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  1. As others have said, it looks fantastic. Here are a few detail shots... (Also, well done to the store/Hummel for getting it out on time with a nice smooth process.)
  2. Same here ­čÖé
  3. SJGF5

    Zak Rudden

    His goal that won is here (6m 20s). looks great from behind the goal: Worth watching at the 1minute mark as well for a ridiculous miss by Dunfermline.
  4. Not the first time recently he has done that. I'd be interested to know if he has taken it upon himself or if he's been instructed to do it.
  5. I don't but if he does sign he'll have to adapt the way he plays just as Jack has this season.
  6. So the same incompetent referees will suddenly improve? (As far as I remember Jack should have had a 3rd overturned.)
  7. Ryan Jack - Seasons 2010/11 - 2016/2017 (7 seasons at Aberdeen) - 3 Red Cards Ryan Jack - Season 2017/18 (1 season at Rangers) - 4 Red Cards Shinne won't be allowed to play the way he does at Aberdeen for us.
  8. At which point he'll suddenly be getting sent off every few games...
  9. Maybe worth its own thread too but this was announced today... the substitution change is a good one but I can see a lot of referee confusion next year too on the silhouette stuff: https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/11652949/handball-rules-among-those-amended-by-international-fa-board
  10. So @Creampuff what you are saying is that we should be more concerned that he'll likely miss the first 2 games after the split... which will conveniently, through the totally random computer generated fixture schedule, be Aberdeen and celtic...
  11. It's even more ridiculous because the linesman also had a clear unobstructed view from a completely different angle as the highlights show.
  12. I wonder if they would respect the minutes silence if it was stated before it started that it was also in remembrance of Phil O'Donnell? I'm not sure they would but if we are looking for solutions to their ridiculous behaviour it probably has more chance of working than locking them out where they could still be heard, etc. (He died on Dec 29th.)
  13. To be fair to him, his shot in the 2nd half was decent and probably deserved a goal. So it all evened out in the end. ­čśä
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