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  1. The greatest and most feared enemy of catholism is secularism. You can't fight a flawed superstitious idealogy with another flawed superstitious ideology. Secularism is the silver bullet.
  2. Spot on, if they financially penalise clubs they will be killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.
  3. Highlights of the scum winning the 2020 league title.
  4. The Dude still lingering about this thread like a bad smell. You have given your opinion, you don't need to repeat it every other post.
  5. I hope these players feel shame when they see the result at Livingston tonight and realise the opportunity they have passed up on once again but they will probably be quite happy that the massive gap has not got any bigger.
  6. Sadly I think because we are seen (by them) as an irrelevance once again.
  7. It is probably somewhere in "off topic" , post a random video section.
  8. A goal for us changes everything. Feyenoord and Porto both started well against us but we scored first and won. The commentary is for the haters, I am glad I am getting it through IPTV and not paying to listen to the cunts.
  9. I don't know if I am watching BT or Braga TV, commentators are practically wanking off over them.
  10. Go back to playing Fortnite and shagging your sister you fucking tramp.
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