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  1. Feel sick just looking at it, thank fuck it's no mine.
  2. FFS just had a look at my acca after reading this, two games on the 16th, shite patter.
  3. No really bothered, but would have been nice, still no had a winner aw season 😂
  4. Aye that was the Little General, Dutch era
  5. Was starting to worry for him and us why he wasn't getting a game, great news.
  6. WATP84JRL


    Cheers mate will keep an eye out
  7. WATP84JRL


    Anyone know where we can watch the full interview?
  8. Can even look at the muppet, absolute shocker,
  9. Third pic down is the most impressive, no need for piros or smoke bombs,
  10. Sheep let me down tonight. Get it up yees.
  11. Hesgoal brand new for me apart from no commentary, although that might be a good thing
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