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  1. Because Ally was busy scouting real talent like Kevin Kyle and Ian Black.
  2. Sky Sports say the transfer fee is around the £2m mark as previously widely reported but the real amazing part is that Daryl Murphy is signing a three year contract. When the deal ends in June 2020 he will be well past his 37th birthday, strikers tending to be easing down well before then. Warburton has gone fucking nuts.
  3. They paid 16 Mil for Ibe did they not? So say, 46 Mil for Shaqiri
  4. The fact we never tried with these types of signings is the baffling part. Instead we spunked what little money and resources into the Kevin Kyle's, Sandaza's and Ian Black's of the world. Good luck to him though, actually think it's a shrewd move from Liverpool.
  5. Andy Robertson having a Liverpool medical ahead of a 10mil move. Still annoys me we didn't so much as look at him when we got punted down the leagues. He was brilliant when he played against us as a teenager.
  6. If his wages are 4.5Mil a year, he'll be on about half that a week.
  7. Lucas signs for Lazio. Must have missed his flight to Glasgow.
  8. Woops. Didn't think it was that recent. Definitely took him on at Swansea though.
  9. Didn't Rogers sign him for Liverpool and bring him on for a couple of games and play him as a striker? Jobs for the boys?
  10. Is it bad that I had never heard of him until I read that? I mean, 70 fucking million for a kid that appears to have just had a breakthrough season in the Bundesliga seems a bit risky.
  11. Wrong mate. Man Utd couldn't afford Dembele so they took the cheaper option.
  12. Don't think there's much wrong with that tbf. Always rated Cork, knows the club after 2 successful loan spells in the past and 10Mil isn't a lot for any PL club, not even Burnley after cashing in on Keane.
  13. Have we given up on Ronaldo or are you punting him out wide?
  14. Kaunas. I can still see that header hitting the back of the net in the dying minutes.