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  1. So the aftermath of the tape throwing is: Mental health card Calls for pundits being sacked for "slagging him off" (when he never) Total deflection of the whole incident with Brown claiming they should have had players sent off A club like no other indeed Embarrassing.
  2. Wasnt long ago he was well passed it and they were hoping he was off to Australia
  3. Might as well ban celebrating if Kent is getting done for pointing to his fucking head.
  4. If the "3rd yellow" (if such a thing is even possible) is for the gesture, the last few weeks calling for a ban are even more laughable as I was under the impression if a player had been booked for an incident, no more action could be taken anyway?
  5. I'm assuming people are meaning for the sake of the co-efficient and the 2 Champions League places?
  6. One of my absolute favourite players to watch at Ibrox over the past 15 years.
  7. There will always be that sourness, but ultimately I don't care. No bitterness, but he's gone and we move on.
  8. How long is something deemed "uncharacteristic" before people realise maybe his rolling about and dirty tackles are characteristic s if his.
  9. How anyone on here can ever have a bad word to say about Lee Wallace is seriously beyond me.
  10. He's being encouraged to report it all, already has done on boxing day and was applauded when the match was temporarily stopped. What have we become? Smh
  11. Know the initial hype when we signed him has obviously calmed down, but I still love him. Hope he's here for years to come. He gets it.
  12. I knew this would be fucking hilarious when I seen the thread title, but I was not prepared for this ­čśé
  13. If it's "definitely a penalty" there's 2-3 penalties a game.
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