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  1. Jamie

    Kilmarnock v Rangers

  2. Jamie

    Livingston v Rangers

    Take mate
  3. This guy let me down last night .. Time waster 

  4. Jamie

    ***Feedback Thread***

    No show texting telling me would be 5 minutes then would be 5 minutes so on ..
  5. Jamie

    ***Feedback Thread***

    Was let down by @bouncy bouncy last night missed 10 minutes of game
  6. Jamie

    Acting like tarriers

    The guy was sober I was one seat in front of him .
  7. Jamie

    Acting like tarriers

    Yes that's me mate
  8. Jamie

    Acting like tarriers

    I was at game today and was one seat in front of person who did it. It was bang out but you get fannys in every fans Watp
  9. are you selling these tickets