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  1. Rangers, the SPL and possible Extortion.

    If the money was taken illegally I am sure the BDO will have something to say on the matter I may be wrong but if the money was due to the [oldco] then it would have been put into the creditors pot.............I can't see the BDO letting that go.
  2. Montrose Chairman

    Rangers will accept it.
  3. It most certainly is a two way street........... You only need to look at the John Collins situation to see the Scottish Kaffliks are every bit if not more bitter than their Irish counterparts. Basically Collins was approached to sign for Rangers when he played for Hibs his family swore the would disown him if he signed for the Gers so he never came and he wasn't the first to do that and wont be the last.
  4. Rangers, the SPL and possible Extortion.

    Or did Green agree to waive the money to pay off old footballing debts then the feckers renegaded on that as well. I am willing to bet the so called 5 way agreement to allow Rangers a license to play is totally illegal but Green had a gun put to his head and had no option but sign it or we where out of football.
  5. Good Article By Graham Spiers On Daly

    Souness tried to sign RoI players both Houghton and Whealen springs to mind its not our fault they didn't want to come and who knows which other RoI players the club may have enquired about over the years and things came to nothing. Its a feckin myth we didn't want to sign Irish players played on by ra mhedia.
  6. Would like to see Green back asap.......................only down side is he is too late in stopping laughing boy signing Daly.
  7. Skol cup final 1984 Rangers v Dundee Utd.

    I remember that game well, back in those days the League cup was the one trophy we usually won and aye we where glad of it that.s the reason I never complain about that cup.
  8. Synthetic surface for Ibrox?

    Artificial pitches are improving all the time so yes we probably will sometime in the near future.
  9. Nicky Clark Evening Times

    Hopefully the lad lives up to our expectations these are the type of signings that will get the fans on board not 30+ plus has been's with dodgy injury histories, I honestly think Rangers should have been looking at Kyle Taylor of Falkirk also another fine young prospect and wouldn't stretch our bank balance.
  10. Mather backs Ally

    Me neither mate if Rangers sign both of these fannies I will never set foot inside Ibrox again until the fat feckin tramp in the dugout is sacked along with his guardian angel in the directors room.......................pig sick of McCoist..............legend as a player lunatic as a manager.
  11. Season Tickets Price Freeze .

    Lets be honest Rangers really couldn't ask for any more for ST, aye we are going up a league but the 2nd division is no better than the 3rd as you will as see. Plus with what we have had to endure this season on the park could you see fans paying much more for the same again because under McCoist it will be the same again..........a 4-5-1 formation, big punt, everyone back at corners and an unfit team with players playing anywhere but their natural positions. If Rangers get rid of McCoist appoint McCall we could probably sell 50,000 season books.
  12. league cup final 1979 v the sheep

    I was at that game Abergreen opened the scoring through Fleming Rangers levelled through McDonald then Jackson scored a late winner with a header from a McLean free kick into the Rangers end. I was 15 at the time great times following Rangers, one thing I do remember about being at Hamdump in those days was when Rangers scored you couldn't see or breath from the dust cloud due to Hamdump's terraces being railway sleepers and ash.
  13. Ally And Lennon

    A "REAL" Rangers man would take a driver right off the back of the shaved orangutan's head................go on McCoist prove to the REAL Rangers fan's you truely are a Bear.
  14. Well I wish he'd feckin hurry up.
  15. 140 Years of 'Unbroken' History

    Th Lurgan bigot is like the rest of his ilk, they live breath Rangers its all down to the inferiority complex they have, they are the underclass and they know it.