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  1. It will lol have a nice new blue one.
  2. Very well put my man. Yes you are right in all that you put across there most of all the part about our family i.e. All the bears out there that have pulled together to help out my little boy, which is astonishing and a total heart felt god send that so many people are so generous and willing to give up there time of day to do even the littlest of things to help out this little bear my son Joshua. May we all hopefully meet one day so I my self could shake all your hands in gratitude for everything you have done. NO SURRENDER is definitely what I have stood by and will do the rest of my life. Thank you bobby and thank you all for your continued help.
  3. Bobby Hume you are a super star thank you so much mate and I really hope that everyone can get to meet Joshua on the day. If you can't manage to make it I am pretty sure there will be lots of photos taken. Looking forward to the day and meeting this miracle maker GB as he has been astonishing at everything and I owe him the world thank you mate and thank you all. WATP
  4. Next big one is the mascot appearance on the 1st of April Zetland and then we are having a charity do down hear on the 6th of may in Bolton that a mate of mine is organising at the mo.
  5. Ye me to would sort everything 👏👏
  6. You are a wind up cause me a heart attack lol
  7. It's on Twitter sorry lol. Not said anything any where else though so will keep quite.
  8. Congratulations to everyone that has won and a massive thank you to everyone involved from Joshua and his family. We are all looking forward to meeting you all on the 1st of April. For those of you that will be there.
  9. Omg yet an other lovely donation from the EKCO RM. thank you all. Got to say you like rounding the number off lol. 👏👏👏👏🔴⚪🔵 £38,700 were getting there. Have yet an other charity event lined up on the 6th of may. This one is in Bolton via a guy I used to work with. We are looking for some more things for an auction so if there are any little things we have left over would not go a miss. Thank you all once again. Joshua has been doing much better this week as we seem to have got control off his tummy issue. Think he is just bloody hungry and the dietitian as they do think the milk is enough. Now on proper food so fingers crossed we can get some skin on those bones lol.
  10. Yet an other good wee night of fundraising for Joshua £400 in the Joshua pot was a lovely night and Andrew the guy that organised it is disabled him self and is trying to do more to help out. Hat off to the guy he has been fantastic.
  11. As you said sweetheart interview went good really nice guy, let's just wait and see if we get any feed back from it and hopefully some news from Sheffield hospital will keep you updated as usual. Managed to get you all a mention at the end. 🔴⚪🔵
  12. Opened a justgiving page guys let's try and share if we can. Hopefully we don't have any issues with this. It only lasts 120 days though so I think this one will be better and works better for now until I get the gofundme site sorted out. Not very helpful with the site as they keep saying it has something to do with PayPal rather than there site.
  13. Going on to the radio on Monday morning and see if we can get a little more publicity not sure if you will be able to get it up there but it BBC radio 1 Manchester and we are all on around 10am. Hopefully gives us an other little boost.
  14. Cheers bobby Hume 🔴⚪🔵