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    Surely they would sit down and speak to club1872😂 as they are one of the biggest stakeholders
  2. Junior Soprano


    Think it’s June before they put you on the list mate
  3. Junior Soprano


    It’s fucking ridiculous mate. wonder how many loyalty point we will get considering we won’t be at a home game for another 6 months? 😂
  4. Junior Soprano


    Brilliant eh. You can get it out of Superdrug ffs
  5. I see they are sorting out their 10 in a row celebrations for next year. 🤣🤣
  6. Goldson is decent tbf.
  7. Lewis Ferguson? Takes throw ins, corners, gets the pies in?
  8. Totally. He is everything our club should be without. I’d also add Morelos to that as well. we have a chance to wipe the slate clean here and bring in 10/15 million.
  9. He will be gone mate. Ryan jack will be captain imo
  10. The board only said what they said, was sell season tickets. It’s clear as day now
  11. The thing that bugs me more than anything, is that’s there’s no explanation on season tickets, myGers memberships, refunds if the season is played behind closed door, no extra time for bears that have lost jobs or been furloughed to keep their seats Its a case of goes yer money now or fuck off
  12. Think you’re correct mate.
  13. Maybe it was for folk buying tickets for the celtic home game
  14. The money was out for the parkhead game as far as I’m aware
  15. That’ll be stmirren and celtic refunding not Rangers
  16. I gave away my 2 tickets for that as I had a course to do in Manchester on the Monday and was traveling down on Sunday. Needless to say I never made the course
  17. I’ll miss that carpark. It’s part of our history. Farewell my friend, farewell.
  18. That looks like a nice wee area to go for a quick pish
  19. There’s obviously been some sort of deal done with around about the stadium
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