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  1. Sheep let me down tonight. Get it up yees.
  2. Hesgoal brand new for me apart from no commentary, although that might be a good thing
  3. Got the second of my two today, I have an adult and a juvenile ticket that my son and daughter take Shots about going to games, my lads names on the ticket so what will happen if my daughter uses the ticket and gets stopped and it has my sons name on it,
  4. Received one of two new cards this morning
  5. Paid for premier sport on sky box no even fucking activated yet push patter
  6. If your a season ticket holder you can log in and buy your seat, the sold out will change when public sale starts.
  7. Actually laughed out loud at that comment
  8. Make sure you check your schedule. my first payment is 16th May then 1st of the month from June
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