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  1. Thought i heard it was Konami who are doing our crowd noise
  2. I'm pretty sure your no far away, was thinking its over £300, cheers
  3. Ah thats what i thought, sent one of the blue ones back 2 weeks ago with shoddy stitching it also had pointed shoulders, still no had a refund or confermation they have received it, ma daughters has the turkey version so thought a might be able to return it instore, looks like she is stuck with it.
  4. Can you exchange it if its been worn?
  5. Just took delivery of 3 third kits, quality is night and day compared to the home kits i received, sent one of the home tops back because it was so badly stiched together, wish i sent both home kits back now, still waiting on a refund aswell almost 2 weeks later, pish patter
  6. Teams no coming out at the same time to simply the best, am raging
  7. What you on about, never said a bad word about him, a was defending him, ffs
  8. Looks like he's carrying a bit of weight, tbh there hasn't been a lot of service into the areas to get the best from him, coming to deep to often for my liking, natural goal scorer, so not worried, the goals will come if he stays, imop
  9. No half, always one that lets you down
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