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  1. SJGF5

    New pitch

    It would be a better idea to donate the money to Livi so they can get a decent pitch...
  2. SJGF5

    Hamilton Presser: Gerrard and Halliday

    You need to watch the https://Rangers.co.uk/tv/ version.
  3. SJGF5


    Was there the same level of concern about the country of origin when our Umbro top a few years ago was made in Thailand rather than Vietnam like this one? (Just put my new top in for its 4th wash in the washing machine... scary times...)
  4. SJGF5


    There have been a couple of training videos on Rangers TV where he's shown some really nice touches. Looks like he has very quick feet and a decent football brain (made some decent runs in his limited game time too). Doesn't guarantee he'll be a success but I'd say he'll be at least as good as Kent attacking wise.
  5. SJGF5

    Pedro goading Sutton on Twitter

    His team are 2nd in their league (1 point behind with a game in hand which is played tonight), into the semi of their cup (after topping their group in the early rounds)... maybe we made the wrong decision! 😉
  6. SJGF5

    Ryan Jack

    Gerrard did an interview after the last international break where he mentioned Jack picked up an injury on the first day back. I have a vague recollection it was something to do with his knee, or maybe above his knee... a bit harsh to say he's never fit when the majority of the time he's been out was due to a ridiculous challenge by another player. (For what it's worth, I don't think we'd have lost the goal against Livingston at the weekend had he been playing. He's the type of player who reads the game really well and ends up in the right place at the right time. That's his main talent and why at least for now he should be one of the first picks in the team when fit. It's no coincidence that Coulibaly has struggled in his performances since returning from injury too. Jack allows him to play to his strengths in a way that Arfield and Ejaria don't.)
  7. SJGF5

    Have Hummel Subbed...

    Can someone let me know if we should we go back in time and be offended that the Umbro tops from a few years back were made in Thailand?
  8. SJGF5

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    In his RTV interview he said something along the lines of he'd love to play but it's just not possible. The tweets when he signed mentioned subject to international clearance too.
  9. SJGF5

    Ashley gone?

    Either they are just being replaced, or maybe SD decided not to match the new retail deal and so the signs coming down are a sign of their existing deal now ending?
  10. SJGF5

    That “challenge” on Jack

    It's fairly obvious it's about 6inches away from Coulibaly's foot, just in front of Ball. As I say though, this is the moment (at the latest) Windass would have been taking his strike. So regardless of whether you can see the ball or not there is no way any Aberdeen player was getting close to challenging/stopping him.
  11. SJGF5

    That “challenge” on Jack

    I'll save you some time. That's the moment Windass (who would have been in front of Ball) would have been tapping it into the net...
  12. SJGF5

    That “challenge” on Jack

    The other two sheep who got there after Ball? It actually looks closer than it is when slowed down/replayed, in real time it's even clearer Windass would have had a tap-in.
  13. SJGF5

    That “challenge” on Jack

    No doubt Windass would have got to the ball first. Even watching the play that follows the foul (which the ref could see due to his position), Ball gets to the ball 2nd (after Coulibaly) so there is no doubt Windass who was further forward than Ball would have got there before anyone else. That's before you consider Ball wasn't even at full speed to get there 2nd. Or that the ball was moving away from the other defenders and towards where Windass/Ball run would have taken him... or that Windass was one of the fastest players on the park today. With Lewis still half way across his goal it would have been a tap-in.
  14. SJGF5

    Jason Cummings

    Looked like cramp to me. He was holding the back of both his legs below the knee after his chance before signaling to come off. Didn't go down needing treatment, jogged about while waiting on the sub and then sat about smiling on the bench afterwards. No the actions of someone who is touch and go.
  15. SJGF5

    Jason Cummings

    Should play Cummings based on recent performances from Morelos but if that isn't enough of a reason it should be Cummings that plays as a booking for Morelos means he misses the final game. He may not be in top form just now but I'd rather at least have him available if we need a point or 3 than sitting at home. (Even if he's not scoring he is actually one of our more effective players at defending high balls into the box.)