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  1. Class words from the big man. the rhags have predictably twisted every word though. "Lifes a bitch at ibrox" says bruno! honestly beyond me how they're allowed to do that happens all the fucking time
  2. Giovanni Van bronckhurst?
  3. Thats the first thought but seriously thinkin cardoso.
  4. Aye I know. Think the trouble would be shirts produced were just the absolute bare minimum. I got the day the new deal got announced and fucking glad I did as apparently the home kit restock will be october. Is pish having to wait months but looking forward to having the away and 3rd to put money into the club, probably more excited about having a genuinely hard decision about what name to get on the back though haha
  5. It is poor mate but proud of how it emptied stock within a day and that we can buy shirts etc again without a sense of guilt. Next month for the away/3rd kit release apparently though
  6. Cheers boys appreciated
  7. Wee question. My pals wee boy's 1st birthday soon. Megastore doesn't have toddler kits in stock but if I got one from Fatarse's jumblesale direct and took it to the megastore would they print a name on the back?
  8. Genuinely signed it as a wind up but the petition raises valid points. Hibs and other diddy teams have their cups/honours recognised but we don't? It'll never happen but another fine instance of sporting integrity
  9. What arsehole decided this was a good idea!? If yer doing that anywhere put it on they mingin yellow perspex panel things at the end of the copland and broomloan. hands down the best looking main stand in the country and its bein cheapened by tacky shite
  10. Budge's words indicate its not over theyll have something planned the rotten, corrupt arseholes.
  11. 68 for me and my mate in the far end of the club deck. Not one for moaning at ticket prices as it gives our club much needed support and funding but cant go any higher than that
  12. That slimey rat is upto something. Got a bad feeling about this...
  13. Tryin to get on to buy tickets for Saturday and it's giving me some gateway timeout bollocks. Anybody had similar problems?
  14. Serious serious cause for concern. was mentioned earlier but 2 goals in 5 games against dog shit is a disgrace. looking more and more like Pedro is a diddy and weve gave him millions to spunk away. I fucking despair. Sad that I'm genuinely dreading the season starting.
  15. Wondering where all the bad press for Hodson comes from? An NI international as far as I'm aware also remember him pocketing sinclair in the league cup semi which very few in this league have done for 90 minutes. Do remember a brain fart from him against St Johnstone when he got robbed on the edge of the box from that Alston but hes a better defender than Tav. On the subject of Tav I'd probably like to see someone in his place and him wide right of a 442 if Candeias flops