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  1. I know who our captain is, I must have misread the thread title... Jack is one of our key players and standout performers this season, Halliday slotted in whenever needed, big difference.
  2. Jack. Walked off the pitch in tears today. No one else seemed really that bothered.
  3. He almost gifted them another, he shat it when Edouard came on.
  4. Might also be a good thing to take some of the pressure off Tav. Jack would be appointed captain tomorrow if it was up to me.
  5. Let's go pan our players windows in or we're shitebags
  6. Surprised he never let Morelos do the interview.
  7. Unfair to hold his price tag against him. At least he kept going until the end. It got to the point where players were just passing to him and expecting him to do it all himself.
  8. Goianegra


    Brown incident was 100% intentional.
  9. We are not and never will be them. That's one positive from today.
  10. Basically a wee wink and a nudge to Sutton: aye you're spot on mate!
  11. Everyone that's been crying for him to hand over penalties for months - fair enough. Maybe start at a game at Ibrox when we're 3-0 up against Hamilton or something though.
  12. Spot on. I've said it about 10 times on here since the final whistle, but he's no captain. I like him as a player and in terms of performance he did well today. But he's a shitebag, no one will tell me otherwise.
  13. I'm not blaming him for missing it, but he should have stepped up and taken it.
  14. It's not though, is it? I like Tav as a player and he was one of our letter performers today, but he's not a captain.
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