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  1. What a joke today trying to get in to that ground Think kilmarnock need to look at this as could a being injury to fans today trying to get in their people with kids their 2
  2. Jamie

    Season tickets

    Happy to see this helped few people out Watp
  3. Ibrox have season tickets on sale for any one who might need plenty on b.r club deck and others about stadium
  4. Jamie

    ST renewal

    Any one no price for enclosure Mines is auto renew but cant see price any were
  5. Play Lee Wallace it's simple
  6. What dose this boy need to do for a start He has fight
  7. We don't have a plan b Every team no our style of football
  8. X.mas if things are not sorted. Maybe he will walk tho
  9. Total shambles again today .
  10. Need to try something different tomorrow all these team no how we play cause he dose not have plan b
  11. Got mine but nothing about prices Just to make sure details were still same
  12. No . V.a.r would only fuck the game up it's bad enough that every one is against us look at today .
  13. Hes out tomorrow any way should maybe let the young boys get a chance
  14. They cant turn up on games like this they should maybe let the young boys get a kick in Some of the so called team call them self Rangers fans I dont think they are
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