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  1. Make sure you check your schedule. my first payment is 16th May then 1st of the month from June
  2. Just rang premium. credit has been accepted, they said they never had an email address to send the documents to. I don't recall being asked at the time for an email address, thought they took the details from the club.anyway they said documents are in the post. they took my email and sent them via email, job done.
  3. This premium mob are a joke, almost a week gone by with no response, only Rangers could take 2 months to find this lot, surly the club must be asking questions about how many have sighed up through them,
  4. No heard back either
  5. Anyone had an email back from the finance company yet. Renewed earlier but no heard feck all, probably declined.
  6. Inverness wankers 61.81/1 shot aswell
  7. Watch out for sizes, got the home and away delivered for the wee man the day both the same size but the away top is about 2 n a half inch shorter. Also sent me a long sleeved instead of short for the lassie. Although when I emailed them to say they said they would send out the correct one today. And never mentioned sending the other back.
  8. Received my order today after a week's wait and one of the 4 tops they sent is long sleeved fucking idiot's,
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