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  1. When I joined this forum I thought I'd ignore everybody calling you a cunt and make my own judgement but after before on for a while now it's rather blatant that you are indeed the cunts cunt
  2. Terrible after they were at the games and seen exactly what happened at the end and issuing the statements backing the fans then they go and issue banning orders, banning fans who have followed the team everywhere all their life and especially the last 4 years where without their support who knows what would've happened
  3. Understand when they've got a year or 2 left in them before retiring and want a big pay day to set them up for rest of their life, but players like hulk/Pelle
  4. You'll probably need a browser that has flash player, I'm sure an app called puffin works on both iPhone and android phones then it works fine
  5. Be interesting to see how Wales do without Ramsey in the next round, very important player
  6. Fuckin great statement from the club
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