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  1. They like slapping the 50 mil tag on their centre backs. Remember Boyata was worth the same? Ended up leaving on a free
  2. If it's between the 2, I'd much rather Brewster than Kamberi.
  3. Just rename this the ex-player and general nonsense chat and get the transfer forum opened up ffs. Wasted another 10 minutes skimming through pages on Josh Windass chat
  4. I miss the transfer forum. Thought we were actually close to a big signing there with all the new replies.
  5. Hopefully Stevie is fucking loving it right now, get a bit of a taste for it and deliver his own league title next season.
  6. "A wee nice gesture" That's fucking hilarious. We're talking about the abuse of so many children and they're acting like they accidentally kicked their ball at a neighbours window.
  7. Was in stitches listening to that
  8. 2005 final. Any other answer is just wrong.
  9. Comparing the success of Robertson at Liverpool and Tierney at Arsenal
  10. And also have Chilwell at left back.
  11. What a shit website. Vote button changes position for each player, I don't even know who I'm voting for.
  12. Seems to be the norm reaction to any comments from one of ours these days. "No one cares." Yet any chance they get to ridicule or mock us in a classy as ever manner, they'll expect all ears.
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