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  1. One trick pony who didn't have the heart to do the other stuff. As the poster above said 'work shy' in terms of determination, heart, and work rate to succeed in a team that has to produce dominant displays every week. No harm to the boy, hope he resurrects his career but he was never going to be anywhere what we needed at Rangers anyway as all he tried to do was cut inside and go on fancy runs before getting stopped in his tracks. He got singled out at times but after challenges he would just go into his shell for the rest of the match. You need to put in a good shift at any professional club let alone us. Some people like big Broadfoot do better with less talent because they have a better mentality and drive to succeed. I think Templeton's best aim is to play again in the top league and be the star player for the likes of Kilmarnock were he can hardly kick a ball for a few games.
  2. Surprisingly good
  3. Good interview, agreed with everything he said. I like the fact that King is a ruthless cunt with a professional demeanour. Tax avoidance is common with these rich fucks and high wage industries and earners in general. We all know this and it's why I found the witch hunt against Rangers so contrived by the media because such industries are awash with tax avoidance. It's so common it's built into our economic system and that's why we have professional tax avoidance or advisers to help you so so. It's corrupt but the idea we were somehow up there with match fixing, the scandal of a century was just laughable. So I don't judge King as any worse than most major capitalists or very rich people. But our club was overflowing with cunts and he and the others got rid of them. He then done the same with Warburton. This club has traditionally paid over the odds too many times in the past whether it be players, managers, or other staff. I'm glad to see the club no longer putting up with shite or chancers. He's also right to be sensible with spending. We've been running at a 6 million defecit and have no retail income. No sustainable business plan would involve not tackling that but we have chosen to do it on a longer term gradual basis instead of straight away. This has allowed us to invest more in the team this season but as he said 'the team and Warburton should have done better. We have to become a good business again over time as our income increases. Being hampered with this retail deal is really damaging to the clubs finances. So all we can do is try to reach a good balance between debt and hopefully success on the field whilst growing our income. I think this lot are doing okay considering all the things they are trying to deal with at the same time. We really were in a mess. free loaders everywhere, jobs and contracts for the boys, shares all round, ludicrous wages on everyone, club rights and royalties given over for loans, Sports Direct cashing in on us. It's been some state. Got to give the board some credit for the difference they've made. Our position now compared to when this lot took over is far better in every way.
  4. Still can't see past Miller myself. We could do with saving the extra wage to put towards players. It's a role that will involve knowing Scottish football and I take it helping with coaching. Millers already been helping Murty, is already well placed among the players, is enthusiastic, the sort who will encourage the players but is straight forward and nobodies fool. Ultimate professional who won't undermine pedro in anyway but will take his lead from him and be committed like fuck. That's what's the role needs. He's a sharp wee cunt who's played all over and will learn Pedro's methods quickly. I think he'd relish the chance of a player-assistant role or even if he just ends up as an optional cover as a player as we need another striker anyway. I'll be disappointed if the board don't see him as a strong candidate.
  5. Does just go to show how pathetic half the players are these days. Just last week that Hamilton player was still moaning about an old ten-a-penny late challenge
  6. The crowd going nuts in that Liked the way he slapped the ball on that nuggets head at the throw in too
  7. Your post made me spill my tea Spot on though. What the fuck is going on here if Novo is being considered?
  8. Aye I know what you mean about Ferguson. His aggressive moany style could have negative consequences if he becomes too critical. That's why I think Miller would be a good choice. Passionate, no nonsense but in a positive encouraging way with trying to drive them all on. Atleast until we sign some fookin proper men. Bad day when you have to worry that too severe a rocket up our teams arse could cripple them. Never thought I'd see a poofy Rangers side Miller would also save us a wage and let us make use of him when he needs rested or fazed out so that we still get a return on the wage. I see what people are getting at with Lovenkrands more now as he is an enthusiastic wee dude and it is the third role so less needing authority but he just strikes me as too soft and friendly for a role with men at the country's top club. See to be honest though, your right in many respects as it's not a hugely important role and players would perhaps like a wee positive encouraging cunt who gets them going after Pedro dishes out a bit of treatment. Fergie doesn't strike me as having a lot of that side to him but Miller does. He would be my first choice.
  9. Women, got to fookin love them
  10. Lovenkrands has no authority about him whatsoever and probably doesn't even get listened to properly in his own house Good lad but a terrible idea.
  11. Yup it was weird for a good bit of that season. Will always remember the day we came out and blew Motherwell away after losing all our players and them being top of the premiership. That sickened most of Scotland because it looked like we were still too good for them
  12. Nothing against Ferguson and would be happy with him if I didn't think Miller would be just as good if not better whilst saving us money. He's also smarter, more professional, and less given to displays of petulant ego than Ferguson. Would prefer MCann to stay with the media as we barely have anyone in our corner on TV or in the press these days. John Brown is far too given to emotional outbursts and to senior to be trusted to work under the likes of Pedro. It has the same dangers when Pedro is up against it as Ferguson getting the role if not more so. We need someone who's loyalty to Pedro will be just as much as that to themselves and the club. I think Miller and MCann are the only two detached enough to provide the right type of backing under all circumstances but Miller edges it for the reasons above.
  13. Spot on. They go on about being historically dominated and oppressed yet they would gladly act like tyrants towards the loyalist community and ban all their rights to association. They actually demonstrate everything they profess to be against with their bigotry toward the PUL community. They seethe with absolute hatred towards them and the Order. Nothing but demented hypocrites. They lack the rationality to detach themselves from their bias and emotionalism towards political matters and so are unable to offer any input in discussions beyond announcing their side 'good' and the PUL bad. It's embarrassingly infantile yet for some reason it's accepted because the puny bit of knowledge that most people have on the subject makes them know that Britain is more powerful than Ireland and that Declan has seen rough times. Forget all the centuries of murder and mayhem from that lot and the fact that they still tell protestants to 'get out' even today, it's all them unionists who are evil for standing up to them and having the cheek to win many of the battles. Sad thing is that they are so complacent in their belief that they are right because not enough people challenge them or know enough to see through their shite. This has led to a situation now where to be PUL is to belong to a stigmatised group. Its difficult to believe because this has occurred in a period were just about all social groups or communities are protected and have all sorts of rights. There is no way the gypsy, gay, Irish, Muslim, Chinese, Mormons, Polish, Jews, feminist, or any other national or social group would be allowed to be treated with the disdain that the PUL community are in Scotland. Its that bad that I seen a guy on here describe their culture and beliefs as 'a lot of nonsense'. I kid you not. That's how widespread this bigoted view of them has become. If the UK was to split I do believe the PUL would be stigmatised and repressed to the point of cultural genocide. Sad state of affairs in a country that traditionally does anything to preserve cultures and even mythologizes the Celts, Tartan, Gaelic languages yet the PUL is just as Scottish and of the British Isles as any of these.
  14. See what you mean. Another one who cries how names on twitter nearly killed her. This one is definitely a bit tastier than the one called Haggerty but still a demented cow no doubt http://irelandtodaynews.com/index.php/female-journalist-feared-for-her-and-familys-safety-after-football-comments/
  15. Good thread Eejay, been wanting one of these as a sticky for a point of reference for ages. Most are added that I know with that cunt Gordon Waddell just been mentioned. There's another one called Gannon who has stood out a few times for me. There is also one down here in England who works for the Guardian and is a professor of journalism at a university. Forget his name but will add it later if no one helps me out as I know other bears will have come across the cunt. After that the only other one I can think of is that arse Jim Spence who left the BBC over wanting to be allowed to call us a new club. The only guy I know who has been completely fair with Rangers is Richard Wilson.