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  1. 1 adult 2 kids for sale f.v 43 23
  2. No captain in the team full stop Team is full of spineless tawts
  3. Any other manager we would be on the boards case to get ride of them So why not Gerrard cause of his name Get ride of him now
  4. Any other manager he is out the door so why not gerrard shocking
  5. A will take 36 in 39 can you send me details to pay Cheers
  6. Should be this week
  7. He has not being a team player Why waste our time with a player that's not interested It's not Rangers fault what he gets up to in his personal life
  8. This guy has let the team down to many times this season . In my eyes he dose not want to be at our club. I noticed last week at st Johnston he went right up tunnel when he got subbed. We should just let him go but will any one take him
  9. Jamie

    Ryan kent

    Never a 7million pound player He should be put on bench Let's give these young boys ago see what they are about . We have nothing to play for now
  10. Jamie


    A like katic he had a bad game today . We have let 10 goals in from winter break cant say they are all his fault
  11. We have let in 10 goals from after winter break s.g has says he nose their is a weakness in defence so why is he not changing it Katic had a howler today but hes better than goldson
  12. Jamie


    Spat the dummy out in fucked off right up tunnel Got to take it as a man and accept that he got subbed for a reason
  13. Jamie


    Totally agree but hes not being cutting it .
  14. Jamie


    Not sure if any one else notice today but when he got subbed today he went in to dug out for cpl seconds then right up the tunnel Any decent person would stay in watch rest of match For me he dose not want to be at our club
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