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  1. When Lowe shoved Arfield back to the ground at the Shinnie booking Kamara was first over to get involved. Liked that.
  2. Too many dropped points and poor performances. Not enough winners in the side. We are an improvement on previous years though, so hopefully we get it right next season.
  3. Called that right. Not watched NFL for years but Rams have done nothing offensively. Do they have a substitute querterback? If so they should make the sub.
  4. Just signed, says 24184 though? Also when you sign it ask for a donation or asks you to share, you can chose to do neither.
  5. I am gutted by those last two displays. However, listening to the Manager speak after today he is seeing the same things we are seeing and feeling the same things we are feeling and I trust him to do what it takes to make it right. We are still a work in progress. Steady the ship, don't lose on the 29th at Ibrox and improve the squad in January.
  6. Very disappointing night. We should have put down a marker and failed to do so. We are still a work in progress. I do think we are progressing but slowly. It would have been good to wake up tomorrow 4 points ahead with their game in hand neutered.
  7. It won't matter, if they don't make a deal with the victims lawyers it will all come out in court anyway. It just takes one person brave enough to face them in a civil case.
  8. Picks the team he thinks can win and lets them play the game barring injuries or cards.
  9. We have let ourselves down against this lot. No way are they better than us over two legs yet they are taking 4 points.
  10. At least the coaching staff aren't all staring at a clipboard while scratching their heads. He is decisive. May not always be right but he is decisive.
  11. He will be delighted to have a thread about him in here. If you are looking in you are pug ugly and a wank. WATP!
  12. Ronald & Frank de Boar. Beat to it so going for Davie Dodds the Elephant man.
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