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  1. WATP84JRL

    Bar72 Europa League screening

    Aye just checked and it's on BT sport 3.
  2. WATP84JRL

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    Yas we are the people. Fucking ain tears here
  3. WATP84JRL

    Where to get delayed stream of Ufa match?

    Can you stream Rangers TV on a ps4?
  4. WATP84JRL

    Morelos called up to the Colombia squad

    Well deserved
  5. WATP84JRL

    Is Thursdays game on the TV?

    Just spotted that £7.49. can it be streamed on a ps4 browser ?
  6. WATP84JRL

    If Carlsberg

    That's what I meant, he'll be here for the long haul, only team who could persuade him otherwise would be Liverpool, no surrender, old school loyal
  7. WATP84JRL

    If Carlsberg

    He's here until Liverpool come calling the way he's going.
  8. WATP84JRL

    Coming out the tunnel

    Fucking legend been doing ma nut for days
  9. WATP84JRL

    Morelos bid

    No way can we sell him for any less than £10m we have no one to replace him atm, anyway why the fuck dose anyone think he would move to fucking Bordauex anyway. Money would be the only incentive. He seems like a player who likes to put football before money, although there's always an amount you can't turn down, he's more chance of making a career for himself here imop.
  10. WATP84JRL

    Every Saturday..

    FFS just upgraded from an s5 to a Huawei p20 pro and a canny watch videos, shite patter
  11. WATP84JRL

    *** Official Betting Thread ***

    Yass, what a cash out Gent scored then conceded 3 mins later ended 1-1, about time best win for a while. No bad profit on a fiver.
  12. WATP84JRL


    I agree Goldson had a good game never had much to do though. Looked pretty comfortable on the ball.
  13. WATP84JRL


    Best player on the park last night imop, has goals in him and he's creative, needs to get on the ball more. 10+ goals from him this season me thinks.
  14. WATP84JRL

    Season ticket move

    Just got an email to move 2 seats from CR2 to GR5 didn't even know I was on the transfer list. Was on it last year for a move from BR to either CR or GR I assumed when I took the seats in CR I would have been removed from the list.