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  1. Think Bates deserves to keep his place. Had a good game today.
  2. Difference between 36 or 30 points behind. That's depressing enough to worry about an undefeated season.
  3. I've never cared so little about a game against them as I do for next week.
  4. Miles apart, and it shows. It's not a lack of effort, it's a lack of ability.
  5. Whole team back to front gives me the fear tbh. Could be a potential stroke of genius though.
  6. Why is this 112 pages already? Did I sleep in?
  7. No surrender mate.
  8. Can't say I've actually seen him play in years. Is he still any good?
  9. I've a gut wrenching feeling he'll score. Hopefully he walks before he gets the chance.
  10. How depressing. Players I grew up watching should still have the majority of their lives ahead of them :( Heart goes out to the big man, RIP.
  11. This made the back pages...
  12. You genuinely couldn't make it up
  13. Casemiro, Marcelo and Ramos all got 1 each.
  14. Not every day you see a perfect hattrick. Doesn't matter how they go in either.
  15. Shame the officials will take all the spotlight off Ronaldo.