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  1. Jackal

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    parejo, boys some player.
  2. Jackal

    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Too be fair goff been great all season but looks like occasion getting better of him so far.
  3. Jackal

    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Feels like hes just there so can keep pats guessing. Been mental how regressive hes got last 4 or 5 games.
  4. Jackal

    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Goff looking nervous so far.
  5. Jackal

    Lassana Coulibaly

    Hes absolute dross.
  6. Jackal

    Elite Sports to open a Glasgow store

    Was just looking for couple of hats but probably just patch it now.
  7. Jackal

    Elite Sports to open a Glasgow store

    Is mega store at ibrox still open? wanted in early before vienna but just seen these pishy opening times for the new store.
  8. Jackal


    Most of our loan players are first team players for us and it showed today. There nowhere near ready for responsibility of winning every week
  9. Jackal

    Up front on Sunday?

    Hes starting m8
  10. Jackal

    Up front on Sunday?

    Lets get behind sadiq today as he will be starting.
  11. Jackal


    Way above expectations start of season but looking on a downward spiral now.
  12. Jackal

    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Brilliant thursday night match between the vikings/rams, jared goff looking unbelievable through first 4 weeks.
  13. Jackal

    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Going to be a long season if yesterdays match is anything to go by.
  14. Jackal


    We will be offering him every chance in the world now because in this day and age you need to protect these precious high flying souls who decide the good life is not enough for them.
  15. Jackal


    Honestly not sure how folk çan use terms like natural talent and çan see he had ability Hes been fucking rotten worst professional on and off the park we have ever had! Arrived in the box a few times on end of crosses but watching him try to do the basics of football has been embarrassing. Worst footballer to have ever worn our jersey.