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  1. Very well still on the go and donations coming in all the time at the mo for the raffle Chris set up. Done a fantastic job. Trying to catch up after work takes a bit lol. Will keep you updated think it's finishing tomorrow but not sure as things keep getting added lol.
  2. Chris Smith has done wee Joshua well proud and hit £1000 just know on Twitter with his raffle. Big up to the guy what a wonderful thing he has started. The momentum has picked up again
  3. Spot on to them both, not only did they run around all day for everyone They were both top blocks with everyone especially Joshua. Thank you both George and David.
  4. I have tweeted the real simon cowell could do with just one good celeb even just to retweet his story
  5. bloody cheeky thought he didn't have a lot of followers, but sometimes they have more than one account hayho will give that a try thebluenoysterbar
  6. Well bears r us got to have been the best idea yet with the starting Joshua's own twitter page as simon cowell has just followed him. I have been trying for some time now to get his attention and all it took was for josh to do it him self lol. Lets hope he has a right good read into his story.
  7. The only issue with twitter is you can only use a set amount of words in a tweet. But good idea ?
  8. Set up Joshua's own twitter page please follow and share @joshburnsadair
  9. It seem much better this one as you don't have a set amount you have to donate as like gofundme and you can use credit cards so lets hope it encourages more people as it seems easer to use.
  10. spot on Geneva_ger thank you mate first of many, lets hope lol
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