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  1. Do you ever not call anything correctly mate? Absolute undisputed champion of hindsight on this forum.
  2. Aberdeen lost 2-0 to hamilton at home the other week, totally sums up how shite we are.
  3. What signs? yes we played well first half but only signs everyone can see is that no matter how dross our opponents are they are still well capable of scoring against us.
  4. Too be fair goff been great all season but looks like occasion getting better of him so far.
  5. Feels like hes just there so can keep pats guessing. Been mental how regressive hes got last 4 or 5 games.
  6. Was just looking for couple of hats but probably just patch it now.
  7. Is mega store at ibrox still open? wanted in early before vienna but just seen these pishy opening times for the new store.
  8. Jackal


    Most of our loan players are first team players for us and it showed today. There nowhere near ready for responsibility of winning every week
  9. Lets get behind sadiq today as he will be starting.
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