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  1. Is there a display tomorrow??
  2. You have my word donation will be in end of the month. Times have been hard last few weeks mate. Charity begins at home they say. WATP
  3. Fuck got a free upto £10 matched in play bet. Missed out
  4. Brilliant when was that filmed?
  5. Anyone been to hospitality in there. I won a competition for VIP hospitality in the symon lounge. For Saturdays game.
  6. Will this be on the replicas have this?
  7. Best 45 from the bears for a long time. Only downside is should have s goal.
  8. But they do it so fuck up
  9. Still on the huddle if you ask me. Would a fuck take part in that fucking pish. He's well been found out now.
  10. Shite that it's a friendly should be a Euro qualifier. But fuck it I'll take it. NO SURRENDER WATP 🇬🇧🎶🥁
  11. Pay to get the seat upgrade when needed instead of robbing the club of money. I've just moved from family section and I did notice that the few years I was in there there were far more adults than children which made me think how many were doing the club out of money by buying an adult and child ticket to be used for 2 adults.
  12. Su fuking perb. Was at George square watching and thought that was gid but by fuck under the bridge must be the bolucks. WATP. NO SURRENDER.🥁🎶🇬🇧
  13. Am in CR1 don't know what was happening but a load of bears started looking down at CR2 started singing if you cany da the bouncey your a Tim. They didn't look amused.😭