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  1. Not seen anything about the voucher, was it in an email?
  2. Thank you Mr King, and on to the future
  3. Think this is going to happen tbh
  4. If it wasn't for him we wouldn't be anywhere near the knockouts
  5. What a fucking come back, what a buzz, unbelievable, a Heineken night at ibrox
  6. Working dine for me on phone
  7. Fuck off just fuck off
  8. Same shit week in week out, pepper the box and morelos will score, why we never shoot is beyond me, ample opportunity every game to get plenty shots from outside the box. Airfield has 2 in 2
  9. Was going to do the same mate, looked a dead cert at half time, glad i held back.
  10. Feel sick just looking at it, thank fuck it's no mine.
  11. FFS just had a look at my acca after reading this, two games on the 16th, shite patter.
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