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  1. We are talking about the club that's wanted a handful of our titles stripped and awarded to them for the past decade after all.
  2. Their combined weekly wage is like 700,000 isn't it?
  3. As a footballing nation surely we are required to have a team in the Champions League with our co efficient? We don't NEED to award a league title for the sake of it. They haven't earned a spot in the Champions League, but I wouldn't be too fussed if they got it.
  4. That's not a bad point. I remember we were beating Dundee Utd in a crucial game that got called off at half time. Don't remember a single person claiming we should have been given 3 points... because it would have been fucking ridiculous. That was just one game, this is a league title and trophy we're talking about!
  5. Klopp's statement, a team literally inches from securing their first title on 30 years, against Lennon's "wE dEsErVe It" pish Night and day.
  6. I had no idea he was doing so well, but his time here is done. I hope he finds a good club in the summer and I'll wish him well.
  7. You just knew Adrian would cost them tonight.
  8. 'Pick your poison' probably a better way of putting it.
  9. The name will always leave a sour taste in my mouth. Hope he does well, but it is annoying that we finally produce a player capable and we get peanuts for him yet across the city, their home grown are being sold for millions or winning player of the year awards.
  10. Sending emails to a kit manufacturer is a bit taig like imo.
  11. Of all the things to criticise Gerrard for, dropping Morelos is not one of them. He's not above anyone else at the club and shouldn't be treated differently.
  12. If we get a brand new manager in we'd probably be as well handing them #10. I can't think of literally anyone that can come in with new ideas and turn it around within a season. Totally understand why people want rid, but it's still a no from me.
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