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  1. Surely to fuck this pish is nothing official from the SFA?
  2. Guaranteed he's heard Kent's coming back, shit himself, and pulled a Dembele by putting a negative spin on it so the tarriers still love it.
  3. Brophy for Burke as shows just how shite Scotland are. That's grim as.
  4. Was my first thought as well, and it was brushed off like nothing happened 🤔
  5. Burke is an even bigger joke than naming half the Kilmarnock squad This is gonna go spectacularly wrong, good luck Steve, you'll need it.
  6. Can they both lose? If St Mirren go up that's almost a guaranteed 9 points and +15 goal difference for taigs next season.
  7. The announcement has genuinely ruined every tarrier I knows day Hopefully you're right, as it will be glorious to watch.
  8. He knows how to win them over. As soon as the pressure gets to him all he has to do is make gestures to fans or just generally act like the low life he is. Maybe he can go to the media and talk about how unfair his life is and how he's treated. That'll get them on his side.
  9. Every cloud and that I'd definitely have taken them winning today if it meant this.
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