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  1. A beautiful three points

    The headlines are literally talking about a "stonewall penalty" this seriously gets my fuckin blood up. August was the worst refereeing performance I ever hope to see and nothing was said. Bad losers, typical Rangers fans everycunt and their fucking dug having a go. Watch the commiserations coming hibs way from every section of the media fuck them all Aberdeen and Hibs both put to bed one way or another keep this run going delighted with the 4 wins weve had (unconvincing or not)
  2. Rangers book help

    Cheers boys seasons greetings, fuck the ira etc. 🎅🏻🇬🇧
  3. Rangers book help

    Feel like a dick starting a whole thread for this but trawled the forum and can't find it. Can remember a while ago on here there was somebody talking about a book they got with Rangers related newspaper clippings from late 1800's to present day. A book of our history in newspapers basically. looking for one for christmas anybody got any idea where I could get it? any helps appreciated.
  4. Sheep

    Should have a glance at their forums boys its fuckin hilarious 😂 Bitterness is utterly brilliant a full thread on the durrant song, ibrox disaster and Fernando. Sad, sad wee bastards haha
  5. Sheep

    Ask myself the same mate. Im 24 and I honestly feel 50 given how different this generation is to mine. Skinny jeans, haircuts that look like iced gems and then shite like this! I'd have been stabbed for one of those back in the day never mind all three 😂
  6. Derek McInnes

    ... Care to elaborate?
  7. Derek McInnes

    Wading in here but everybody seems certain we'll go for McInnes? other than the redtops who have made their livings out of making up stories is there anything credible to suggest we're actually going to?
  8. Thistle fans that were booted out

    Hahahaha "I'm a political prisoner" he cries to the inmates of the wing in Bar-L as he peels a murderer's orange for him.
  9. Thistle fans that were booted out

    Utterly hilarious mate 😂 Much as I hate fenians like mclean stokes etc least theyve grown up there and have ammo for their vile political views. Wee John Paul from Springburn whos never had a bus journey outside glasgow never mind a passport to visit any of his "oppressed brethern" wants to free ireland, free palestine, free catalonia and free willy 😂 Honestly man the SNP fanatics are the cringiest cunts on the planet.
  10. Thistle fans that were booted out

    This catalonia thing is making me sick 😂 Ambulance chasing in this countrys becoming a fuckin pandemic
  11. Thistle fans that were booted out

    The one holdin the yes saltire is always on twitter trying to make himself relevant. Some teenage spice boy poof that will tell anybody that'll listen about his local team bollocks. Now all tears and snotters saying he was ejected for having a scotland flag... Theres a saltire above the Sandy Jardine stand but the stewards dont allow them? Sad thing is the Rhecord will run this as a story😂
  12. Pedro for the chop

    Totally understand yer reasoning here but Walter would struggle. A lot of boys that dont speak english. Not as though hed be coming in january and have a chance to change things either. Think even in the short term it'd go wrong. Maybe its also the fact he's my all time hero and I don't want my 20 years of looking upto him as Mr.Rangers ruined like Ally.
  13. Pedro for the chop

    Been more than patient here. 5-1, the sheep thinking theyre a big team because they ended their 25 year record without a win at ibrox, Fucking niederkorn letting that snivelling wee poof lennon think he's something special at ibrox and we are now 4th in the table with the very real prospect of dropping further at the weekend after averils team put us to sleep with their horribly offensive boring brand of football then for lafferty to poke one home in the last 10 minutes. I said last season was a write off because it wasnt his team absolutey no fucking excuses I also said he should be given til christmas I genuinely don't think we'll be in the top half if he's here by christmas. Get him to fuck.
  14. Pedro - recruitment.

    Forgot about him. Think Mark Allen was more to do with that but you're right a good option to have. His deal with Cardiff's up end of the season as well agreed re: McCrorie trusting youths in an old firm debut could be suicidal but Pedro seems to have an eye for a player. Bates fuckin terrified me at cb last year but young McCrorie more than held his own. Tackled the thumb out of play with such force I thought his wig was going ti come off!
  15. Pedro - recruitment.

    Agreed. May well go tits up for Pedro before the end of the season but it's not like we need an overhaul like we did after that baldy wank left. Ryan Jack, Alves, Cardoso(jury still out) Dorrans, Candeias, Morelos. all good players and a huge improvement on last year not just ability wise but mentality, aggressiveness and fighting spirit as well. Leaps and bounds ahead of the rubberspined wallopers we had last year.