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  1. Meh, had a feeling Burnley would get beat before kick off.
  2. Cunt calling a cunt a cunt. Faith play, cunt.
  3. Kyle Hutton?
  4. With all the shit going on at our club, it's nice to see things like this now and again.
  5. Even still: that's 2mil a game
  6. Cunt doesn't get enough hate on here. He's a first class, painfully unfunny wanker.
  7. I thought the Chinese brought in a 3 foreigners rule?
  8. Tell us what he should be doing on a Monday night.
  9. What kind of fanny puts in a challenge like that and genuinely feels hard done by for getting sent off? Ban should be raised for wasting time.
  10. Were we not linked with him a few months back?
  11. Bojan joins Mainz on loan, Stoke must have turned down their 12mil.
  12. (tu) glorified Micky Mouse cup these days.
  13. McIness is good with me, doing his best at a half decent job, no one should expect him to lie down for us, we don't pay his wages. Still wouldn't accept him as our next manager though.
  14. Cry first then laugh, over the years I've figured it's the way to go
  15. He was at celtic as a kid. I'm gonna say bull shit. Although they did reject 850k for him, so adding an extra 50,000 sounds like us.