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  1. He would have been all over that handball decision if other end of park. julien/Morelos situation is one of worst I’ve ever seen and add in another 9 or 10 baffling decisions against us during the game, how he got away with that performance al never know but true fact is it’s only because we won.
  2. Never ever seen a more blatant cheat referee us in my lifetime, got away with it cause we won.
  3. Terrified of taking the ball in under pressure nowadays.
  4. Countless shite crosses and also in lead up to goal when mcgregor saves on to the bar guy out wide just walked by him. How you can pinpoint anyone having a blinder in a 1-0 home defeat to Hamilton is an utter embarrassment.
  5. Thought he was rotten along with the rest of them, especially defensively.
  6. He’s too big a name for the board to sack, not a chance are they making that decision.
  7. 2nd time in two months bottom of the league have ran all over us but your not to be convinced of our quality? We are fucking dreadful and even when our main player in a formation that’s played to his benefit isn’t selected we shoehorn a fucking diddy into it his position as if all’s going to be well. I agree Gerrard did the right thing in regards to Morelos but for a guy who’s played at the top level all his days not to have a different style of play tactically at times is the biggest issue here.
  8. Fuck all to play for but can bet this is the boards rallying cry for the rest of the season, we have absolutely spunked ourselves into him financially.
  9. He’s daves hero, when enough is enough Steven will let him know.
  10. When Gerrard leaves it will be on his terms! Not a chance in hell would our board make the decision to cut ties with him.
  11. This decision would have been made after he gave first goal away, therefore in utter bewilderment at the fact he left him on the park to do it again. It’s just totally bizarre management.
  12. Serious lack of finesse with his finishing but his all round game just now is seriously worrying especially for a board who have invested majorly in him with the thinking he will make us all sorts of cash back.
  13. Jackal


    It’s the managers fault, he has some sort of weird obsession with keeping players on the park who are woefully underperforming only for said player to go fuck the game for us, was same with Kamara at tynecastle!
  14. Andrew considine 😂 wins ball in great area high up the park passes it straight back to tarrier keeper leaving them short on the break and off course goal is scored his side of park!! Cunt is always rotten against anyone apart from us.
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