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  1. No excuses for that tit making monkey gestures he's embarrassed the club. The boy that got on the park is well within his rights. Two of the biggest mongos ever to grace this planet celebrating in front of you arms outstreched saying come ahead... If the referee had done his job it would never have got to that point. Can only imagine the scenes if one of our players done that at torbett towers. That skinny, wiggy wee bastard wean griffiths laying scarves on the pitch etc? If the people in charge do fuck all to stop these cunts winding us up despite them hammering us for anything remotely similar (remember Halliday at cappielow?) Then people are well within their rights in my opinion. My only regret is the big chap didn't leather the skinny wee bitch or his big mongo pal and show them up for the pathetic, spineless gimps that they are. See the hard man broony getting set about at ross county? Went doon quicker than Griffiths birds scants! Fucking hate the victim mentality or the conspiracy bollocks the dhims bash on about but its a two tier policing system in scottish football. Just imagine one of our players had done that!?
  2. Hopefully Clint plays and slide tackles him with such force that his shiter of a wig falls off 😂
  3. Very well put mate! My dream is as he's a season away from retirinf we're strongly competitive and have a tenancious young ball winning box to box midfielder that puts him back on the shelf and thats all he'll be remembered for. Not for being handed 5 titles on a plate or doing that hilarious mongo stare he thinks scares people but remembered for being a scared wee poof that walked around with his chest puffed out only to be put on his arse and into his box for good.
  4. Griffiths is honestly a small boy in a 20 something olds body. Think its an inflated caseif wee man syndrome lol. "They celebrated like they won the league" after the draw at torbett towers. Yet him and the rest of the huggy tuggers ran a length of the pitch before sliding along the pitch to their fans. Tying a scarf to a post despite doing fuck all. An ugly bastard of a cheerleader really lol. Really hope we beat them tomorrow so we can read him crying: "we played at our worst and they scraped it" just like after last years sc semi despite the fact we pished all over them. Honestly think I've read him saying that 3 or 4 times in different papers at various stages of the season. Terrible professional without a shred of class or decency perfectly suited to the park paedophile ring.
  5. Hope to fuck you're right mate.
  6. Waghorn doin a press conference the day suggests he'll start. WHY!?!? Hes fuckin dogshit and couldnt finish his fuckin dinner! Hate jumping on the bandwagon after seeing glimpses of Dodoo but the finishes hes pulled off are chances Waghorn wouldve fired at the keeper. I fuckin despair honestly
  7. 2012 was fucking grim. Some people rage and hold grudges against all those that left and denied us any kind of transfer fee. I don't. I DO however have a big fucking issue with the tits who milked the badge kissing 'always supported rangers' arseholes. Fan of the club my fucking arse Naismith being a prime example at a time we needed fans,players,staff anybody associated with the club in any capacity to stand up and fight to preserve our club he fucked off without hesitation and gave the rhecord the 'new club' line. Much to the joy of the foaming at the mouth bheasts Lafferty was no better. Not only was he a 'born blue nose' that left without letting us get a fee but if I remember he tried a constructive dismissal claim to rub salt in the wounds... like I say plenty of lads who couldn't risk being in spfl league 2 and i fully respect their decisions but hate those who milked the badge kissing only to piss all over us when we needed them most. He can fuck right off!!
  8. 50m is bollocks 😂 Granted we're a fair way off giving them a game and million miles away from 55 but fuckin hell 50m would buy their squad 7/8 times over.
  9. Foderingham (despite that fucking howler today) thats the one real time hes let us down so far. He nearly saved the penalty and that wouldn't have been the first he saved! Hill another year Tav but always want to see him in midfield Bates and Beerman Wallace Danny Wilson Forresters a maybe McKay but only because theres potential for a nice transfer fee if hes coached correctly See how Niko does when hes fully fit again and with a pre season Rossiter the same Joe Dodoo should have fucking started today! Hyndman/Toral are loans Holt Miller another year Hodson (whos kept that prick sinclair and his honking barnet quiet twice this season) Joe Garner would only see him go if we got a fee for the cunt after spunking 1.5-1.8 mil on him The rest can fuck off! Windass showed a lot of promise but some wee spice boy hairband cunt is a million miles away from whats needed
  10. Sad that I can't give any sort of argument to that. Yer spot on!
  11. Mate I agree with pretty much everything you've said. However OUR place is at the top of the league. We've been put on life support by a phantom debt that could never be enforced and the fact aforementioned phantom debt was inflated and exaggerated to sell papers and ensure the only cunt who would look our way was a spineless gimp called Whyte. Would any other club in the world come back from the brink like we did? I doubt it. These paedo harbouring IRA sympathising scumbags can believe whatever they want but the record books dont lie! That said you make very real and scary points about the 'fallen giants' status slipping away and everytime we have a result like today the brand is damaged. FFP creates a lot of problems for anybody perhaps daft enough to throw millions at transfer fees but we need people at the club who can create additional revenue from other means. Sorry for the chest pounding,braveheart bollocks rant and understand its in no way shape or form an attempt to belittle or undermine you but I can never accept somebody saying 'our place' and meaning anything other than the very top.
  12. How he didnt start today is a fucking beyond me. As shite as that was he showed desire to get forward and wasnt afraid to have a go at goal. I've gave Waghorn plenty of faith to reach the same heights as he did last year but im sick to the back fucking teeth of the useless roid freak. Fuck off back down south! Utter dogshit! also Halliday who I always wanted it to go well for has proven he's garbage. Garner never really had a touch of the ball but he'll have to perform miracles to convince me he should be here next season. That was near as painful as the 5-1 an hour or so before we had a fucking go at goal!! Theres making yourselves hard to beat and theres being shitebags that resemble the motherwells, ross counties etc that see a draw with the bheasts as an achievement. I fucking despair.
  13. Toral out? Halliday in? "Straight at the keeper Waghorn" as well. Bates at CB gives me the fear but can only assume Hill's not fit. Team sheet doesn't fill me with confidence.
  14. I'd voted the same. Kenny was a close contender but he hasn't played every game. The balance will shift dramatically however if he gets a winner on sunday
  15. Perhaps yer right... Still got a bad feeling however 😂