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  1. Pedro - recruitment.

    Forgot about him. Think Mark Allen was more to do with that but you're right a good option to have. His deal with Cardiff's up end of the season as well agreed re: McCrorie trusting youths in an old firm debut could be suicidal but Pedro seems to have an eye for a player. Bates fuckin terrified me at cb last year but young McCrorie more than held his own. Tackled the thumb out of play with such force I thought his wig was going ti come off!
  2. Pedro - recruitment.

    Agreed. May well go tits up for Pedro before the end of the season but it's not like we need an overhaul like we did after that baldy wank left. Ryan Jack, Alves, Cardoso(jury still out) Dorrans, Candeias, Morelos. all good players and a huge improvement on last year not just ability wise but mentality, aggressiveness and fighting spirit as well. Leaps and bounds ahead of the rubberspined wallopers we had last year.
  3. Alleged interest in Morelos

    Fair point mate. Wanyama van dijk forster etc but the rhecord and such play a big part in drumming up interest and opening bids from other clubs by printing pure fabrication in the form of 'insert english pl team' plan swoop for insert 'bheast fc player' for x amount and most of the time a totally unrelated club makes a bid for or around that figure because they stupidly believe thats the going rate. But I agree we should be buyin cheap selling high once a real scouting networks set up and not a fat midget with a cane like McParland!! Also with a top range training ground and academy we should have a conveyor belt of young players being sold on for big profits
  4. Alleged interest in Morelos

    They're excellent at having media 'contacts' do that for them. They literally write their own price tags the dembele line was too ambitious though 😂 40 million is fucking laughable. We need a similar PR model. Somebody other than keech jackson who wrote the 6m leipzig for McKay pish in return for warburton giving him dirt on King. Beyond me how that spastic got journalist of the year after his childish vendetta against King and portfolio of utter pish & bollocks. But if Morelos breaks the 30 goal barrier managing to persuade badger or somehow baragain one or two outlets into writing him up for a good (not ridiculous) fee is exactly the kind of strategy we need to build ourselves up again.
  5. Halliday

  6. Old Firm game - 54 minutes smartphone flashlight

    This sums it up perfectly. Always admire the idea of winding up taigs but that phone light thing is fucking boggin. Was sick in my mouth a wee bit last time they done it.
  7. Megastore diddies

    "Marelos" was my personal favourite mate
  8. Megastore diddies

    Anybody know the score with these cunts? phone continiously for ages for them to just take the phone out instead of answering. Dont really want a 20 quid train fare wasted if they can't help me. Asked before but does anyone know for sure if they can print a name on a toddlers top that wasnt bought there?
  9. Police Scotland OBFA submission

    Hope this is scrapped but have a very very bad feeling the yestapo would do all they can to enforce strict liability. points deductions for singing etc... Lots of SNP crackpots are vocal about it already. Fucking hate what this countrys become
  10. Class words from the big man. the rhags have predictably twisted every word though. "Lifes a bitch at ibrox" says bruno! honestly beyond me how they're allowed to do that happens all the fucking time
  11. Megastore printing

    Giovanni Van bronckhurst?
  12. Megastore printing

    Thats the first thought but seriously thinkin cardoso.
  13. Megastore printing

    Aye I know. Think the trouble would be shirts produced were just the absolute bare minimum. I got the day the new deal got announced and fucking glad I did as apparently the home kit restock will be october. Is pish having to wait months but looking forward to having the away and 3rd to put money into the club, probably more excited about having a genuinely hard decision about what name to get on the back though haha
  14. Megastore printing

    It is poor mate but proud of how it emptied stock within a day and that we can buy shirts etc again without a sense of guilt. Next month for the away/3rd kit release apparently though
  15. Megastore printing

    Cheers boys appreciated