shit all over them. You're a lucky man to have been there in Valencia that night. Best I think I've seen it sung
  9. Its the other fella who's wanting to know mate
  10. The shop used to sell stuff like that mate. Probably still does. Did the person not tell you anything about it as I'm assuming your thinking it's a special bottle. Looks nice whatever the answer. Enjoy :)
  11. Nah Zidane was born in 72 so definitely not Jim's love child unless he went back on a holiday I do see similarities when I watch them though. That Riquelme had a bit of that carefree maestro type of player about him too. Got to love such players. Just seem so naturally gifted. The bold Gazza had it too.
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