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  1. There's a tonne of reasons I don't follow the national team half as much as I used to. Some no mark "journalists" isn't one of them.
  2. It is a bit shit imo. That's absolute nothing to Chelsea and they'll look to sell him on for 10-20x that in the future, probably without playing a single game for them and we'll get a tiny bit of the selling on fee. These big clubs "buy potential" all the time, and usually for a hell of a lot more than half a million. Didn't Spurs bid about 10Mil for Dembele after a handful of games for Fulham and 0 goals? I'm not gonna lose sleep over this, but I'm not gonna make out I'm delighted of getting shot of our brightest prospect in years for the same fee as Michael O'Halloran.
  3. HITC is about as reliable as alphabet spaghetti, but it's been on the cards for a while so wouldn't be surprised.
  4. Really don't have any better options than Charlie Mulgrew?
  5. Why are they announcing SAF as one of them? Or better yet, whys he doing it?
  6. In all honesty, if I was considered that good I wouldn't even consider going to Chelsea. It's where promising young careers go to die.
  7. Actually angers me looking back how we were pretty much screwed over, but what a fuckin season that was. Everything might not have went our way but what a time to be a Rangers fan.
  8. How cute. Tell us again how you're going to beat us 8-0 then ridicule us for celebrating a point.
  9. 2 things Warburton lacked on his way out. I supported and stood by him until his last day but the way he left is unforgiveable for me.
  10. I'll do it for ya!
  11. Sounds good, but I'm still trying to get my head round how much of a risk this is. Such a bizarre choice, but will get my full support.
  12. Meh, had a feeling Burnley would get beat before kick off.
  13. Cunt calling a cunt a cunt. Faith play, cunt.
  14. Kyle Hutton?
  15. With all the shit going on at our club, it's nice to see things like this now and again.