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  1. Play them all away!

    Just one example of why the split is complete and utter nonsense.
  2. scotland manager

    At least he definitely won't be coming to us.
  3. Rocksport - Steven Davis

    The whole Davis made sure we got a fee myth still on the go? Absolute nonsence fabricated by people that wanted to hold on to what little love they had left for our "captain."
  4. Waghorn

    He's not exactly played with the Ronaldo's and Messi's of the world.
  5. Goss

    I reckon we could probably get him on loan again next season, but a permanent deal seems a bit ambitious.
  6. Best XI?

    This argument is something I've severely missed!
  7. Liam Miller

    Fucking horrible. 36 is nothing. Rest in peace :(
  8. It doesn't really mater what he's worth right now. He's 21. Big money clubs pay for potential these days. Man Utd paid 6mil for Nick Powell after one decent season in England's 4th tier. He then went on to play for them 3 times in the league and no one really cared. 8mil for our top asset and leagues top scorer (in the same league as the 40million golden boy) may seem like a lot to us, but it's actually pretty low ball and risk free to these so called "bigger" clubs with the money. We should definitely hold out for more.
  9. Mental 10 minutes doesn’t make a brilliant game Neville.
  10. Salah is fucking incredible. If they can get 140mil for Coutinho what’s he worth?
  11. Was never a penalty anyway. Was offside.
  12. MOH

    It's got nothing to do with who he supports, he's just generally shite.
  13. Ever Sat In The Away Section At Ibrox?

    Just an Old Firm but we get the away section. Was the game Weiss was kicking about.
  14. Fraserborough lockout?

    Being a football FAN seems to be the biggest crime in this country.
  15. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They just don't understand irony. Having a giggle about a few fans on the pitch celebrating an away league victor? There was at least 10 times as many of them on Brentfords pitch after a fucking friendly ? They're manager at the time also defended them: "a little over-exuberant." Not to mention them breaking the cross bar and throwing flares on the pitch, but aye, whit are we like ?