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  1. Chris Eagles

    Bolton, where his career seemed to take a nose dive. Used to think he was brilliant at Burnley, destined for bigger things. Remember being raging when he came up and turned us down. Talk about a bullet dodged though.
  2. Tynecastle's new stand😂

    What an embarrassing statement to have to make
  3. Ryan Jack

    I just find it strange how he gets called up at Pittodrie no less to play an alien position. It's almost like they want them to hate our players.
  4. Moyes To West Ham

    David Morales was probably more in the running.
  5. West Ham really going all out to fuck themselves hiring Moyes.
  6. What a strike from Asensio tonight. Best young player in Europe for me.
  7. Great Free Kick by Lafferty

    He's a Hearts player. Should have celebrated with his own fans.
  8. Louis Moult

    But they were willing to sell..
  9. Louis Moult

    Had a feeling we'd regret not picking him up, was low risk, pretty baffling tbh.
  10. Milan Derby.

  11. Butcher

    He got a job at BT cause he's good at talking shit about us.
  12. Finally, back to real football.
  13. Good piece on DJ Welsh lad

  14. Boyd

    Who needs enemies. Imagine coming out with that 12 hours after a 4-1 win in which all scorers he recruited...
  15. I fucking DESPISE BT