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  1. I vote get rid of the European and English football threads back. Liven the place up again. We went from about 100 posts per game to 100 posts a year. But aye, mon Ajax.
  2. I think there's quite a difference in that to be fair. Celtic are genuine rivals to us. As much as I despise Aberdeen, they're kind of an irrelevance in comparison. They cling onto their hatred to us to try and stay relevant.
  3. Sacked for the truth
  4. If there's any truth in this at all I wouldn't put it past Pedro to be just trying to cause unrest at Aberdeen Doubt he has a "if you can't beat them, become them" mentality.
  5. Wes

    Why anyone wants rid of him is beyond me. There's literally 10 other places and a good few on the bench id replace before Wes.
  6. There's MORE?!
  7. Never got the hype surrounding him. Whatever we paid Accrington in the end was too much.
  8. As far as I can see he couldn't have done much else with all the injuries.
  9. Mind that time we were linked with Jamie Vardy?
  10. I await McInnes screaming in disgust about another manager talking about another team and their players...
  11. Seems to be taking losing out on the Rangers job pretty well. Doesn't seem to bother him that the guy that DID get the job is about to take his captain off him either.
  12. The money in the Chinese league really bothers me at all, but no one being paid that much should be that stupid.
  13. It genuinely does look like he's gone through puberty since last time he was seen
  14. Last player we picked up from Aberdeen turned out alright after many question marks over the potential signing of Sone Aluko.
  15. Assaidi, Allen, Aly Cissokho, Ilori, Markovic, Lambert, Manquillo, Benteke... Cunts record is seriously abysmal. Spent well over a quarter of a billion as well.