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  1. His answer to that one was brilliant
  2. Agree it would be better if more of our coaches talked tactics but not that we aren't open to it. If anything we usually lap it up like with Advocaat, Le Guen, and Delia. It's only when the talk amounts to not much when Pedro discussed pressing experienced players like Lustig or Brown as a big part of the game plan. I do think foreign coaches probably get it more difficult towards the end of their reign because the journalists know they are unlikely to have to deal with the guy again. Worse one I mind was the Sun 'This Turkey won't last to Christmas' with Advocaat. Foreign coaches though get a good reception for me though unless our teams are rubbish on the pitch. I remember that guy Delia was being talked about as some sort of revolutionary before being proven to be hopeless. This was just because he talked about diet and playing expansive European style football.
  3. Happy with that interview. I like the way he is pragmatic when it really gets down to the nitty gritty like when he said upon arriving that he was all about setting the players up in a way that suits their abilities. Glad to hear a player saying training is good because I was surprised that it's been largely absent. Normally you can see players buying right into new managers and their methods. Maybe it's just been too soon. This is an odd one for me on Saturday as the performance will be more important than the result. I just want to see us giving them a proper game and evidence of a structure to our game. I think we will see a big reaction in terms of at least intensity and desire. If not then most of these players should just be chased or stuck with the reserves. No point in wasting any more time on them.
  4. Agree with most of that except the last part. I'm actually wondering why the foreign shit is being brought into it. Warburton's style and formation is more European than Pedro's. The idea that we reject foreigners or foreign methods as numpty's is also far fetched. The likes of Advocaat, Le Guen, and Delia got huge backing and people lapped their shit up. It was the same with Warburton. It's only if we see nothing on the park that questions rightly get raised. But a lot of Pedro's talk is about passion and being aggressive. Not much foreign about a lot of it. Think people understandably want to back him with him being new. We all do but some of us like yourself see there is no signs of any improvement yet. Nothing wrong with saying what we all see but people are getting irritated and raising straw man arguments about it being a lack of football intelligence among us Scots purely because he's foreign. It's not that and if anything a British manager would get it worse for just how disjointed and all over the place we've been playing.
  5. I'm not interested in ripping the piss out the guy. I just want to see us improve and go into next season with a bit of believe but what is he saying when he talks about stimulations, adaptations, games being constructed of moments, the importance of transitions, or things like playing three strikers, and odd substitutions? I try to guess but so far I must be wrong as I see nothing good about most of our play. We have people going on about some of us being too backwards to get it because Pedro's foreign but all the guy has done is tried to make us more physical and direct. It's what Scottish managers are good at. I actually like the fact he talked about injecting passion into us and making us more direct but we seem to be going backwards with no overall strategy or even ability to keep the ball. That's why it's weird that people are saying we don't understand his football because we're just dumb Scots. I understand it completely. He has us playing like Kilmarnock. The same shite players used to get slaughtered at times for being too focused on possession even though we were controlling most matches. Now we can't pass or keep the ball. No doubt we'll improve but when your skint and can't buy right good players, you need to rely more on the team, so the system becomes even more important. We just look disjointed and completely without cohesion or a strategy. Surely it's not a bad thing to want to see signs that we are doing something useful in training? Pedro can use all the buzz words he wants if we are doing well and I can see what he's doing when I watch the team. If it's shite though like recently then it's only natural that people are going to scrutinise his patter and relate it to the team before being critical if there is no correlation between the two. Talk of stimulations, adaptations, and the like or what country someone is from means nothing if all your seeing is junk football every game.
  6. That's what I don't get. Some posters seem to have took some sort of insight into Pedro's tactics, philosophy, and all the rest of it from what he's being saying. I don't think he says much of substance at all though and when I look for evidence on the pitch I just see a disjointed side that can hardly keep possession anymore and lumps the ball forward quicker. What is Pedro's philosophy or system? All I've heard him talk about is stimulations, adaptations, the game being made up of moments, getting the transitions right, and the magic tactic of going tight on Lustig and Scot Brown. Apart from that all he has said is he likes aggression, strong mentalities, and being more direct. Maybe it's me that isn't getting what he's explaining but so far it's just coming across as a nice collection of phrases. When you look at our play there is no sign that we have a coherent plan or style of play. We've went from a team that dominated most games but were shit up front to one that can't pass. Now we have the likes of Kilmarnock, Motherwell, Thistle, and Aberdeen contesting who dominates the play. That's always been the difference between us and the also-rans. We are the team that needs to dictate proceedings and dominate teams. We have not been able to control nothing these last few weeks. Even with his faults, Barton, and all the injuries, Warburton still had us dominating games and always looking like we knew what we were doing. That was despite his aim being to play expansive football which should be more difficult to do than add aggression, be more direct, and whatever it is Pedro is trying to do. We have to give the guy time but we seem to be going backwards on the park and the team look like they don't have a clue. That's why I want to know what Pedro's philosophy and tactics actually are. Aggression, route-one, and counter attacking football can all be useful but it takes more than that to be good enough to challenge for titles. I say that because these are about the only changes to our game that I've noticed. So far we're are managing to sometimes snatch goals by going direct but it's so one dimensional most of the time that we will always struggle against good sides. I wouldn't be able to distinguish us from a Kilmarnock in our style and standard of play these past few weeks without the difference in strips and colours. Hopefully we will start to see improvements in our play soon enough and fair play to Pedro for saying publicly it was not good but at the moment I don't see any match between his patter and what happens on the pitch except in a negative way. The patter doesn't make much sense and neither does the tactics or football.
  7. Maybe. Has this been brewing since before he came to us? I get the repeated nature of it but I can't think of anyone getting anywhere near that for betting. If he's been doing it on his own games and making money then it would be technically cheating I suppose. Kicking a supporter in the stand in the mush trumps this for me though. Will see what it's saying on the news later but looks like they're using him to set an example. Must be loads of them that having been betting over the course of their careers. What did Ian Black get for his bets?
  8. Surely no one has made an attempt to argue for this given that club is nearly as toxic right now with all it's political nonsense as it was during the years of assisting peodophiles? They've always been boggin but ever since the likes of Lawwall and O'neill arrived they've ramped up all their terrorist sympathy crap. I suppose it's needed to sell tickets for them because even Walfrid knew it was a racket. But I'd rather just throw the fuckers and their team out the stadium and forfeit the points than see us legitimise any of these false titles. If there is any truth to this then the board deserve to be hung from the club-deck. It would be far to much for me seeing us salute these snake like cheating bastards. It's probably our titles they've been collecting thanks to their attempt along with the rest of Scottish football to destroy us. Not got the time to read the rest of the thread now but can someone say if this is just a rumour? The club need to reject this nonsense straight away. Fuck watching that shite.
  9. That's a proper skelping and has finished his career if he doesn't get it reduced. Maybe it's because of all his shit over the years but Cantana got 12 months or so less for booting a punter in the mush. I'd be raging if that was me.
  10. Remember when clowns up here were saying us using ten a penny tax schemes was perhaps the biggest scandal to ever take place in sport. Bastards. Even if people have been murdered elsewhere you can bet your arse none will even be docked points let alone be demoted. Its time someone in the media came out and said the Rangers support and the likes of Walter Smith were right, we subjected Rangers to a brutal witch hunt over something that is common in all high wage industries. Something, moreover, that is to do with the nature of our economic system and certainly not the jurisdiction of jumped up football bodies like the SPL or SFA. I obviously won't be holding my breath but my hatred of the circus that is Scottish football is only increased by developments like this. Watch the English sort out amicable deals all round. They lack the jealous bitterness and know better than to ruin their game over common strokes like tax avoidance.
  11. I think abroad they are used to explaining their tactics to the media. It's always the same with outsiders in that they don't realise our media and the rest of Scottish football is a circus and that they will just use anything to ridicule Pedro and the club. The club should put him straight. It's shit and not his fault but just necessary in this cesspit. What got me more is that after going to such trouble like a magician with the tumblers it seemed like he was suggesting that pressing Lustig and Brown was his big tactic. To me things like that are just something you take for granted and try to do anyway but not something that is seen as a game plan. It's the sort of hopeless gamble that the likes of St Mirren might stake their hopes on but Rangers should always be more ambitious than that even if playing a rich European side. The fact that he chose to focus on two of their most experienced players is all the more baffling. Hopefully he's just sussing out the players because the worrying thing for me is that we seem to really struggle on the ball now. It's like people above suggest that we have no game plan in possession except some type of kick and rush. He's obviously trying to gauge their mentality for Saturday by calling them timid in the media. I'd normally say well done but this shower are probably more likely to go into their shells than man up. I hope he learns to keep such psychological games indoors though because it's all right pulling such stunts if your Ferguson or Jose with all sorts of trophies behind you but the press will just make him out to be a clown. It will also get used by all and sundry to go on for years about the Rangers team who were shitting themselves from the rattlers. With all the open warfare on us and the general circus of Scottish football, Pedro couldn't have picked a more difficult time to be the Rangers manager.
  12. One of the few who at least can be relied upon to turn up and contribute. Deserves his wage more than most. We need to find a good striker in the summer who will become worthy to replace him completely by the following season.
  13. Lads got the potential to be a good wee player. We need someone who is proven and dominant in there but I'd be happy enough to see this boy kept to play a part if it helps us save cash for other players in the meantime.
  14. Nah that was on it's own as the all time maddest damn thing I've seen said on here. Fabregas losing out to Brown
  15. Fair play to Henderson for having the balls to put the board under pressure to release funds. It's needed. Shame they all don't do this. Would like to see the likes of Souness and others do the same.