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  1. Ticket refunds

    Nah mate not for me travelling and not having anyone to go to the boozer with etc. Drafted in my cousin got there for the 30 somethingth minute. Love going to see Rangers but they make it fucking difficult sometimes pathetic display from the team yesterday.
  2. Ticket refunds

    Did ye aye?
  3. Ticket refunds

    And still all good to collect tickets?
  4. Ticket refunds

    Whats the script with picking tickets up after 3? And can ye still get in etc
  5. Ticket refunds

    Wee question dont know if anybodys ever had a similar situation but bought two tickets for me and a pal whos decided he cant be arsed going (cunt I know) Whats the score with getting a refund if the tickets were never collected? Thanks in advance
  6. Beggars belief this has made the papers. A silly cow has punted her crash barrier son out the hoose presumably so she can get rodgered aff somebody, sending her mongo son to ibrox when he supports them! In blizzardous conditions with a fucking pay as you go phone wit is this 2001!? And nae money the wee tits "pals" rightly abandon him. The transport was as had been warned for days previously humped and the wee prick has to walk home and thats our fault. Duty of fucking care? Fuck off you silly cow its a football club not a hospital. "There ye are son a taxi all the way home paid for by the club you despise because youre a fanny and cant look after yer ticket." Social services should be phoned instead of a major media outlet giving this carpet bagging slag a platform to slander our football club. Wee pricks at the same school as my sister going to give her a score to leather him and take his lunch money if he has any of course
  7. Red TV commentator Tonight

    We now go live to redtv staff roddy and rory
  8. Red TV commentator Tonight

    You forget the commentators Roddy McMuchlebeck and Rory McGonigal are used to commentating in a stadium thats so empty most weeks you can hear a pin drop. utter tinpot club. Allocation not sold tonight despite this being like a cup final for them. "Ah tha team never show up in thon Glesga games so why tirn up?" Despite the utter dogshit weve seen the last couple of years immensely proud of the support our club gets home and away
  9. Red TV commentator Tonight

    Seriously annoys me that Glaswegians are viewed as thick or unintelligent up that way. If Glaswegians are thick based on the way they speak what the fuck are those apes? "Gwa' min fuckin git beat aff they H***, boy eh?" "McHunnees can fuckan get doon eh road ti glesga ken!" Honestly man fucking retards hahaha
  10. Red TV commentator Tonight

    Honestly that fuckin accent ?
  11. Red TV commentator Tonight

    Appreciate streams were hard to come by but fuck watching their cooncil telly style club channel. Long term future being they slip away into mediocrity where they belong. In the meantime enjoy this wee gem and look forward to the highlights of tonights match being done in a similar fashion
  12. Ryan McGowan, fucking tramp

    Why do people still get wound up by this bollocks? ? So 2012 I honestly find these tits absolutely adorable. "But but Ranjirs died but, Sevcooo" Gives fans of the edinburgh duo and the likes of motherwell and other diddy clubs think they can get one up despite every court and legal mind in the world pishing all over any new club claims. Let this unknown diddy enjoy his football in a league nobodys heard of and hopefully earn enough to send to prisoners in Barlinnie to ensure his dad doesn't end up a bully victim peeling the big boy's oranges for them etc.
  13. Very well put. Sorry if I came across as being a bit wanky lol get carried away on that soapbox. Certanly is worrying that we seem rudderless in a lot of aspects but thank my lucky stars for being a bluenose and not one of those animals.
  14. Sorry mate but I find that to be pish. Have a quick look at their attendences over the 90s and it shows them for the gloryhunters they were/are We sunk as far as any Scottish club can sink and we broke records for attendance. The only exception being 14/15 as part of a fan wide boycott. in Warburtons championship season we had a higher average attendance than them despite them winning the league at a canter and europa league football. Even the last season and a half I dont remember a league game attendence being below 45k and thats despite utter dogshit not to mention two 5-1s and the worst result in footballing history being pumped out of europe by a team of cheese spinners and goat farmers. not meaning to get up on the soapbox but it fucking riles me hearing about how they saved their club. Did they bollocks! A wee tit in a bunnet did and they flocked back seeking glory. They might be streets ahead, 10k extra seats in their scaffolding supported shithole stadium, have an epl manager and be the best theyve been in 15 years but are they fuck a better fanbase or bigger club.
  15. Thought this as well. Rare to see. thought itd be the usual shite from that tit jackson moaning, whinging and lying like a fat lassie after a knockback at the dancin'