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  1. Read my other replies mate. World of difference between not being able to go and not going due to lack of knowledge/interest/passion then giving it large about old firms etc
  2. Put it better than I could. The ones you described as not really into football were the ones I was getting at for the avoidance of doubt.
  3. Don't see how it is? As someone mentioned further back its glory hunting. Doesn't matter who we play supporters attend,watch,take an interest in what happens the type of people I'm referring to are those who didnt bother with us the last couple of years but all of a sudden are on the soapbox criticising everything about us because theyve suddenly caught the highlights of an OF Loyal Supporter and a diddy that sees Rangers as a brand rather than a club are two different things entirely
  4. Didn't say that... Boycott was a personal choice. A grim one at that re-iterating there are people who want to go but genuinely cant and there are people who just arent interested when we play Motherwell, Ross County etc but get on the soap box when we get done by Bheast FC or fail to reach a cup final. The latter have no right to criticise.
  5. Read my other reply to with heart and hand mate. Theyre supporters, fans are the diddies that just see Rangers as a brand and didnt want to know when we were getting horsed by Alloa but now are vocal about whats going on.
  6. Boycott was personal choice mate would never act snooty or uppity towards anybody that went to Ibrox and supported the team during a very grim period I understand plenty can't go as often as theyd want Work, family, distance, ill health or whatever but my point is there are many who brag about supporting rangers when they know little or nothing about the situation the clubs been in and is in now or simply aren't interested Feel hes justified to tell those that only "support" rangers for OFs and cup finals to fuck off.
  7. Fair point but I couldn't give a monkeys. He's put cash in to keep the lights on and won the battle with fatman which few would even have attempted. Kings a million miles away from our dream chairman but he's done a lot for Rangers. Wish he'd button it sometimes but The difference between fan and supporter speech is spot on
  8. Think hes been half cut when he done this interview but he's right in a way. How annoying is it to watch the team in the flesh all season good and bad and form an opinion onlu to see some wee tit in the boozer or facebook or whatever giving it "This is fuckin shockin, this isny rangers class" etc. The same diddy whos watched a single 45 minute half all season buts the first to begging online for OF tickets for him and 4/5 of his gimpy likeminded pals. As a ST holder that annoys me. But If I had put money (maybe not 30m) but still money in to try and get a club from the brink to the top of scottish football, spent a lot of time in court fighting to put right what previous corrupt bastards done to make a few quid only to be ridiculed by some armchair fan bentshot I'd be fucking livid. He's quite right in what he's said he might be a million miles from perfect, best of a bad bunch or whatever but hes done a lot for this club. And idiots that fucked off in 2012 and have came back to watching one game a season now don't have the right to criticise King, the manager, the players or the support.
  9. Sooner these mutton molesting poofs realise there is zero rivalry the better. Had they not claimed the prestigious 2nd place trophy last season Id honestly not give any more notice to them than I would Ross County. A team whos most recent sporting triumph was a player breaking one of our player's legs. Durrant won more domestic trophies in his time with Rangers than aberdeen have in their history. Defintion of pathetic those cunts. Wouldnt be heartbroken if we didn't get McLean but if anything I'd love for us to get him on a free transfer. The Ryan Jack dartboard had me in stiches hahaha. Magine we take McLean off them as well. Hopefully drives it home they are a no mark shit club with a non existent fanbase.
  10. Cheers mate, did you order late on last night or early on?
  11. An e-mail saying its being processed/sent. Well aware it wouldn't be here today as I ordered late last night. just looking to see how others have got on with their orders no need to get arsey.
  12. Ordered late last night with next day delivery so I'd get it Friday. Heard fuck all after the acknowledgement email. Anybody else had bother ordering from the website?
  13. Will we be able to buy a strip with Europa patches? Dont even know if thats possible or if its only for teams in the group stages etc
  14. Delighted with whats happened today. But I am sceptical about King Clamming up when asked about Ashley's shareholding. The one cloud on the horizon is the takeover panel carry on.
  15. FUCKIN YESSSS! What a result! Ashley slapped down and can finally buy kits. Can't wait to see this country turned Blue again. Broke my fucking heart seeing so many disgusting green and grey tops and not one of ours in sight. Also knowing that boring baldy leach Warburton has just been pished on from height off King and that his claims were complete bollocks. What a day! Best news we've had in fucking years feels like a top class international signing knowing this is all sorted.