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  1. Still have one for this need to meet over their tho
  2. I have 2 spare for this can meet over their or glasgow
  3. Need one for this could return favour later on in season or could give one for hapmden for semi
  4. Has any one managed to get cheap enough flights for Porto or no what is best route to go
  5. How do yous think this will effect the ppl who have booked the day trip Do you think should start looking at other travel arrangements
  6. A think will be 5 points plus but I reckon we will get 2500 tickets
  7. Thanks to @Johnnyren for sorting me for st Johnston No problem at all cheers again
  8. Helicopter sunday was one of my best days of my life I was lucky enough to be at Easter road on that day and have a fabulous captain leading Rangers to another leauge title Watp
  9. I have booked up Independent for feyenoord Do you no allocation we get for feyenoord A think a will just do day trip to porto
  10. My email went in to spam so check that I think 349 is fair price What kind of points do yous think it will be doing independent travel
  11. What a joke today trying to get in to that ground Think kilmarnock need to look at this as could a being injury to fans today trying to get in their people with kids their 2
  12. Jamie

    Season tickets

    Happy to see this helped few people out Watp
  13. Ibrox have season tickets on sale for any one who might need plenty on b.r club deck and others about stadium
  14. Jamie

    ST renewal

    Any one no price for enclosure Mines is auto renew but cant see price any were
  15. Play Lee Wallace it's simple
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