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  1. SJGF5

    Jason Cummings

    Looked like cramp to me. He was holding the back of both his legs below the knee after his chance before signaling to come off. Didn't go down needing treatment, jogged about while waiting on the sub and then sat about smiling on the bench afterwards. No the actions of someone who is touch and go.
  2. SJGF5

    Jason Cummings

    Should play Cummings based on recent performances from Morelos but if that isn't enough of a reason it should be Cummings that plays as a booking for Morelos means he misses the final game. He may not be in top form just now but I'd rather at least have him available if we need a point or 3 than sitting at home. (Even if he's not scoring he is actually one of our more effective players at defending high balls into the box.)
  3. SJGF5

    Morelos penalty

    Good that he won the appeal. Should never have been booked so on that front it's a positive. Having said that, appealing was the wrong decision in my opinion. He'd have missed the Hearts game and now, if I understand correctly, if he gets booked against Hearts he'll miss Aberdeen away. If he makes it as far away as celtic (league) before getting a booking he'll miss Hibernian away. I really hope we're not now going into the final game needing a win to secure 2nd and he's unavailable...
  4. SJGF5

    Morelos penalty

    Post-match Neil McCann was saying that the ref booked him for being the one who instigated the contact. Complete nonsense from the ref if that's what he is going with (and would probably remove the ability to appeal). If the appeal is possible and I was Murty I'd wait and see the list of fixtures before deciding on an appeal. Morelos will likely get booked again before the end of the season and miss a game in the final 5 fixtures so depending on who the first game is after the split I'd maybe just accept it now.
  5. SJGF5

    Josh Windass - SPFL Player of the Month

    Giving an example of him chasing back into his own half, closing down the opposition player and winning a free kick from it is hardly clutching at straws. At the time he was covering the run into Tav's area. Tav had just been beaten by one of their players who had then played the ball into that space (to an advancing teammate). If Candeias had made the same run/challenge people would be using it as another example of how great he is at tracking back and covering for Tav. It's Windass though, so it's clutching at straws. A few mins earlier Windass closed down one of their players on the halfway line and kept at him until they eventually gave up and passed right the way back to their keeper. I'm not going to list everything he did in the game (4 from a 10-ish min period seems enough) but these are clear examples of him impacting a game (in a positive way) when, yet again, he is being accused of hiding/going missing just because some people seem to have an allergic reaction which causes temporary blindness whenever he goes near the ball.
  6. SJGF5

    Josh Windass - SPFL Player of the Month

    Multiple instances of Windass not hiding and not going missing in the game at the weekend, just from the 10 mins or so after Goss went off.
  7. SJGF5

    Josh Windass - SPFL Player of the Month

    Yet when Goss goes off and Windass ends up being a centre mid who drops back far enough to be our deepest mid and take the ball from the defence, or wins a free kick in his own half, or ends up being the one who has his shot saved (from inside the box) to set up Morelos miss he's gone missing/hiding...
  8. SJGF5

    Walter behind the scenes?

    The notes seem to be coming from Steve Harvey who prepares all the video analysis of opponents, etc. He was in the main stand at Easter Road watching from up high to get a different view to GM/JJ and passing on observations. (So I think we can assume he did the same at previous games)
  9. SJGF5

    Club Statement

    You like my post? Thanks With that being the case I'm sure you'll like the full 10-15 minute interview too, you should totally check it out.
  10. SJGF5

    Club Statement

    No, I listened to (not read) what he had to say. You can learn a lot from peoples tone and how they deliver their responses. Where they pause to think, where they stutter, do they correct the interviewer, how they approach their response to leading questions by the journalist (and in this case there were a few). EDIT: FYI the radio version of the interview was about 10-15mins long.
  11. SJGF5

    Club Statement

    Unless... I prefer to listen to what people who are involved in events have to say, then form my own opinion on what is likely to be the facts of the situation? It tends to serve me better than basing my thoughts entirely on what I read on the net.
  12. SJGF5

    Club Statement

    He did? Why?
  13. SJGF5

    Club Statement

    I couldn't care less about what Aberdeen are, but based on past events I'm fairly sure that if they could they would really love to make the situation worse for us if they had any sort of info to do so. Instead we got a fairly straightforward explanation from them, including him mentioning that we were a bigger club, etc.
  14. SJGF5

    Club Statement

    Listening to the Milne interview on the radio today while I was driving to the game it very much sounds like DM didn't have any communication with us... or at least not to the extent where he would have seen lists of players or discussed his salary. If he had, I'm sure Milne would have been pretty quick to talk about how Aberdeen offered a better deal financially as it would have benefited his side to do so. It was a fairly straightforward set of answers really.
  15. SJGF5

    Club Statement

    I wouldn't feel I was going to be responsible for the club going backwards because I can understand that any short-term (a couple of months) pain is insignificant. I'd back my ability as an experienced manager to ignore a crappy first month or so in my dream job and work for the next 6 to sort out the basics and then next 3yrs of the contract to really perform.